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S7 into the High Desert of California tonight.


HF Mystery Signals / Re: Unknown 40 meter signal group
« on: November 20, 2022, 1744 UTC »

It's still on the air, have a listen at 7998.5 in CWN .....

along with other shorter term stuff, left side of the screen shot

The stuff on the left of the screen (the changing pattern of PRI lines) is a sounder, almost certainly the one associated with the JORN out of Australia.  Depending on its cycle it might revisit a frequency as often as every 3 minutes, but more commonly every 10 minutes or less.

The stuff in the center sounds like a North Korean pulsed jammer, but I can't think of a good reason for it to be hitting that frequency at that time.  So I am not sure it is actually an NK jammer, but it sure sounds just like it.


HF Mystery Signals / Re: Unknown 40 meter signal group
« on: November 20, 2022, 1543 UTC »
Looking at that frequency range at 1540 z I see several signals between 7900 and 8030.

There are some fast CODAR between about 7900 and 7980.  On 8000 there is (what is probably) a North Korean pulse jammer, it sounds like one, but if it is, what it is trying to hit on that freq I have no idea.  And between 8000 and 8015 is a Chinese radar.

Without recordings and / or screen shots we may not know what you heard.


HF Mystery Signals / Re: FSK signals around 27359 USB 1701 UTC
« on: November 05, 2022, 1814 UTC »
I'm hearing FSK data bursts on 27359 USB. There are others on 27355 USB as well. WTF? I'm in the US and this is a CB radio frequency - FSK data is generally not allowed. I know sometimes CB channel 23 has some FSK paging signals (I hear them all the time at my QTH) but they're nothing like this.

My old wireless mouse used a CB channel freq.  I don't remember which channel off the top of my head, but it was most definitely an FSK signal.  The signal was very bursty, it only showed up when I was actually moving the mouse.  Also I had a car alarm pager that was around channel 35, and that was also FSK.


Utility / Re: digital signal IDs as CGA984 20150 kHz
« on: November 05, 2022, 1810 UTC »
For anyone that did not see this signal, or for some reason does not receive it, I have put a short video up on my YouTube channel.


Utility / Re: digital signal IDs as CGA984 20150 kHz
« on: November 04, 2022, 1339 UTC »
This signal is located in Ontario.

I believe this is also one of the companies suspected of being involved in HFT (High Frequency Trading) development.


Thanks T!, found this explanation on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsmMvOuFtOs

Unfortunately, YouTube will not allow me to change that video.  I put that video up on my YouTube channel in 2015, with YouTube hosted annotation (arrows and text words point out some features).  YT stopped their hosted annotation, so all of that annotated information went away, leaving long periods, in the current video, when you are just looking at the signal with no explanation.

Also, in about 2018 the Russian 29B6 went through an upgrade (it was off-air for many months for this upgrade).  When I made that video both 29B6 and PLUTO normally used a 50 Hz rep rate, as shown in the vid.  After the 29B6 upgrade the 29B6 switched to a 40 Hz rep rate as its default, most common, condition.  Also, 29B6 became capable of more simultaneous beams of operation.  Currently PLUTO can do up to 4 simultaneous beams, and 29B6 can do up to 8.  PLUTO most often does about 2, and 29B6 normally has all 8 operating.

As I said, YT will not allow me to change that video, I can delete it, or I can upload an additional vid, but not change that one.  So I have left it up and active for now, intending to do a new vid eventually, with the new 29B6 features more thoroughly pointed out.  One day.


1604 UTC - S7 signal into WNY, some type of OTHR at the tail end of the 17 meter amateur band. Can anyone ID this thing ?
 Sounds like the Russian 29B6 Container Radar reported before ...https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,98675.0.html
1638 UTC - Signal was S7 then off at 1640 UTC.

This was a radar, yes, but not the Russian 29B6 Container.  Instead, this radar is the British PLUTO radar (also called the PLUTO II radar) from the base at Akrotiri.  It actually started on that frequency at about 1345 UTC, and ended, as you note, at about 1640 UTC.

The Russian 29B6 radar and the British PLUTO radar are similar, but can be told apart.  29B6 typically has a width of about 12 - 14 kHz, while the most common PLUTO bandwidth is 20 kHz.  However, both radars have other bandwidths also, for example PLUTO might be 10, 20, 40, or 100 kHz wide (this is not a complete list of possible PLUTO bandwidths, just some of the more common ones).  Note that PLUTO typically uses a bandwidth that is some multiple of 5 kHz, while 29B6 does not.

Also the repetition rates of each radar are different.  This is the audible "buzz" rates of the radars.  29B6 most often uses 40 Hz, while PLUTO most often uses 50 Hz.  However each can use other rates also, but the PLUTO is typically some multiple of 12.5 Hz, i.e., most often 12.5, 25, 50, or 100 Hz.

And when you look at each signal closer, look at the modulation itself, the 29B6 uses FMOP while the PLUTO uses FMCW.  IN the below image the chirps (diagonal lines) at the top are 29B6, and the ones on the bottom are PLUTO.


HF Mystery Signals / Re: UNID 14880 USB October 27 2022 00:00 UTC
« on: October 28, 2022, 2200 UTC »
October 28 2022 21:00 UTC Same frequency. Now hearing a deep tone water dripping signal. Fairly regular. Pitch changes but that might be propagation at work. Vey weak, in the noise at S$


You don't happen to have an audio recording of it do you?  I strongly suspect that this is the same MFSK Oddity signal, just at the much slower rate of 1 Hz or so.  Compare what you heard to my recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdzHIOUuJ-c

Keep in mind mine may sound slightly different due to filter bandwidth and mode settings.


HF Mystery Signals / Re: UNID 14880 USB October 27 2022 00:00 UTC
« on: October 27, 2022, 1034 UTC »
Can't seem to find this one on the Signal Identification Wiki. Very strong with deep fades so not QRM. 4K wide, see pic. Any help would be appreciated. QTH and specifics in my tag. Off at 00:30 UTC



This is the signal I call the "MFSK Oddity" in my logs.  It is almost certainly (although not proven) associated with the HFT (High Frequency Trading) stations that are popping up on HF.  The version in your screen capture and audio clip is only one type of this signal, it is seen in various widths and rates, from about 2.6 kHz wide to over 20 kHz wide, and from rates as low as one bit per second to as fast as 100 per second. This signal has been around in various formats for a couple years or more.

Some of my recordings of this signal in this post:


HFGCS Force Directional Message (FDM) and Emergency Action Message (EAM) Log

Daily call sign for 14 October 2022: SQUAD ROOM (ground NCS)

It looks like you did not hear the 166 char EAM that was sent at ~1630z and ~1644z on 14 Oct, 2022.

The message at 1630z was on all HF-GCS freqs, a male voice, and using the SQUAD ROOM callsign.  It was almost immediately repeated, this time by a female voice, using the same SQUAD ROOM callsign, and only on 8992 kHz.  Also, the audio sounded a bit different on the female version, as if, maybe, from a different source.  The 8992 repeat was only heard on US receivers and could not be heard in Europe or Asia.


Utility / Re: Have the EAM's gone MIA?
« on: October 14, 2022, 1207 UTC »
From my qth up here by the U.P. of Michigan border south into North Eastern Wisconsin in the deep woods HF 4724 ect. has been zero copy of EAM"s.  Has been for days. Token, Didnt mean to sound arrogent. Apoligies if needed. Take care.

Sometimes, in  a text communications, it can be difficult to judge the other persons intent.  No problem.

Lets keep in mind that I seldom monitor HF-GCS for its own sake, but I monitor other stuff near there (in frequency) and so often I catch HF-GCS traffic even when I am not looking for it.  Call mine a casual, or accidental, observation.  I typically do not log them, but I see / hear them and often accidentally record them when grabbing a chunk of spectrum for something else.

There have been EAMs each day for the past several days.  Yesterday there was at least 6, maybe 10, the day before there was 5 or 6, the day before that there were many.  To the best of my knowledge they were mostly sent on all 4 frequencies, 4724, 8992, 11175, and 15016.  I know that some of them, at least, were on 4724, since I specifically saw that frequency used.

I have noticed that propagation, for me here in the Mojave Desert, appears to have been less favorable for 4724 recently.  Normally that freq is one I can count on, but recently that has been less good than other frequencies.  I am assuming it is propagation, but I suppose it could be a change in the source on 4724.

So it looks to me like there has been plenty of traffic, not heavy, but has been present.  If you have not been hearing it I wonder if it is because of propagation, or possibly hardware issues on their end.


Utility / Re: Have the EAM's gone MIA?
« on: October 13, 2022, 1734 UTC »
Do not tell me  to " Define Sometime." Who the hell do you think you are.


You said "nothing copied for some time now".  I asked you to define what you meant by "some time".  Note I was asking a question, thus the question mark at the end ("Define some time?"), I was not telling you to do anything.  "Some time" is a little bit undefined, did you mean you had not heard anything in the last hour or so, did you mean you had not heard anything in the last day or so, or were you talking you had not heard anything in weeks?

As for who I think I am, I thought I was a person trying to help you find an answer to your question.


Token: Thanks for your info. I access the internet Exclusively (100%) @ the public library. I have Zero way to record audio/video & post for your evaluation. Again, Thanks for your input.   8) Still Summer!

UncleJohn, if this was the US ROTHR, or the Australian JORN, that you heard, each has a distinctive, and different, pre-beep.  With the US ROTHR, when listening in SSB mode you may hear a long-short-short burst before the sweeps of the radar actually start.  Kind of sounds like the letter U in Morse code.  With the Australian JORN you will hear a similar, but different, burst, it will be a single long tone, like a Morse code letter T, before the sweeps of the radar start.

Not every burst with start with these pre-tones, but if you listen long enough you should hear one.


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