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ID and Translation Requests / UNID 10855 kHz 8 April 2018 0024 UTC
« on: August 02, 2020, 0447 UTC »
I heard these voices two years ago while spinning the dial in North Carolina at 20:24 local time. They sound like a southern Chinese dialect. I asked a Chinese friend to listen and see if they could pick out any ship related words. It seems the conversation could be ship related but unsure.


So I tuned into one of the two frequencies (4000 and 9500 kHz) that Chris said HAARP would be transmitting on at 0200 UTC to 0300 UTC. It didn't stop right at 0300 UTC so I'm beginning to doubt that I was hearing it. Any thoughts?

Heard two men who sounded Japanese speaking with each other for almost an hour on 10.885 MHz. Does not sound like SW, but likely unlicensed operators. Received from the East Coast of the United States. I checked up/down .485 MHz and did not hear them, so it was not an image. Also, I heard some weak chatter on 10885.40 kHz. Also, I would've posted this in an Asian Pirates forum but I did not see one.

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