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  0018 Z: Weak signal, playing music just above noise floor. Nirvana at 0020 Z, "Seven Trees Radio" ID by man at 0023 Z. SINPO: 2,4,3,2,2.


  0045 Z: YL with several Clever Name Radio 6940 IDs.
  0046 Z: AC/DC Have A Drink On Me.
  0050 Z: AC/DC with Have A Drink On Me (repeat).
  0054 Z: AC/DC with Have A Drink On Me (again).
  Continues till 0105 Z playing a loop of Have A Drink On Me.
  0107 Z: YL with Clever Name Radio Relay IDs.
  0109 Z: Ozzy Mr Crowley.
  SINPO: 4,4,3,2,3+. Great signal strenght, sounds good dispite heavy QSB.


  0150 Z: Kick Out The Jams - MC5.
  0153 Z: Anarchy In The UK - Sex Pistols.
  0156 Z: YL with ID, then Gas Chamber - Angry Samoans.
  SINPO: 4,4,3,2,3+. S8-S9 on peaks, deep QSB.


  0119 Z: Bad To The Bone, then at 0122 Z: USA National Anthem, 0125 Z: Foxy Lady, 0127 Jack and Diane. SINPO: 3+,3,3,4,3+. Co-frequency peskie QRM.


  6940 USB 0030 Z: playing Nickleback Something In Your Mouth. SINPO: 4,4,3,3,3. HEAVY QRN!


  6955 USB 0031Z: Qzzy Crazy Train, 0034Z SSTV, 0036Z into two long instrumental tunes.
SINPO: 4,4,3,3,3+.

  6940 USB 0016Z: Nivarana  Come As you Are. 0024Z "Clever Name Radio" ID. 0024Z: Skrillex Right On Time. 0028Z: Skrillex Kyoto. SINPO: 4,5,3,3,3+. Better before antenna adjustment.



  2343 Z: Unidentified Radio ID by man, 2353 Z: Make It Burn Dem Skrillex &Damanin  Jr Gong, 2355 Z:
Radio Friendly Song Jon Lajoie. 0001 Z: ID, 0002 Z: Aliens Exist Blink 182. 0005 Z: ID, then Whats My Age Again Blink 182, 0008 Z: ID and Crazy Bitch Buckcherry. 0017 Z: YL with talk, then Real Estate Cypress Hill, 0021 Z:man with ID then into People Are Strange The Doors, 0024 Z, LA Woman The Doors. SINPO: 3+,4,3,3,3 at best. Nice Signal, Thank You for the broadcast!


  0024 Z: American Woman The Guess Who, 0027 Z, Somebody To Love Jefferson Airplane, 0032 CW, 0033 Z: I Fought The Law Bobby Fuller Four, 0035 Z: Evil Eye Yngwie Malmsteen, 0041 SSTV.
SINPO: 4,4,3,4,4. Great signal and audio quality. Thank You Pee Wee! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  First heard playing very weak AC/DC song, 2221 Z: Beatles "Eight Days A Week", 2222 Z: Om with "Unidentified Radio" ID, Gone by 2235 Z. Faded back up at 2357 very weak just at noise floor.
SINPO: 2+,4,3,2,2+ at best.

  2352 Z: Play With Fire The Rolling Stones, 2355 Z: Comfortably Numb Rodger Waters/Eddie Vedder, Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses, 0007 Z: Russians Sting. 0012 Z: missed the ID by man with shout outs to Skipmuck and Dr Strangelove. SINPO: 3,5,3,2,3. Great signal thought this was Pee Wee ! Thank you, Merry Christmas.

  6949.7 USB 2348 Z: Ryver Chat tip, playing Blues music, CW ID @2351 then CW message....SINPO: 3,3,3,4,3+. Then buried by Ute QRM.


  6940 USB 2347 Z: playing Christmas tunes. SINPO: 3,4,3,4,3. Sounds like Pee Wee, MDK2 Ryver Chat tip.

  6950 USB Jimi Hendrixs  All Alone The Watchtower. PW SSTV. Fighting against ute QRM and winning.
SINPO: 3,2,3,4,3 at best.


  2321 Z: Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones, YL with looped ID.
  2321 Z: Money Pink - Floyd.
  2340 Z: Shine on Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd (Shazam).
  2344 Z: Breakin A Sweat - Skrillex (Shazam).
  2347 Z: Rock N Roll - Skrillex (Shazam).
  Off by 2357 Z.
  SINPO: 2-3,4,3,3,3 At best.

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