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Equipment / Re: Whats wrong with my antenna?
« on: March 20, 2019, 1940 UTC »
At the moment I use a dipole antenna called Gipsy made by windcamp. Itís about 3 meters up and length is 3.1 meters. Covering the 24MHz band as itís strongest spot. I use this antenna for my ussr P-250M (currently listening to the Russian Buzzer (UVB-76) coming in very clear with little background noise. Due to limit of space I cannot stretch it out further. Iím still thinking about buying the PA0RDT mini whip later this year to see what that brings to the table. The only side effect is that I havenít grounded the antenna outdoors. And the street lights give a bunch of noise when they turn on as it gets darker. Maybe thereís a way to limit the rf noise from surrounding objects. The first thing Iíll do is grounding the dipole this summer.

Anyway nice information about your experience and additional information about the CB antenna on 10m height. I think almost any kind of wire is suitable to use as an (temporary) antenna under the right circumstances. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to designing.

Thanks for the nice response. Itís a pleasure to learn about new things to improve the art of building a project to the very finish. :)

Kind regards,

Equipment / Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: March 20, 2019, 1847 UTC »

I am planning on building a base station at home for basic TX experiments. Starting with CB.

I currently have a CB antenna hooked up to a magnet mount attached to a aluminum plate from a disassembled pc case. With an additional wire of copper going from the antenna to one of the water pipes that are used for the heating temperature in the room.

I need to build a tower still. Which I am planning to do when the weather gets more pleasant later this season.

I watched a lot on the web about things to look out for. Like using a SWR meter. And some other technical details.

It all sounds really complicated to me. RX doesnít really have much technical details to work. But for TX I read several topics talking about risk of the radio burning from the inside when the SWR doesnít match or something.

If anyone has a easy list of tips and/or suggestions I would love to hear them. After I heard about the things that could happen when the antenna isnít attached the right way (the radio might blow up inside, etc) I just unplugged the whole rig and itís sitting in the corner collecting dust.. I really want to be able to experience the real TX without worrying about my radio losing a capacitor or smelling smoke after pushing the TX for a while.

Anything is helpful and appreciated!

Kind regards,

Equipment / Re: Whats wrong with my antenna?
« on: March 20, 2019, 1827 UTC »
Just tested a hour ago all connections. First the meter did show a few indications of short circuitry. But after I blew some air through each end of the lines it surprisingly went away. Maybe the screw wasnít exactly on its location or maybe a little thin piece of leftover copper was hiding between the center and the braid. Well the first antenna line is fixed. The next one will be the line of my SDR.

I contacted a local guy I knew who has been working in the past with coaxial antennas and he said to me that if there was such a short circuit in the cable; then the radio wasnít able to pick up any signal from it. Even with only the center conductor it wasnít possible he said. This leads to a few more questions I want to get a clear answer for. I knew from the early months of my first antenna design that I was thinking that coax alone acts as an antenna (which is totally wrong as Iíve learned later on my journey) but I was able to pick up some stuff by coax only. Maybe the little end of the cable was just enough to pick radio China and Romania to lead me to think that coax was just all I needed back then. Funny noob storyís that lead to the more technical side as experimenting leads to solutions in funny ways. I love the hobby more and more every day :)

Equipment / Re: Antenna Identification needed
« on: March 20, 2019, 1816 UTC »
That describes exactly the design I have. Thanks for the clear images. Itís the same design as I have. The only thing is thereís no such plug on the end. Only a stripped wire is hooked up on the device like around a portable sw radios whip antenna. Thatís what I mainly use it for. Outside DX purposes are nice with this antenna. Easy to carry and pull out. The description on the second image was all I needed to know. As I wasnít able to find out how to put this thing in the right directions. Thanks for the information given. Highly appreciated :)

Happy SWLing. Kind regards,

Equipment / Re: Whats wrong with my antenna?
« on: March 15, 2019, 2322 UTC »
Hello, thanks for the quick response. Iíve just tested the plug of the feed line (which didnít show any short circuit on the meter) secondly I tested the plug on my SDR (and there it is, a peak showed up on the meter so it has electrical current flowing from the center conductor to the shielding) the kind of plug Iím using is I think type ní not sure what itís called. Itís almost on all RTL-SDR dongles to be found. (Little nickel gold coated screw). I use a second plug to convert it to the bigger type used on a lot of CB-Radios (58rg coaxial cable) as itís more stable and offers me the ability to hook the antenna up to multiple radios (as almost all my radios have the bigger type of plug on their back). So I am wondering if thereís a way to fix this. Thereís nothing to see on the outside of the device. Always handled with care. The same problem is taking place with an older radio I have. If anyone has any tips or ideas to fix this issue I would love to hear it back. Thereís nothing to see on the plugs of both radios in case of damage etc. so I think itís maybe inside the cable itself that leads to the plug on the radio? Looks complicated to me screwing and disassembling the whole device for finding a solution thatís almost unseeable with my eyes. Will cleaning help with compressed air do the job maybe?

All tips and help is very appreciated! Iím just new into radio and I still have a lot to learn. Getting my hands on them is easy, but maintaining them is a whole new world yet to be explored as I have never build or repaired anything inside my radios. They always worked without trouble. A broken tube will be the first thing I might face in the future when Iíve finally set up the perfect antenna outdoors to listen all night long.

Kind regards

Equipment / Re: Whats wrong with my antenna?
« on: March 14, 2019, 1920 UTC »

Link in order with images

Equipment / Whats wrong with my antenna?
« on: March 14, 2019, 1912 UTC »
Hi fellow SWL and alike!

I have a quick question about a problem with connecting (any) kind of antenna to my radio. I used an RTL-SDR to give some technical view as images are the easiest way for me to show what I am struggling with at the moment.

Itís about the coaxial feed line plugs.

When I turn on my radio without antenna shows the first picture. Then the details of the cable and device. And the results of plugging the coax only into the antenna plug with its main center line (the core) and what happens when I attach the coax the way it must be. Results is no signal. Tested with several brand new cables without any results. So I am stuck at the moment and the only way to listen to shortwave is by only attaching the core of the coax cable without the screwing mechanism to hold the cable strong in its place. Resulting the cable to fall out of my radios antenna input every now and then. I need a fix for this. Itís strange. Please help me out. I would really appreciate it!

Equipment / Re: Antenna Identification needed
« on: February 15, 2019, 2311 UTC »
Not yet, all I know is that it's long enough to grab on the other side of a 3 stories high building thrown over the roof top. To me it looks like it's designed to throw up in the field like in a evergreen for example to hide it. Since it's color is green and brownish. Easy to carry on-the-go and roll out for portable operations. I'll need a meter to measure the length of it, I don't have anything here at the moment to measure it's total length.. It's likely around 35 - 40ish as the house I threw it over was about 18 meters high. The unusual part to me is the 3 elements on the end of the antenna. I still don't know to this day how to mount them.. Upside or pointed down to the ground, or like the usual horizontal radials in most outdoor antenna systems I see around.. The longer I roll the wire, the better the signal. So it's not really acting like a AM antenna loop. It needs to be stretched out to be effective.

Equipment / Re: Antenna Identification needed
« on: February 15, 2019, 1851 UTC »

I have added a few more with the antenna unplugged from my receiver.

Kind regards,

Equipment / Antenna Identification needed
« on: February 15, 2019, 1755 UTC »
Hi all,

I have a portable antenna (from military source) and I wonder what kind of antenna it is, and if possible some instructions as to how to mount / use it for SWL purposes.
See pictures for info.


Kind regards,

General Radio Discussion / Re: New to CB radio, Need help.
« on: January 24, 2019, 1023 UTC »
Thanks for the tips and info! I have just enough room for a dipole covering 24MHz at max. Which I currently use for SWL'ing. Mounted outdoors, about 3 meters in height and 3.1 meters in total length. I can mount a whip for CB on the tower in the center of my backyard and ground it with a copper pipe in the soil. That's all I currently have as building base.

Kind regards,

General Radio Discussion / New to CB radio, Need help.
« on: January 23, 2019, 1726 UTC »
Hello all,

I just got my hands on a new CB radio from a local store. I never had a CB radio in my life so I have a few questions in my mind.

1) I use a PSU from a PC for the 12V to power it on. Is this a safe solution?

2) I have no antenna that I can screw up on the back of the transceiver, Currently I have a long wire in the middle of the coaxial plug. It works, but again is it safe? (I heard stories about antenna's and when not using the right antenna it can blow up the radio's back end.)

3) Since there are no grounding screws on it, Does a grounded wall socket do the job for the radio?

I hope I can get it going without worrying each time I push the PTT button. It's a Midland ALAN 121.

Thanks for any response.

Kind regards,

General Radio Discussion / Re: A couple of newbie questions
« on: January 23, 2019, 1717 UTC »
Hi and welcome to HFU :)

I learn most things by practice (most stuff I learned regarding things like the purpose of USB, LSB, CW, SSB, AM, FM, etc... are from using an RTL-SDR dongle with a software on a PC to see what the functions are doing in the spectrum dispay) .

For DXing I recommend https://www.dxing.com/ To start off.

Regarding pirates, I receive them a lot here locally on the AM and FM band. They are usually broadcasting once a week on a schedule.

Good luck and enjoy your hobby!

Kind regards,

Hello all, I just came across a Telegraph Message Coder. As I collect vintage stuff as a hobby, I would love to find more about this device and how to give it a new life.. I was looking this evening on the web but couldn't find anything clear about it. No images of it on the web. No manual regarding it's unique kind.

Maybe someone here is able to help me out? I'll post some pictures of it below.


Kind regards,

Equipment / Re: Identifying Vintage Radio
« on: January 15, 2019, 1652 UTC »
Is there a way to turn a Raspberry PI 3 into a signal generator for AM like shown in the video above? I have an oscilloscope handy but fine-tuning is kinda hard when everything has turned off-band. Any tips or suggestions? I would appreciate it very much :)

Kind regards,

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