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0200 UTC Odd chanting...sounds Gregorian, but they're chanting "OMMMMM" or maybe "OHM"  8)
(S8 peaks with light fades and light static crashing)
0204 UTC Same chanting with droning musical accompaniment (in a loop)
I don't think Shazam would get this one  :)
Interesting Mantra you got going here...
0219 UTC OFF

Thanks for the mind numbing!

0005 UTC Unid rap song-OM rapper (S9 peaks with light fading and noise)
0009 UTC Unid genre song-OM singer (Kinda folksy...)
0011 UTC Audio glitches, then OK (Yes, FM mode sounds about right)
0012 UTC Unid pop song....same artist? (Signal is in USB mode now)
0016 UTC LSB mode now
(0018 UTC There is a MARS or CFARS station on 6968.5 USB! Not a good idea to QRM these guys...)
0019 UTC AM mode now
No clue on any of these songs...I'll try Shazaming the recording later on
0036 UTC Rap song now
0044 UTC I'm still hearing the MARS guys...Alpha Alpha ID's
0045 UTC OM and YL with spoken word skit
0048 UTC YL with a protonmail address for reports (Will have to check back on the recording)
0049 UTC "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"-YL singer (not sure if Judy Garland or some other)
0052 UTC OM with spoken word skit
0053 UTC "Karma Chameleon"-Not sure if Culture Club or some other
0057 UTC OM scat singing "I Want to Kiss You All Over", followed by a rap/rock song-OM singer
0100 UTC YL with protonmail address... something like "brotherstair....?" Mentioned "Right here on 6969"
0103 UTC OFF sudden during an R&B pop tune

Very interesting playlist!

2345 UTC Unid reggae tune at tune in, followed by "Against All Odds"-Phil Collins (S9 here with light fading)
2349 UTC "The Way You Make Me Feel"-Michael Jackson
2354 UTC "Do You Love Me"-The Contours
2357 UTC OM with ID...77LJS over the beginning of "Cherish the Love"-Kool & the Gang
0037 UTC "Give Me the Night"-George Benson
0109 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Sunday evening 80's tunes!

1306 UTC "Easy"-Commodores in progress at tune in...first morning coffee kicking in here! (S8 with light noise)
1309 UTC YL with ID..."You are tuned to Radio Sunday" with chirping birds  :) , followed by "Sunday Morning"-No Doubt
1314 UTC Birds chirping, followed by "Blue Sunday"-Doors  8) (Signal has dropped down to just above the noise)
1317 UTC "Another Park, Another Sunday"-Doobie Brothers
1321 UTC Birds chirping, followed by "Pleasant Valley Sunday"-Monkees
1325 UTC "Groovin"-Rascals
1328 UTC YL with ID..."You are tuned to Radio Sunday", followed by "Beautiful Sunday"-Daniel Boone
1331 UTC "Lazy Sunday Afternoon"-Small Faces
1335 UTC "Will You Be Staying After Sunday"-Peppermint Rainbow
1338 UTC Unid instrumental music, followed by YL with ID
1339 UTC OFF? No more birds chirping!

Thank you for a very pleasant Sunday morning show!  8)

0226 UTC "China Grove"-Doobie Brothers (Just above the noise floor with moderate fading)
0229 UTC "Let It Ride"-BTO
0233 UTC OM with "You're listening to Sycko Radio", followed by an Alice Cooper tune I can't remember the name of...
0241 UTC Mr Sycko talking now but it's rough copy with the noise, followed by a song I can't ID
0246 UTC "The Joker"-Steve Miller Band
0249 UTC Mr Sycko chatting...shoutout to listeners...THANKS!
0251 UTC "What Is and What Should Never Be"-Led Zeppelin
0255 UTC "Band on the Run"-Paul McCartney & Wings
0301 UTC "Reeling In the Years"-Steely Dan
0305 UTC Noise keeps getting worse  :(
0310 UTC "Money"-Pink Floyd
0321 UTC Mr Sycko chatting but nada on the copy, then OFF

Thanks for the tunes! Rough night in the noise!

0058 UTC Signed on right after the end of Wolverine SSTV, with WDOG theme music, followed by "Magical Mystery Tour"-Beatles (S9 here)...spoken word with British accent
0104 UTC "Fool On the Hill"-Beatles
(I believe this is the Magical Mystery Tour film soundtrack/audio clips from the film?)
0117 UTC "Flying"-Beatles
0124 UTC "I Am the Walrus"-Beatles
0135 UTC "Blue Jay Way"-Beatles
0147 UTC "Your Mother Should Know"-Beatles
0149 UTC "Magical Mystery Tour"-Beatles
0150 UTC "Hello Goodbye"-Beatles
0151 UTC "Strawberry Fields"-Beatles (WDOG CW ID over the song and later in the song the WDOG singing jingle)
0155 UTC "Penny Lane"-Beatles
0158 UTC "Baby You're a Rich Man"-Beatles, followed by "It's All Too Much"-Beatles
0212 UTC OM with spoken WDOG ID, followed by "Hey Bulldog"-Beatles
(Last couple tracks from Yellow Submarine)
0215 UTC WDOG singing jingle followed by dogs howling, then "Are Friends Electric"/"Love Shack, etc mix
0220 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Beatles memories!  8)

2357 UTC "Testing one two three can anybody hear me" (S9 peaks amidst high noise level)
0000 UTC OM with ID, followed by 1920's sounding tune
0010 UTC "You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me"-?
0015 UTC "I Want a New Style Baby" lyrics
0017 UTC "Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes"-Bobby Freeman?
0020 UTC "Then I'll Try Something New"-Miracles
0022 UTC "Papa Got a Brand New Bag"-James Brown
0024 UTC "A New Day Yesterday"-Jethro Tull  8)
0028 UTC "Brand New Day"-Van Morrison
0034 UTC Unid tune by Tom Waits
0037 UTC Unid tune by Little Feat..."riding on that New Delhi freight train" lyrics
0040 UTC Unid tune...unid artist!
0043 UTC "I Want a New Drug"-Huey Lewis & the News
0048 UTC "Mary's New Car"-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
0052 UTC Unid song...unid artist
0056 UTC Scottie 1 SSTV

Thanks for the "New" show!  :)

0044 UTC "Star Spangled Banner"-Jimi Hendrix (Mostly right at the noise floor)
0050 UTC Segued into another Hendrix tune
0055 UTC QRM from the aerosol ute...
0103 UTC Heard a weak SSTV, but app didn't start...too much noise!
0106 UTC "Star Spangled Banner"-JH again (Slightly better signal now)
0110 UTC Easypal pic, followed by a B/W 8 SSTV (Only a partial decode and it was totally unreadable)
0114 UTC Scottie 2 SSTV followed by "Setting Sun"-Brian Lucas Project
0116 UTC The Damn Skippy mystery song  8)

QSLs Received / Mystery Science Radio via CSR eQSL 16 MAY 2024
« on: May 17, 2024, 2132 UTC »
Thank you for the show and the always appreciated eQSL!  8)

2336 UTC Unid jazzy version of "Yellow Submarine" (Nice S8 peaks and solid above the noise)
2338 UTC Wind sound effect, then YL and OM with spoken word skit
2339 UTC Unid version of "Aquarius"
2342 UTC 2 OM with comedy skit
2344 UTC Phantom of the Opera electronica version
2348 UTC OM with ID..."Mystery Science Radio", then "Mailbag"
2350 UTC Instrumental version of "MacArthur Park"
2355 UTC mysteryscienceradio@yahoo.com "Relayed by Cloudsplitter Radio"
2358 UTC "Cherokee Jack" with email address
2359 UTC OFF

Thanks for the show!

0045 UTC Hearing music just above the high noise floor...sounds like Pink Floyd
0052 UTC OFF I think...

2220 UTC Music mostly at or below threshold level, some nice fade-ups to above the noise floor
(There was an X8 flare earlier! Surprised to hear anything...)
2230 UTC OM with "Cluck Cluck Cluck", followed by possible Black Sabbath tune (noise level is making things really rough)
2235 UTC "Doctor My Eyes"-Jackson Browne
2248 UTC Thanks for the shoutout!

0335 UTC "Brown Sugar"-Rolling Stones (Signal is just above the noise floor with S5 peaks and strong flutter fading)
0339 UTC Rock tune I can't ID...
0345 UTC "Mama I'm Coming Home"-Ozzy
0353 UTC Threshold music deep in the noise now (I have a very weak carrier here...in AM now?)
0400 UTC Signal faded up with "Simple Kind of Man"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
0402 UTC OM saying "Radio Radio Radio"...hard to make out the rest, followed by unid song and deep fade back into the noise
0406 UTC No sign of a carrier...presumed OFF

Thanks for the late night show whoever...didn't expect to hear anything with this lousy propagation!

0121 UTC Tuned in to "Cherry Bomb"-John Mellencamp (S8 peaks with light noise and moderate fading)
0123 UTC "Against the Wind"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
0128 UTC "Main Street"-Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band
0131 UTC "One Toke Over the Line"-Brewer & Shipley
0134 UTC "For What It's Worth"-Buffalo Springfield   8)
0137 UTC "The Weight"-The Band
0141 UTC First few notes of "Amie"-Pure Prairie League, then OFF

Thanks for the oldies!

QSLs Received / Radio Vixen International eQSL 5 MAY 2024
« on: May 05, 2024, 2213 UTC »
Thank you Radio Vixen International! My second time hearing this tip of the hat to the late great Al Fansome and I hope it becomes a tradition!

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