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Very good signal. Great audio. Thanks for the early show!

Pink Floyd - Breath

Signal is coming in clearly most of the time. Good music at the moment. Thanks for the chance to finally hear Thunderchicken.

SSTV heard. No chance of getting it myself.

Good signal finally. YL heard with station info. Comments about liberal shenanigans. Thanks for the show.

Nice sounding station coming in. Signal isnít very loud, but it is clear and showing S7 for the signal. Thanks for the show.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms but Iím getting a very clear signal of a tune sounding like Chuck Berry. Clear audio even though the signal isnít blasting in here. The captain is showing a signal of S8. Thanks for the great show tonight!!!

It is really nice to hear Captain Morgan SW coming in loud again. Great sounding tunes settling in around S7 and loud and clear. I hope this is a new hope for the Captainís shows from now on. Thanks for the great sounding show tonight.

Did this station move down to 6930lsb? I had a good signal there for a good while. OM had a British accent. Thanks for the show.

Heard some Credence (CCR).

Now over to USB and louder for a few minutes.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6941.7 AM 0045
« on: April 15, 2024, 0049 UTC »
Picking up the music on 6941.66 am.

Fair signal that seems to be coming from the side. Thanks for the show and oldies.

Details- lots of jazz only tunes, all of which I have never heard beforeÖbut they are all great sounding, IDs by a nice sounding YL

SINPO- 55455

Info- I am listening to you with a WinRadio G39DDC, or Excelsior. My antenna is a new Wellbrook ALA1530LNP using a new module up on the head to correct a design error.

Address: slowrollsandloops@gmail.com

And, thanks for the great show.

The station is very loudÖwhich is good.:D  Sounding really good hitting S6. Thanks for the show tonight.

QSLs can be sent to the address listed below.  :) :) Some version or parody of Autobahn is playing and sounding good. Guess itís a prelude to whateverÖ..and now the bumper music for the late Rush Limbaugh is playing.

Now a nice sounding YL is giving song names, station ID, etc.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight at the momentÖ.
James Gang tune

Captain Morganís barely heard way down in the noise. It was a steady signal without any fading. Wish I could report more, but not tonight.

Itís been quite a few years since I last heard Radio Titanic Intl. Wow, itís great to catch just a small part of the signal tonight with the relay. Not a good signal at all. I heard only a slight amount of audio. Thanks for sending out the relay!

Clear signal with good audio. Signal is S6. Thanks for the show.

Great big signal sounding really good. Oldies and a mix of music. Thanks for the broadcast.

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