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Punk Music @ 2240 UTC.
Signal about S5 here in London, Ontario.
Into "Jealousy" @ 2243 UTC.
ID as Radio Free East Coast and gave Email Address @ 2247.
Official sign on @ 2249 UTC with ID and into Music.
Haven't heard WREC for quite some time now!! Nice to catch your Broadcast!!
WREC ID again @ 2252 UTC with your host DJ Sparks. Signal now S7
More Music @ 2252 UTC.

Hearing them here in London, Ontario CANADA at S5 to S6 with some QSB………First time Logged here.
"Oh what a Night" @ 1204-1207 UTC.
Fleetwood Mac - "Don't Stop" @ 1207-1210 UTC.
America - "Horse with No Name" @ 1210-1214 UTC.
Female Singer - Donna Summer?? "I'm gonna live forever" @ 1214-1220.

Tuned in @ 0002 UTC with Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing til 0006 UTC.
Male DJ Spoke over Music @ 0006-0008 UTC.
Into more Rock Music @ 0008-14 UTC.
Male DJ spoke over music again @ 0014 UTC.
Mentioned the Frequency was 6210 Khz. "Border Hunter Radio".
Into more Rock Music @ 0017-0021 UTC. Bad Fading at this time.
Back in @ 0024 UTC with Rock Music.
Signal peaks were S4 to S5 at times.
Nice Carrier showing on SDR Waterfall.
Please QSL and thanks for the Broadcast BHR!! Pretty good conditions to North America tonight!!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UnId, 6950.8, 1349, 12.31.16
« on: December 31, 2016, 1353 UTC »
S7 Signal @ 1349 UTC Tune In.
Folk Music "Canadian Railroad" @ 1349 - 1355 UTC.
More Music @ 1355-1403  UTC.
Getting Noisy and Fading now……
More Music @ 1403- UTC.
Signal building again @ 1404 UTC with Music .
"Pleasant Valley Sunday". til 1414 UTC then Dead carrier for a few seconds and OFF AIR @ 1414 UTC.

Thanks for the show…Please QSL!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


S5 to S6 Signal peaks.
Rock Music 0104-0106 UTC.
Male DJ spoke @ 0106 UTC. Hard to zero in on Talk.
More Hard Rock Music 0107-14 UTC
Into "Love Hurts" by Nazareth?? @ 0114-18 UTC.
Signal Peaking at S7 Now.
SSTV Signal Transmission @ 0118-20 UTC.
No SSTV Capabilities here…Who was this???
Into more Music @ 0120-28 UTC
Into Blues type Music 0128 - UTC

SSTV ID was Skippy Radio according to others….
Thanks for the Show Skippy!!

Please QSL…..    circledots@rogers.com

Vocal Music @ 2304-2307 UTC.
Male Announcer @ 2307 UTC…Too weak to tell language.
More Vocal Music @ 2308 UTC.
POOR Signal but can make out some Audio!! Weak on SDR's Waterfall.
Nice signal peak @ 2311 with Music.
Another signal Peak @ 2314-2317 UTC with Male Singing.
Not heard after 2317 UTC. Off Air???

Thanks for the Broadcast, was surprised to hear anything at all over here in London, Ontario CANADA!!

Please QSL if you see my Report here!! Would be my very first Greek Pirate heard!!


Some kind of Interval Signal repeated 1859 til 1902 UTC.
Male spoke @ 1902 UTC then back to Interval Signal.
Music @ 1904 UTC .
Weak S4 Signal and QSB….
Appears to be on 6925.5 Now……
Music til 1911 UTC then a male DJ spoke and some kind of Skit Possibly??? Audio not good and lots QSB.
Back to Music @ 1913-15 UTC.
Male DJ spoke again @ 1915 UTC. Can't seem to Zero in on the Frequency though!!
6925.48 appears best now….with Funny Laugh Track Skit or Comedian???
Female Spoke @ 1926 UTC.
Into Interval Signal again @ 1927-28 UTC.
Male DJ gave ID as "HAPPY HANUKKAH RADIO" @ 1928 UTC and back to Interval Signal!
Off Air @ 1929 UTC.
Thanks four the Broadcast HH Radio!!!

Have them here @ 1809 UTC with Music. Not very strong …..about S4. QSB as well.

Still in @ 1823 UTC with Music, but can't distinguish what songs are being played and hard to make out any talk. Conditions are not good right now….

Could tell there was a male Announcer speaking @ 1827 UTC……..Then back to Music @ 1828 UTC.

Just weak Audio here with Music bits popping through @ 2104 UTC.
Decent Carrier Level on 6976.
I am in Burnt River, Ontario at present………
Still in @ 2121 UTC with Music…but not strong enough for good copy….
I'd like a QSL too….But I'm not getting much in the way of details unfortunately. hearing the Music and some of the DJ Chatter, and a Carrier….may not be enough?? Thanks for the broadcast though!!
Song "Magic Bus" The Who @ 2126-29. Finally some decent audio breaking through!!
Female DJ Talk "OTCR" ID and then Male DJ Talk.
Johnny Cash @ 2130 UTC

Decent Carrier on ELAD SDR present but Audio Poor @ 2304 UTC Tune In.
Male Spoke @ 2305-2306 UTC.
Bits and Pieces of Music @ 2308-2315 UTC.
More Music @ 2316-2321 UTC. Signal building a bit.
Male Spoke @ 2321 UTC. Music @ 2330-2333 UTC. Signal again improving a bit, but still tough copy here in London, Ontario CANADA!!

What Country is Energy FM located in??? Does anyone know the EMAIL ADDRESS for reception reports??

Lots of Noise on the Band tonight and deep fades at times.
Talk about Howdy Doody @ 2118-2120 UTC Tune In.
Howdy Doody theme song played on the Organ @ 2120-21 UTC.
Female spoke between Theme Song segments 2121-2122 UTC.
Dead Air @ 2122 UTC, then appeared the Broadcast was being repeated @ 2122 UTC.
Vocal Dowdy Doody theme song played @ 2123-2125 UTC.
Female Announcer with Hpwdy Doody Radio IDs and Station info @ 2125 UTC.
MaleAnnouncer talked about the origins of Howdy Doody Radio dating back to 1947 Radio Show
and mentioned the 1950's TV Show.More Talk about Howdy Doody @ 2126 UTC.
Into song called "Howdy Doody Do" 2127 UTC. Played clips from shows and little song segments
@ 2127-2133 UTC.
"POPCORN SONG" @ 2133-2135 UTC. Signal and Audio getting stronger @ 2135 UTC.

Just received an Email message from Blue Dragon Radio advising they were currently Testing on 9315 Khz. I can see a Carrier on the Waterfall of the ELAD, but so far haven't pulled out any Audio.

Soft Instrumental music @ Tune In 2204-2208 UTC.
Male Announcer spoke over music @ 2208 and gave ID as "Radio Illuminati" and mentioned frequency of 6150 Khz.
Into more Rock music @ 2209-2213UTC.
Song "I got you - I don't know why sometimes I get frightened" by Split Enz@ 2213-2217 UTC.
Signal up to S8 now @ 2217 UTC.
Into more Rock music @ 2217-20  UTC.
More Rock Music 2220-23 UTC "Girls on Film".
More Rock Music 2223-27  UTC.
Into more Rock Music @ 2227-31 UTC.
Into more Rock Music 2231-37 UTC. "Our love is over"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 AM 18:48 UTC FEB 21
« on: February 21, 2016, 1959 UTC »
Jazzy Pop Music Vocals @ 1957 UTC Tune In.
Signal is S7-S8. Pretty Good Audio!!
Possible ID @ 2004 as "SOLID GOLD"?
Into News Items read by Male and female….Mentioned FOX News Radio and the Kalamzoo Shootings.
Obviously a RELAY of a Commercial AM or FM Station.
Ads @ 2006-2007 UTC. Back to News items til 2009 UTC. Fox News Radio ID.
Into More 60's type Music 2009 UTC.
Getting stronger now!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6915 AM 1853 UTC 2/19/16
« on: February 19, 2016, 2024 UTC »
Have them here in London, Ontario @ S6-S7 with Rock Music @ 2014-2019 UTC.
More Music "Mighty Quinn" @ 2019-2022 UTC
Some Fading. No Talk or IDs heard. Nice Music Selection!!
Please QSL if you see our reports!!!
Into more Rock Music @ 2023-27 UTC
Just a Singer in a Rock N Roll Band by Moody Blues.
Off Air @ 2027 UTC Hearing Brother Stair on the frequency now!!

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