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MW Loggings / Upcoming DX Test With SSTV!
« on: Today at 17:54 »
Les And I from the DX Test committee are working out the particulars and he'll release the details in the next few days... but we'll have a 2 station DX test and both will contain a slow scan tv image!

Well, then either I heard what I  thought was a clear Myanmar ID or I was experiencing  1971 Orange Sunshine flashback.
Either way, thanks for the info, Guys.  :)

I highly doubt Myanmar radio wouyld play a slew of Romanian music.

I havent even heard them out here in Alaska...

What you actually heard was the Radio Romania International romanian language service from 0000-0200UTC beaming to the east coast of North America. It is in A23 data.

   This is one of two South American stations I've received legibly at my location this year.
I'm on the side of their beam, I envy you Paul such a great signal!
 The second station was Brasil Central on 4985 - they have a clear channel in my place.
I can't recall the last time I COULDN"T get Amazonia. reliable as the sunset.

Kris And Don,

I am at just the right place for a multi hop signal and in the right place for their signal which is beamed at like 353 deg i think.

i hear Brazil on 9665 and 11815 quite regularly too, but not quite as well as 11780

I had Mix on 12200 and the signal was ok and audio was ok at 0136UTC but when they moved to 12203 the signal and audio got even better at 0151 Mar 5th.

Here's 12200khz:

Here's 12203khz at 0151UTc with Tears For Fears "Everybody wants to rule the world". Excellent signal and audio for USB mode!

And here they are again on 12203 at 0211UTC:

Here is 5045khz from Tue. Mar 7th at 0909UTC:

4KZ 5055 starts out kind of weak but gets progressively/noticeably stronger as time goes on. As if there was any doubt this was 4KZ, at 28 minutes there's a news sponsor liner for a business in Innisfail then the VO guy says, "National News on 4 Kay Zed" with the news intro music leading into the female anchor. This was recorded shortly after 5045khz

Here's my audio:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XKswvgJxUjV76EuoSXxwyoCmlWiDEzgw/

I can hear Kranji so well it overloads my radio somedays

Some of you have probably heard/seen me talk about Rádio Nacional de Amazonias (Brazil) on 11780khz in the past here or in other online DX gatherings, it's my favorite SW signal to date. It's 100kw from near Brasilia beamed to the northern amazon regions of the country

Well, I've talked about how strong it can be. The clip in the link below is from Wednesday afternoon AK time, Thursday morning UTC

S9+55 on peaks, S9+20 nominal. Zero noise, zero fading, almost as good as FM Mono!! I use an ATS25max radio , an emtech zm2 tuner, a DXE preamp and a 15 foot wellbrook loop

Audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PwF7B2d5yZwFlUnRaNYZ3xD3o7UkPN0j/view?usp=share_link

Sound of Hope (SOH) 11120.0 kHz AM 12:24 UTC 23 MAR 2023

12:24 UTC - SOH weak barely readable with voice / announcer in the background.
12:45 UTC - Also seeing the carrier on 11100.0 kHz AM and 11070.0 kHz AM.

RSPduo | Wellbrook loop antenna

It's likely this was CNR or CRI jamming them, i dont think anyone in north america has ever logged SOH

I suspect this may be a pirate, no ones listed using this frequency at any point and it sounds kinda amatuerish.

Someone is playing instrumental jazz, with dead air between the tracks and one amatuer sounding liner, "what music will you take to the fortress? jazz for the end of the world"   0300UTC hour Mar 14 in alaska. I heard it about a month or two ago with a covid themed talk show, giving out a web address that didnt work. 

Signal is pretty good with some fades. but nothing that totally makes reception go away.

Shortwave Broadcast / La Montana Colombia 4940k 0714UTC Wed Mar 8
« on: March 08, 2023, 0814 UTC »
Just back to back music, one song I heard sounded like a 100 year old record being played on a 100 year old record player

15 foot wellbrook loop, dxe preamp, ats25max radio and emtech zm2 tuner in alaska

Some days i could almost hear VOK in my teeth, its that strong lol

I logged two Aussie Shortwave outlets in Alaska tonight between 0830 and 0915UTC  March 7th. 

I had Paul Karlstrand engineered, Al Kirton operated 4KZ 5055khz progressively getting better as I approached 0900UTC.  Pretty decent signal!!

I also had what should be Bay Islands Radio on 5045khz but while i dont have internet at my DX spot, I have my cell phone and was texting with a friend who had the stream for Bay Islands Radio up and what I had didn't match the stream. as I got past 0900UTC, 5045 got REAL good!!

Had Mix Radio here in alaska Mar 4 starting at 0136UTC (thats when i tuned them)

they started out at 12200khz USB (-650hz) on my ATS25 Max then about 15 minutes later, they seemed to move to 12203khz USB (-575hz) with some Tears For Fears, Everybody wants to rule the world

My radios USB/LSB features drifts a bit in the cold, but i think they were drifting a bit too.

Darn good signal during the Tears for fears song!

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