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QSLs Received / Radio Nova eQSL for Jan 22, 2021 show
« on: January 22, 2021, 2352 UTC »
Thanks Radio Nova! Loved the playlist!  :)

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Goat Cheese Radio 6929 USB 2327 22 January 21
« on: January 22, 2021, 2340 UTC »
2338 UTC "Jim Jones"-Bob Dylan (Barely moving the S-meter but a solid signal!)
2340 UTC OFF?

Was running some errands and missed the show!

Shortwave Pirate / Radio Nova 6935 USB 2142 UTC 22 Jan 2021
« on: January 22, 2021, 2144 UTC »
2142 UTC "Viva Las Vegas"-ZZ Top
2145 UTC "Heavy Blues"-Bachman featuring Peter Frampton
2149 UTC British accented YL with ID and email address, into "Monster"-Melissa Etheridge
(Signal is nicely above the low noise floor with peaks to S7)
2152 UTC "Heaven Knows"-Robert Plant
2156 UTC OM with spoken word intro(...I am a free man...) into "Analog Man"-Joe Walsh
2200 UTC "Waterfall"-The Stone Roses (Signal has dropped down a bit, but still above the noise floor)
2205 UTC YL with "This is Radio Nova...thanks for listening...", then email address and "W-O-L-D"-Harry Chapin
2210 UTC "In the Days Before Rock N Roll"-Van Morrison
2218 UTC "We Three Kings"-Christopher Bill Shazam lied to me! It's "Atmosphere(Listen to the Radio)-Tom Robinson! (Took 4 Shazam's to get it right)
2222 UTC "Going Home"-Mark Knopfler
2224 UTC YL with ID and email address, then wolves howling and other animal noises with OM ID and CW
2228 UTC OM with "Rah-dee-oh No-vah", into SSTV

Thanks for the Friday early evening tunes Radio Nova! Nice playlist!
Here's a link to my recording of the show:

European Pirate / Re: The Vault 6985 AM 2215 UTC 18 Jan 2021
« on: January 18, 2021, 2248 UTC »
2246 UTC "Ballroom Blitz"-Sweet (Nice S5 peaks with light fading on a quiet band this evening)
2249 UTC "Gimme Some Lovin"-Spencer Davis Band
2252 UTC "Devil Inside"-INXS

Dinner music this evening provided by The Vault  :)

2312 UTC Fading in and out of the noise directly here with "Depende"-Jarabe De Palo
2317 UTC "Cuando Estés Acá"-La Renga
2321 UTC "Para Siempre"-Ratones Paranoicos
2331 UTC "Prófugos"-Soda Stereo
2336 UTC "Solo Te Pido"-LPDA Acusticos
2340 UTC "Magia Blanca"-Turf
2345 UTC "Entre Canibales"-Soda Stereo (MTV Unplugged)
2349 UTC OFF

My best reception yet of your station...hopefully some day you might email me?  :)

MW Free Radio / Re: UNID 1720 AM 2220 UTC 17 Jan 2021
« on: January 17, 2021, 2227 UTC »
2226 UTC "Saturday In the Park"-Chicago (Rather nice S7 signal here this evening!)
2229 UTC "Feelin Stronger Every Day"-Chicago
(2231 UTC Faded quite a bit into the noise)

Here's a link to my short recording:

European Pirate / Re: The Vault 6985 AM 1917 UTC 17 Jan 2021
« on: January 17, 2021, 2224 UTC »
Fair to good here with moderate fades at 2223 UTC and "New Gold Dream"-Simple Minds
2246 UTC "The World We Live In"-The Killers
2249 UTC "Everybody's Free(To Wear Sunscreen)-Baz Luhrmann
2254 UTC "99 Miles From LA"-Art Garfunkel
2257 UTC "Good Vibrations"-Beach Boys
2300 UTC OM with ID, into "Hazard"-Richard Marx
2306 UTC "The Eve of the War/Forever Autumn"-Jeff Wayne featuring Richard Burton

Shortwave Pirate / Enigma Seven 6925 USB 2021 UTC 17 Jan 2021
« on: January 17, 2021, 2021 UTC »
2021 UTC 5 note Interval Signal and YL with "This is Enigma 7 Calling"......repeated a few times
(Signal is mostly above the band noise)
2026 UTC Song "Train Traveling North"-Channel Light Vessel, followed by some talking I couldn't make out, then a Song "Tapaloka"-Bruce Becvar
2046 UTC YL with "This is Enigma Seven Calling", into SSTV

2048 UTC YL with ID, then spoken word I can't make out with the band noise
2050 UTC Unid ambient music (YL with ID during this song at 2058 UTC)
2106 UTC YL with ID, then OM mentioning the title of a song...? of the Sphere?
2111 UTC YL with ID, then OM, into another song Shazam will not ID
2118 UTC Signal picking up nicely now with some S6 peaks here
2122 UTC OM talking about the music playing, into "Spare Change"-Michael Hedges
2127 UTC YL with ID, then Interval Signal and ID again

Thanks for the interstellar musical journey Enigma Seven!  8)
Here's a link to my recording of the show:

Shortwave Pirate / Pee Wee 6925 USB 1749 UTC 17 Jan 2021
« on: January 17, 2021, 1755 UTC »
1749 UTC Right at the noise floor with "Astral Talk(Road 2)"-KAS:ST (Per Shazam)
1750 UTC SSTV, followed by unid blues guitar tune

1808 UTC "Too Old To Die Young"-Brother Dege

1813 UTC Sounds like the Jack Schitt spoken word skit

1816 UTC "Electric Worry"-Clutch
1821 UTC OFF

Shortwave Pirate / X-FM 4185 AM 0048 UTC 17 Jan 2021
« on: January 17, 2021, 0048 UTC »
0048 UTC Music came up suddenly...."Nightwhisper"-Jody Wisternoff & James Grant
(S8 peaks here....probably the strongest signal from X-FM I've had here in years!)
0052 UTC X-FM sign on ID and music
0101 UTC "AM Radio"-Everclear
0110 UTC Thanks for the shoutout redhat!
0113 UTC "Lullaby"-Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
So far an awesome signal punching into Poor Brook Valley tonight Mr. Redhat!
0125 UTC "Steambreather"-Mastodon
0259 UTC Still getting a really nice S8 signal here with "Smothered"-Spineshank
0302 UTC "Factory of Faith"-Red Hot Chili Peppers
0313 UTC Thanks for the shoutout! Yep! It's late for me, but i had a good nap this afternoon........
0319 UTC A cacophony of crows cawing, into "Lampshades On Fire"-Modest Mouse
0325 UTC "Fire Escape"-Civil Twilight
0330 UTC "Vision One"-Royksopp
0334 UTC Live UTC time check, into "Never Ever"-Royksopp featuring Suzanne Sundfor
0338 UTC "Moaning Lisa Smile"-Wolf Alice
0347 UTC "Alrighty Aphrodite"-Peach Pit
0359 UTC "Breathe"-Bad Sounds
0403 UTC "What I Do"-Taylor Janzen

Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome-time for this one to come home......calling it a night here redhat! Thanks for the great sound and the retrospective tunes! And yes, the signal was pretty much killer here all evening! Wishing you a Happy New Year and tip of the hat for your 10th year anniversary!  :)

Shortwave Pirate / Damn Skippy 6950 USB 2358 UTC 16 Jan 2021
« on: January 16, 2021, 2359 UTC »
2358 UTC "Enormous Penis"-Da Vinci's Notebook and dead air
0003 UTC Back up again with "Finer with Vaginer"-Rockett Radio
0006 UTC "Time Flyes When Your Havin Rum"-Pirates For Sail
0011 UTC Sounded like an easypal image, into "Yo Ho Ho (And a Bottle of Rum)"-Craig Toungate
0013 UTC YL said something, then SSTV

0015 UTC "Me Pants Fall Down"-Da Vinci's Notebook
0018 UTC "Pirate You Say"-Stormfrun
0021 UTC "You and Me and The Devil Makes Three"-Ye Banished Privateers
0025 UTC "Aces and Two's"-The Devil Makes Three

Shortwave Pirate / MOVED: The Vault 6985 KHZ 23:49 UTC 16 Jan 2021
« on: January 16, 2021, 2353 UTC »
This topic has been moved to [European Pirate].


2334 UTC "Sorrow"-Flyleaf
2337 UTC Zeke with ID, into "I'm Sorry"-Flyleaf
2340 UTC "All Around Me"-Flyleaf

Shortwave Pirate / Sycko Radio 6930 USB 2222 UTC 16 Jan 2021
« on: January 16, 2021, 2223 UTC »
2222 UTC Music then SSTV

2224 UTC Music then OM with spoken word story over background music
2228 UTC Signal faded down to just above the noise...OM keeps mentioning a "guitar"
2234 UTC Signal faded out or OFF?

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