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I'm afraid the cheaper sdr dongles are going to turn off a lot of prospective enthusiasts due to setup and then performance issues. Good thing better rigs like the sdriq are getting cheaper and cheaper on the used market.

Thanks Josh!
 You are perfectly right, the cheap dongles are  under performance  and may kill enthusiasts  :'(

Equipment / Re: Bonito RadioJet 1102S and 1305P- lack of reviews
« on: June 09, 2016, 0040 UTC »
MDK 2 - tks.

However the quoted review made by Token is one of the very few reviews available for RJ 1102. That is old review for old model.
Now we have on the market the new model RJ 1305 which looks to be a true SDR. Unfortunately absolutely nothing about this model - neither good or bad.
If somebody can give any clues or any other details about 1305 please go ahead and post it  for us  :D

Equipment / Bonito RadioJet 1102S and 1305P- lack of reviews
« on: June 04, 2016, 1105 UTC »
Cannot see too many words about RJ 1102 and almost nothing about the bigger brother 1305.   :-X
Are they reliable products ? When looking on the bonito web these products are fantastic, the best of the best ! Is it so or not? That's the question ? . Opinions from who's tried and owned bonito's radios is very welcomed  :D

Although I said earlier that not radiojet I'm coming back and asking about Radiojet 1305? My actual budget allows me no more than 650 euros, so I'm thinking for newer RJ1305 vs the older Winradio 305e? I cannot see other better choices for that moneys! Your recommendations will give a great help - thanks.

I'd be interested in your findings moof, thinking about buying one myself.  Your preliminary review is making me rethink that.

A couple of people on #pirateradio IRC chat have them, you may be able to get some advice there, if you need it.

I'm thinking to try AirSpy 2 but without the optional upconverter.
Some opinions from other users are very helpfully - thanks

Thanks Token, thanks Chris.  My decision is clear now. Not RadioJet  :D

I'm new in this hobby and is hard for my to make a choice for my next SDR after using the rtl2832 and fcd sticks. I'm thinking that my next should by ELAD S1 or S2. Is there a difference in sensibility between these two ELAD releases? Meanwhile what's about RadioJet 1102 from Bonito?

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