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2356 UTC "There's A Little Bit of Bad in Every Good Little Girl"-Billy Murray

2307 UTC "Home of the Blues"-Johnny Cash
(Good to hear you again Johnny Tobacco! It has been a long time!)
2309 UTC JT chatting now, but tough copy with the fading
2311 UTC "Killin Time"-Clint Black
2316 UTC "We've Only Just Begun"-Ed Bruce
2323 UTC "Crazy Arms"-Heather Myles
2325 UTC JT chatting but the noise is making for tough copy

2201 UTC Hearing some spooky music fading in and out with an OM's voice at 2202 UTC
2203 UTC Music box sounding Interval Signal with YL giving email address.....didn't catch it though.
2204 UTC "3 AM"-Eminem
2210 UTC "Ring of Fire"-Wall of Voodoo
2214 UTC YL again with ID and email over some spooky instrumental music....can't make it out though. The fading is really annoying this early evening
2217 UTC "Gin and Juice"-The Gourds
2218 UTC YL again with repeated "You're listening to ? ? ?"
2222 UTC "The Way I Am"-Eminem
2231 UTC YL with "You're listening to Sycko Radio at gmail dot com"
2232 UTC Mr Sycko chatting now....live?
2236 UTC "Ladies and Gentlemen"-Saliva
2238 UTC Mr Sycko chatting

2141 UTC I have the carrier and some threshold audio fading up here directly across the pond. Signal is too low in the noise to ID the music.
2149 UTC "Summertime"-Ella Fitzgerald  :)
Checked back at 2155 UTC and there is no carrier heard now

QSLs Received / Dead Mouse Radio eQSL 14 Apr 2021
« on: April 15, 2021, 2140 UTC »
Thank you very much Dead Mouse Radio! Awesome graphics! A new station for me and I'm hoping to hear you again soon!  :)

Shortwave Pirate / Dead Mouse Radio 6932 USB 2315 UTC 14 Apr 2021
« on: April 14, 2021, 2317 UTC »
2315 UTC "The Sound of Science"-Harry Callaghan (To the tune of Sound of Silence)

2320 UTC "Cocaine Eyes"-Neil Young

2326 UTC "In the End"-Linkin Park


2331 UTC OM with "Dead Mouse Radio" ID, then OFF

0001 UTC "Rock-It"-Herbie Hancock
0028 UTC "Whip-It"-Devo
0032 UTC OM with ID "KDOG-Outhouse Radio"
0049 UTC Heard an "Underdog is Here" over the "Three Little Pigs"-Green Jelly tune...not sure if that is part of the song....
0052 UTC Sure enough....The Underdog Theme song! LOL

Shortwave Pirate / Re: WDOG 6925 USB 2330 UTC 10 Apr 2021
« on: April 10, 2021, 2334 UTC »
2333 UTC Killer signal here at S9+ with OM giving ID over dogs barking, into "Gimme Some Truth"-John Lennon
2337 UTC "Another Day"-Paul McCartney
2340 UTC "What Is Life"-George Harrison
2345 UTC "Teddy Boy"-Paul McCartney
2347 UTC "Jealous Guy"-John Lennon
2350 UTC "Maybe I'm Amazed"-Paul McCartney
2354 UTC "It Don't Come Easy"-Ringo Starr
( Fascinating how many great songs the ex-Beatles had after the band broke up!)
0030 UTC OFF

Hey CT-Yankee....You must have sent those brownies to the attention of Yoko Ono....it would explain all that screechy moon howling she did with that horrible voice of hers!

General Radio Discussion / Re: Looking for a Volunteer Or Two
« on: April 10, 2021, 1951 UTC »
I've completed the task for Jan, Feb, and Mar 2021. I only corrected the Headers for the initial posting. It took about 4-5 hours for the 3 months and I did not in any way change anything in the body of the posting, but one of the side effects of changing the header to comply with the format requested by Chris S, is that a whole bunch of "Last Edit:...: Skipmuck"' will be found in the body of the initial posting. If one finds this intrusive, and wants to remove it, it can be done by opening up your posting, typing in a period or other symbol and clicking the save button. Then your own name will be there! I hope to perform this task periodically in batches of a week or so as time permits. I did correct quite a few errors regarding dates and year.....including more from my own postings than I care to admit to  :-[

If anybody notices something I missed, please send me an HFU message and I will endeavor to correct it!
Also....if any of the ops want to take credit for a particular "UNID" posting (there are very many of these!), please contact me and I would be happy to review the thread and correct as necessary!

1726 UTC Signal is just above the noise here with "Foreign Exchange"-Marc Antoine & Paul Brown
1734 UTC "Through the Test of Time"-Patty Austin
Some random Shazams while I kick back and enjoy the music  :)
1746 UTC "Fireball"-Tim Bowman
1800 UTC "Morning Breeze"-Jazz Holdouts
1803 UTC "Land of the Sun"-Gary Palmer
(Getting some nice S5 peaks now....foF2 must be climbing)
1855 UTC "When We Dance"-Ken Navarro
2157 UTC Still have a nice listenable wideband sideband signal here with "London Lowdown"-Ronny Jordan
2202 UTC Faded out or OFF?
2205 UTC I believe Mix moved over to 6885 USB! Probably because of the huge noise blob on 6895.....
2206 UTC YL with Mix ID, into "Castellana Hood"-Marc Antoine

2334 UTC Instrumental ambient music Shazam says is "Moss Garden"-David Bowie
2336 UTC OM with heavy reverb ? , into "Sweet Home Alabama"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
(S9 here with excellent USB audio)
2341 UTC OM said something, into "Alaska"-Little Hurt
2344 UTC OM with ID "WTF Radio Worldwide....one state at a time", into "Arizona"-Mark Lindsay
2347 UTC "Arkansas"-Chris Stapleton
2350 UTC "California Dreaming"-Mama's & Papa's
0030 UTC "Destination Bangor Maine"  8)
0035 UTC "Massachusetts"-Bee Gees  8)
0044 UTC "Mississippi Queen"-Mountain (The late great Leslie West October 22, 1945 December 23, 2020)
0046 UTC "Misery"-Beatles LMAO!
0055 UTC I made it till the end of Part 1 Thanks for a unique show WTF!  :)

Dead tired now and you just woke me up WTF! I'll do my best to keep my head off the keyboard....at least until the Bee Gees with Massachusetts? LOL!

Hey CT-Yankee......"Nutmeg contains myristicin, a natural compound that has mind-altering effects if ingested in large doses."  ;D
Thanks for the offer of the nutmeg brownie, but here in Massh**echusetts, such confections are legally accessible at various local "wacky marts"  :-\ I'll stick with the sugar buzz from the pecan pie I picked up for the weekend!

European Pirate / Re: The Vault 6985 AM 2032 UTC 09 Apr 2021
« on: April 09, 2021, 2152 UTC »
2151 UTC Hitting the east coast here from across the big puddle with a nice S8 signal with some light choppy fading and "Owner of A Lonely Heart"-Yes
(Propagation seems to be kind of lousy on 43 meters this early evening....a bit of T-storm static too)
2154 UTC OM with "This is The Vault", into "5:15"-The Who
2209 UTC "Just Like Starting Over"-John Lennon (Solid S8 still and sounding really good despite the static crashes)
2213 UTC "Peg"-Steely Dan
2221 UTC OM with "This is the hottest station on the planet"  :) , into "Wicked Game"-Chris Isaak

Hey CT-Yankee......hope all is well! Mookie Betts misses his second straight game Friday with back stiffness and is day-to-day

2325 UTC OM talking and carribean style music..OM with "Happy Monday radio station"
2329 UTC Unid instrumental music....pop tune
2332 UTC OM talking over a dance tune...."on the positive side....nothing negative", Shazam says it's "Day 36"-The Red Fetish (doubtful)
2335 "A Thousand Small Spaces"-The Physics House Band (doubtful)
2337 UTC YL speaking now...tough copy with the Link ute on the high side
2342 UTC Shazam giving different ID's.....
2346 UTC Sort of a low key disco/dance instrumental....occasionally with OM speaking over the music
2359 UTC OM with ID, but I didn't quite catch it....mentioned "broadcasting on ?? khz"
0003 UTC "Get Up"-Happy Music Channel
0005 UTC OM mentioned "six thousand nine hundred & thirty kilohertz"
0009 UTC Animal noises over the music now....
0011 UTC OM with ID "Happy Monday Radio", followed by more animal noises....lots of monkees....
0012 UTC Faded out or OFF

Thanks for the Happy Monday tunes!  :D

European Pirate / Re: The Vault 6985 AM 0830 utc 05 Apr 2021
« on: April 05, 2021, 2121 UTC »
2119 UTC Nice listenable signal here with light fading and "Dream Weaver"-Gary Wright
2122 UTC "All Over the World"-ELO
2125 UTC "Love Is Blue"-Marty Robbins

2350 UTC Tuned in to "Jesus Is Just Alright"-The Doobie Brothers (S7 with moderate fading....audio sounds great!)
2351 UTC "Spirit In the Sky"-Norman Greenbaum
2355 UTC OM with a spoken word tribute to George Zeller  :'( (RIP George....you were a legend!)
2356 UTC "Ripple"-Grateful Dead
(zero beat the frequency to 6950.9 khz)
0000 UTC OFF

Thanks for the Easter Sunday show CM....also thanks for the tip of the old pirate hat to George Zeller.

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