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Channel Z is an unofficial (a.k.a. pirate) broadcaster.

Sounds like my 0547 to 0618 logging was a separate txn to the above mentioned.

Hello Refmo - was your logging on the 8th? It's not quite the 9th here in NZ local time and still the 8th utc, I think!

6925 logged here on the East Coast of New Zealand (South Island), very poor, 0548 through to closure (or abrupt fade-out) at 0618. Pop style music, as far as I could tell, with reception poor enough not to be able to hear any announcers if there were any.

Utility / Re: South and Central America MWARA Voice Comms
« on: July 07, 2017, 1057 UTC »
Thanks, Looking-Glass, much appreciated. Will go hunting! Jon.

Utility / South and Central America MWARA Voice Comms
« on: July 05, 2017, 1049 UTC »
Does anyone know which frequencies are in use for voice comms for South and Central America? I haven't comprehensively tried the standard listings, but haven't got any traffic on 10024 for a year or so, and haven't heard anything on 10096. From here in NZ I should be able to pick up something at least around 0400 - 0630 (dusk) if not into the night, as Santa Maria / Shanwick / Gander are all relatively easy to get. Jon.

Sound clips taken with cellphone recorder were very patchy due to stuffing cellphone mic end into headphones. However, all 3 receivers got Channel Z radio. Best point that I like, to date, about Lowe HF150:audio quality and speed of travelling around the dial; about the Elad Duo-R: the very large filter selection; about the Icom R75: don't have to hang on to it with one hand while driving it with the other - and a good range of easily navigable functions.

Conditions were soggy out on the coast tonight and loggings of interesting stations somewhat spartan. It was great to hear Channel Z for around 45 minutes; Verdad R; Shanwick and Gander (the latter two are usually reliably received). Once I have checked the sound clips I will do a final post with comment on Icom R75 versus Elad Duo-R versus Lowe HF-150.

On the road (and hence offline) to the secret location (Penguins included, but more likely to have seals to respectfully avoid).Am anticipating some activity on the airwaves... And, as a p.s., there is the Kiwi SDR network online at sdr.hu (try Firefox if Safari won't open the individual sites) - there is one available in the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand if one scrolls down the list of receivers. However, they have a capacity of 4 users at a time.

I bought a BHI Compact In-Line Noise Eliminating Module (a bit different to the speaker you're asking about  - this one goes between the rx and headphones) and used it extensively for 3 months with a Lowe HF-150 then stopped using it. It cuts down background noise considerably but I don't know that it got me any more dx loggings as a result. What put me off was that out of the 8 (approx) filter levels, the top 5 or so distorted the sound considerably. Sounds like waves gently sloshing around in a cavern. However, I plan to try it again at some stage - I think if I contented myself with using the bottom 3 levels there might be a benefit.

Forecast good for putting up the antenna; might need the guylines out though, looks like wind increasing into the evening and could be damp packing things away. The plan is to test Icom R75 versus Elad Duo-R. (Last time was Elad Duo-R versus Lowe HF-150 and overall there wasn't much difference, with both those receivers having their pros and cons.)

I suspect the penguins might land at dusk the same time as the good radio signals so I might miss them... the penguins, that is.

The "highly secret" seems to fit nicely with "HF Underground", and it might just be that some of the transmitters on the 6.85-7.0 MHz area might also have their own highly secret locations (even though they are filling gaps left by official broadcasters pulling the plug on their official transmissions...) However, I can confirm that the comment about penguins is not far from the mark.  Although I have not been accosted by any they aren't far away...

South Island East Coast - though there is an online Kiwisdr receiver on the East Coast of the North Island and some keen listeners up there too. However, I am having to postpone the planned DXpedition due to another appointment, and plan to reschedule to Saturday 1 July.

Planned for Saturday 24 June 0430utc - 0800utc at a highly secret location on New Zealand's East Coast. I plan to keep an ear on 6.850 - 7.000 MHz and any other frequencies folk would care to suggest. If the weather forecast looks atrocious on the 23rd I may need to post a postponement email (although it was somewhat rugged last time and only the bamboo props at each end of the dipole fell over...)  UPDATE: postponed to Sat 1 July (any further modifications will be posted...)

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