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Zeeky with more opinion and music. Signal is S9+10.

Getting the signal in and out. It's a good quality signal when in. Anyway, we're here waiting and listening. Thanks for the broadcast.

Tuned in to find Zeeky again, talking about whatever with lots of bragging.Signal is S9+10.

Real nice tunes at the moment. Very nice and mellow stuff. Good signal of S7. Thanks for the show.

Good signal here hitting S7. The signal is sounding better and better. Thanks for the show.

CCR as usual. Then, a lot of talking about Vietnam. More CCR. Signal is S9+10.

Good sounding music that is a mix of rock and techno. Signal is S7. Great to hear this station and thanks for the broadcast.

Nice sounding ID and then into a good sounding song. Ballsmacker Radio is sounding good despite the fadeouts. Thanks for the show!

Good signal found just now in time to miss synching the SSTV signal. Great sounding blues. Thanks for the Friday nite show.

Music heard on 6950 usb.

SSTV noted too. Also, music heard on this frequency.

Yeah Man Radio heard here with a signal coming in at S7. Station is pretty loud, and is clear. QRM from another radio heard and seen. Thanks for the show.

A little tough to catch, but rock and techno. Signal is just under the power it needs tonight. Thanks for the show.

Rock music showing a signal of S9+10 most of the time. Great sounding audio. Thanks for the show.

The band is noisy, but the signal is big. Honky tonk sounds great as the Captain sounds vintage tonight.

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