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I've been listening to them on my KiwiSDR here in Southern Indiana.  I'm not hearing the jammer they mentioned at about 0011 UTC.  They are still on 6945 USB.

I'm not sure if this is the same station, but it is transmitting on 6850 AM.  ID is a woman's voice saying something unintelligible like "Look Radio" or something "International" or just plain ulup.

Also getting a very strong signal here in Indiana.  S9

Listening to the Sounds of Silence ending about 0213 UTC.  Seems to have gone off the air when the song ended.

About S7.

Now getting a good signal here in Southern Indiana at 0042.  Listened to the discussion of how little effect the bug zapper had on the Yellow Jackets earlier.  
Radio Free Whatever ID at 0044.
Singing girl you really got me now at 0045.

April 28th, 6880MHz   0122 UTC   Can't quite make out the song and the signal faded out.  Mainly electric guitar and the lyric "Whaaaaoooo!"

Shortwave Broadcast / Program on 5130 AM 2304 UTC
« on: March 18, 2017, 2310 UTC »
I'm not sure if this is a pirate or not, certainly  is odd.  Tuned into a song that seemed to consist of making a blubbing sound.  Then introduced a DJ that wanted to come out of the closet.

Just tuned in to hear him talking about shaving a stripe down his chest.

Finally got a chance to catch the ID as WHYP at 2224 UTC.  Signal here in Indiana was S9.  Listened to a long interview with Jay.

Also picked up Superfreak on 6940.  6PM local which was 2200 UTC unless Daylight Savings screwed up the time.

From what I've read nothing to get excited about.


There are reasons the conference got up and yelled at him.


Some quotes:

"Henrik Svensmark’s comments demonstrate that he simply misunderstands the definition of a
physical parameter (i.e. the DSMP dataset,see Ad page 3, paragraph 6, below), that plays a decisive
role in creating the misleading message in his world-famous figure from his 1998 article in Physical
Review Letters, namely, the incorrect claim, that there should be a strong agreement between the
variation of ‘total global cloud cover’ and ‘galactic cosmic ray intensity’. This misunderstanding is,
of course, a strange and troubling fact, which is quite extraordinary in the context of serious scientific

"Here HS tries to explain why his ‘mixed’ curves look like they do, and he tries to argue that the
variation of what he called ‘total cloud cover’ in 1998 actually - in some way- reflects ‘low cloud
cover’. He apparently assumes that this interpretation- by some strange reason- is valid both for
the Nimbus 7 and for the ISCCP datasets.
That may be true and may not be true. To me it is- for the time being and until some solid scientific
evidence emerges - a pure personal guess by HS. And there are many climatological arguments
that go against this guess (I do not find that this is the place to discuss these in detail). Therefore,
HS should tell the Public, that he now has changed his mind, and that he now believes that ‘low
cloud cover’ and not ‘total cloud cover’ is the essential physical parameter.
And he should tell the Public that his old 1998-figure is not supported by scientific
evidence - and has never been."

I recognize the name Henrik Svensmark for several reasons.  I remember a particularly scathing review of his early work by Peter Laut.  I also remember reading an article where an entire conference got fed up and yelled at Svensmark.


While I don't care for politics, I have had to deal with a lot of crazies and their fallout.  Sometimes that leads to unpleasant discoveries about what happens in the world, a look behind the curtain at something that once you see it you can't unsee it.  One of the things I've seen is the amazing control that crazy people have over otherwise sane individuals.  Many of the symptoms of certain types of mental illness or brain damage are very similar or identical to highly successful techniques of persuasion.  A crazy person can sound very sure of themselves while spouting word salad, but what somebody unfamiliar with what the crazy is talking about hears is someone talking confidently about a very complex subject.  For example:  Someone who believes that a cubical quad antenna can only be the work of extra-terrestrials who use it and other antennas to beam energy into the world energy grid to keep the UFOs up in the air.  Furthermore, he believes the world energy grid is laid out using the fundamental constant of the universe which is the nautical mile.  This person may actually talk a reporter into accompanying him when he stalks and photographs a cubical quad antenna and later imagines all sorts of failed attempts to steal the photos.  By the time this is filtered through the media this person will have a book deal and be on TV talking knowingly about the world energy grid.


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