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Twangy Radio 6925 USB S5 in NY

0301: "Movin' On Up" (Theme From The Jeffersons)
0302: Twangy Radio I.D. into April Wine "Sign Of The Gypsy Queen"
0306: Another I.D. into Cake "The Distance"
0309: "We Were Upper Side Band Before Upper Side Band Was Cool" Twangy Radio I.D. into Tony Joe White "Polk Salad Annie"
0313: "Well Fuck My Magic Twanger Froggy" then off the air

That's actually PLUCK my magic twanger Froggy ...... None of my ID's curse.

Can you dig it sucka?

Thanks for the clip!  Sounds like the AC hum I had is gone.  Now to work on the audio quality and get the board and EQ back in line.

That'll do it, just checking out the transmitter.  Would appreciate reports on the audio quality, want to make sure I got rid of an old AC Hum in the transmit.  Audio looked clean here.

How is my audio?

Is there any AC hum?

And where in the heck is jfarley?  Still living in his mom's basement?

Catching it here also. Was at a S12 initially but now has dropped to a S5-6 and hanging around there. Audio good and was hearing "I Like To Rock". Thanks Twangy Radio. Also, thanks Skipmuck for the ID. Sounding good. :)

That's when the power was cut by 50%. 


Very weak tonight in heavy static but can catch some of it

just upped the carrier.  better?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925U 0030 UTC 23 Feb 2014
« on: February 23, 2014, 0039 UTC »
00:33 Twangy Radio - Solid S9 signal -Excellent Audio!
00:34 Very Clear ID  --- better signal than usual
00:34 song Simply Irresistable

thanks, we've been working on our audio

Disappointing our cool new ID's weren't heard (or possibly not understood...)  Gonna have to work on that.

just @  6925 AM @ 0312 utc it was you Twangy? Heard Id

RX @ SDR Webrx NH/USA 7+

CoolAM Radio

Yup, that was us. 

S5 out of the noise long enough to hear "My Way " by Sid Vicious 0219

That wasn't ours ... don't know who that was.

S7 - Fairly decent audio here in our super-secret undisclosed location.

That's it for now ... can I get some signal reports from out East?  Anyone?

How's our audio quality?

More bottom end than in the past.  Much improved!

May have to change our name ....

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