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There need not be a reason. As long as Google is getting that free govt grant gravy, they can build another leaning tower of Pisa, made out of real pizza. The "project" can be completely useless and go nowhere, but a few people got a cushy contract paying big money (YOUR money...) and Google gets publicity and made to look big 'n' cool, and they keep raking and raking and raking in taxpayer dollars. They never use their own $$, it's always someone else funding. In USA, it's taxpayer monies. Any article you come across that mentions Google building some "high speed internet" network coming to your area, read the whole article, and find out that it is in reality a US grant to implement the Rural Health Initiative and its only building the backbone for that crappy project. All it is is "Strategic partnerships", which translated is fascism in action. Fascism is a real type of government where the citizens are forced to pay for corporations profits. Your tax dollars are used to profit Google. You have no option to pay or NOT pay, taxes.  That project, again, could be a useless nothing, but someone is getting paid, that's all that matters.

Cave Creek AZ
Thanks I DID take a looong spool of wire with me- i tossed it on top of the very high roof of the guest house I stayed in. Welp- I managed to leave my logs there at the house  ??? No remarkable catches I can remember off hand, but an anomaly was that I did manage to receive N American stations that are usually *not* receivable in my location (Phoenix) somehow the Eastern N Am. stations don't make it west usually. WWCR, WWRB, and Voice of America out of Tennessee were excellent. Other than that lots of China - that is all I can recall without my logs. The "usuals" were all there- Radio NZ, Radio Aus- good good- and like I said, N American transmitters all came in miraculously well. I could not force myself to do some nite owl listening as after feeding exercizing and mucking out stalls for TWO big horses I was exhausted & hit the hay early!!

It would have been better had the property not parked on site a miserable 5th wheel "trailer" they rented out to some tenants about 30 feet from my location! miserable miserable hash- NO radio "silence" but noise at every 20 khz on 3MHz and below- to be repeated starting about 14MHz and above! Every 20khz- bzzzzzz...dammit! That really ticked me off- as the trailer was not at this location previously, and the location was my own little dxpedition "hut". After speaking with the tenant in the trailer, I asked if it got hot in there? "Oh no- we've got two air conditioners running": this trailer is powered by one, big, long extension cord tapped off at the swimming pool power panel!!! Ho-lee Crap! Talk about fire hazards- well I'm not the homeowner.... I think a call to the city code enforcement should be in order as this can't be legal- let alone safe.

wasted HF trip- so much noise it made listening almost useless as no faint stations were to be heard over the RFI/EMI etc.

Instead of the HF I did bring a digital trunk tracking scanner, at least VHF was good. I had programmed the scanner with stuff local to the area, so while not having HF to do some serious listening, the novelty of police calls and EMT/Fire Dept had its moments.

By the by- quite a few hams in the Cave Creek/Scottsdale areas as there were many many towers erected in people's yards around me.

Too bad my dxing was not as I had hoped for- and I hope NEXT time god willing I house/pug dog sit that dam#$%d trailer will be history.

Say- just because conditions are said to be terrible next few days does not mean you shouldn't attempt DXing. Some of my most remarkable catches were during storms- odd things happen during aurora times - one b'cast station fades out and something from the other side of the planet fades in.

Keep dxing- I'm heading over to a "radio quiet" area in Cave Creek AZ this weekend to do some serious dxing! (actually, it's for "Pug-sitting" but I of course bring some receivers with me ha ha) It's about 35 mi. NE of Phoenix AZ in the middle of the desert- with practically zero RFI/EMI around me  :)

If you get a chance to go on your own "dxpedition" in a relatively isolated location, do so. It is well worth it.

My best location ever was in the mountains of Morocco - as far as the eye could see not a radio tower nor electric pole as far as you could see! It was like traveling back in time a few hundred years - in a village with no roads nor electric power grid. Can you imagine??? Talk about reception!! I also got to visit the fam in the actual "Quiet Zone" in W VA years ago- but that was pre-listening days for me :( wish I had known about HF radio hobby back then... sighs..


I'll post any items of interest later this evening God willing- can't wait for my mini-dxpedition tonight. Love those "quiet" areas. The only interruptions I will be hearing late tonight will be coyotes....

Other / Re: what is a coconut call?
« on: May 26, 2014, 0523 UTC »
"kokonas redio’ (‘coconut radio’) – word of mouth". I.e., "say can you send so and so a message coconut radio" it is asking if anyone over the air can speak to another sailor in person via word of mouth- for instance, "can you tell the capt of the "Love Me Knot" I will be in the Marquesas - meet me up for drinks"

This is great news. I hope conditions are similar today, as I have yet to receive a broadcast station on LW in all my days. I am in Arizona, if I can get anything I will post here later.

"city rival gang members"??? Oh brother...  (snickering)

Sounds like old Motor Mouth Maul or someone like him. The day "gang rivals" start on ham radio is the day you see my dead grandma ordering a big mac from McDonalds drive thru (it ain't gonna happen)

I am more surprised at the OP for being surprised at what he heard. this is nothin' new!

MW Loggings / Re: 1566 khz, 1410z, tentative HLAZ, South Korea
« on: February 01, 2014, 0558 UTC »
You mentioned West Virginia, how is the reception there? I used to visit the "Quiet Zone" and White Sulphur Springs area often waaay back in the 1980s. I did not have an appreciation for the area at the time as DXing was not a hobby of mine then. Missed opportunity!

Spy Numbers / Re: Recent logs
« on: January 07, 2014, 0558 UTC »
Oh this is great, Ary now is on hfunderground!  Love your stuff thanks for posting.

Equipment / Re: HF in the car?
« on: November 28, 2013, 1125 UTC »
Spider Antenna no longer sold, inventor passed in '02. eham has a "Friends Remembered" for him:

"previous w9owx Mpls. Mn. got ham liscense at age 12......used to own Thee spider antenna business,as it turns out speaking as his son, in his later years was not a very nice person,he ended up in a paupers grave,but he certainly asked for ever thing he recieved,going to hell is not a nice ending "

yikes. Apparently he was not very well liked.

TV DX Loggings / Re: I miss analog TV!
« on: November 12, 2013, 0918 UTC »
I used to get three LA TV stations in the 1980s, but that was only 200+ miles away. I miss Tom Hatten running Popeye cartoons on Saturday mornings and some Hollywood flick at 1pm on KTLA, much as I miss the sleazy charm of Bill Balence's AM radio call in show.

Bump - Wow does this bring back memories!! I'll never forget Tom Hatten and his drawings. He is still alive, thank goodness.

Equipment / Re: AC In-Line Noise Relief - Tripplite To The Rescue
« on: November 09, 2013, 1351 UTC »
Thanks I wish I had picked up the UPS I saw at Goodwill about a month ago, I was wondering if it would do the same thing yours did. Too late now, and I don't see them very often at the thrifts. Appreciate the tip.

I did manage to pick up an old Realistic DX 380, I pick up any used radios I see when I get the chance, if I have a few dollars extra to spare. I am having a lot of fun with it. Out of all my radios, it's the only one that doesn't have the noise issue and also receives LF well. I don't like the lack of SSB or even a BFO but this cheapo radio seems not to be troubled with a lot of EMI/RFI even connected with AC! even on MW! I am using it a lot more than my higher priced ones lately.

TenTec rx320d
Grundig 750 satellit
grundig g6
some tube radios I rarely use/various portables

Antenna is a random wire running from 2nd floor unit to the roof about 65ft up and then another 25ft horizontal E/W

Awesome! The old AT&T and PressWireless xmissions give me the chills. Fascinating. Too bad we don't have the plethura of signals to sift through today like we did back then.

Oh the other hand.. sad news.. my next door neighbor in our condo installed DirecTV and God knows what else. Heard propagation was excellent to good below 10 MHz, turned on radio and nothing but noisy hash. Radio useless unless I use the faulty yet somewhat usable batt operated Grundig S350DL or whatever it's called. What a God#&&Y%$Y%-ed pain in the ass this noise is. I need to move

Also a story about an astronaut on a space walk from the ISS who's spacesuit apparently malfunctioned & filled with water (!) Killer reception on ATS 909x with wide bandpass setting for superior audio. I really dig Radio Australia but I'm in my non working summer mode & I never get up in time to hear them in the local mornings. Reception at this hour is better anyway. Parallel 15160 (01:00- 05:00 UTC) was not heard, only JBA carrier. The 19 Mhz frequency is in use from 23:00 - 03:00 with a 5 degree beam change from 65 to 70 at 1:00 UTC.

I also noticed a few ZL's & VK's on 20 meters. It was a good opening to that part of the world I guess.

he sure it was water that was filling up his suit? I think if I were in outer space, and my suit malfunctioned, it would not be "water" that filled it.

Great job on the Sangean- I had one, and regretfully gifted it not long after purchase to a poorer, less radio-gifted family member (still grumbling about that... me: Indian giver  ::) ) I have no luck running onboard antx only on the only batt powered carry-able radio I now own, a Grundig (grrr.. ) Field Radio S350DL. It also has a very annoying glitch of drifting- up to 200 khz + or - in rapid succession. I suppose I could drag a long wire behind me if I ever wanted to take a walk with it...

cool post
Smartest article I've read in a long time. I did not realize how varied the reporting on VOA was- I assumed it was all canned fluff, but coming from a monolingual listener, I'd only hear the EE language stuff.

I certainly appreciate some one is bringing up these points:

• "Don’t dumb down the news. Without a complete fiscal change of heart in Congress, international broadcasting will never have the money and staff to compete with commercial outlets. So stop focusing undue effort on lightweight fluff that is eroding credibility, and encourage and support intelligent and thoughtful journalism that is unfettered by bureaucracy and politics."


• "Stop dismissing radio as a dead medium. Radio remains a highly effective way to reach the many people in remote areas who don’t have Internet or TV, and television broadcasting, such as to Iran, is much more easily jammed than radio. The proposed 2014 budget would gut Urdu and Afghan radio services that broadcast to Pakistan and Afghanistan and shut down all Farsi-language radio to Iran."

General Radio Discussion / Re: Egypt
« on: July 05, 2013, 0530 UTC »
Egypt by SW is tuff. If you want MidEast/African live broadcasts, invest in one of those free to air Ku-band pizza dish satellite systems. You'll watch the news as it happens. I'm surprised more DXers don't have these things.

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