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Are you still interested in one of these?
I think they're cool too and saw one today:

This one has the olympic rings on it so maybe it was made for that market?

The RF Workbench / Re: Heathkit DX-40 tube transmitter
« on: December 06, 2022, 2336 UTC »
Thanks fellas.
I love old websites like that.  I like the style of that globe transmitter, I've seen a Globe V-10 VFO Deluxe of the same style. 

Wow, look at the fan on that thing.  So do tube transmitters benefit from muffin fans like that?  Whats the best way to use a fan, blow the air onto the tubes or suck it out of the case? 

The label on the back says it cost 311 Rubles. In the 80s that was a lot of money. 

The RF Workbench / Heathkit DX-40 tube transmitter
« on: December 04, 2022, 0147 UTC »
Does anybody happen to know if the Heathkit DX-40 will transmit outside of the ham bands?  An acquaintance of mine who is into ham radio has found one and they want to test it.  But they only have a crystal that is around the 43m band to use on their dummy load. 

Also, they want to test to see if the "phone" mode works but they don't have a microphone that fits the older style mic out jack. They were wondering if they could just temporarily wire up an mp3 player to the + and - leads of the mic.  Would that work? 

Maybe its worth something to an ex-Soviet person who wants one for nostalgia?  Or I bet somebody who likes cassette tapes would love it because its different.  Cassettes are cool vintage now, or at least they were a couple years ago with the coffee drinking, mechanical typewriter toting, lumberjack-clothes-wearing hipsters. 

Charlie, thats a really professional write up.  Thanks for sharing it. 
I've always daydreamed of a transmitter system where there's multiple exciters for the different bands and one big amplifier that is broadband. 

00:24 Station ID, yep clear "Radio Pushka"
Still going, this has been fun. 

I'm now picking it up on my dipole here at the domicile.  I'm using the noise reducer on my SDR and it makes it sound all weird but cuts out the harsh static.  It says S-9 on the S-meter.  Its my guess the audio is not compressed. 

Pushka sounds Russian.  Cpacibo dlya moozika maya pushka!

On the Half Moon Bay SDR in CA receiver there's some music on 6920 am.  It was a spanish american sounding song.  Then I also hear it at Radio Ranch SDR in AZ.  I can't help it, there I was, minding my own business and this music was there at noon my time. It used to be a rare occurance but I haven't been listening for pirates lately. 
I hear some heavy rock, kind of sounds like Korn. 

20:29 Station ID... it said something something station
Then it audaciously started playing some more music. A little like techno music but with more of a human element.
20:45 ID "Radio" something "a" something "station"
pretty good music.  Good propagation today. 
22:45 Station ID, "Radio Prisco?"

When my old model worked, it performed super great. He offered to fix it too but I declined. He's capable of making a better design.  I bet you can trust him if he says he made the design better it.

S5 signal level.
I hear Nirvana. Interference from some radar.  Its nice to hears some pirate at 9am on Easter on the West coast! Thanks stranger. 
1619 ish I heard the operator say its not an unidentified station. And he mentioned something radio.  Heavy metal music.
1629 very clear "Two Dog Radio" ID
1638 morse code inteference

Hearing you with S3 level with minimal fading, good to hear you again Wolverine!

This is barely coming in. Music fading in and out. I can't tell what the operator said. 

Lovefool song by the Cardigans right before an SSTV.

I just set up a loop on ground antenna and it has a good signal to noise ratio. 

Huh? / Re: Led Zeppelin Wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Copyright Battle
« on: December 01, 2020, 0304 UTC »
Zeppelin SO stole that tune. 

Charlie Don't Surf, have you read my post back in October?  My TX went pop with the powersupply. I proposed a solution for the powersupply too: 

On one hand I like the fact that Stretchy is making cool transmitters that are small, efficient and powerful. But I don't like when he does things like bring your friend The Lurker into the light.  That's not very discrete. Some people use these things for pirate transmissions, unlike myself, and they could get unwanted attention from the govt.s that are no doubt reading these pages too.

FYI, I just checked my fuse, its a 15A and I managed to blow it with my last attempted repair. 

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