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Part 2: https://imgur.com/a/ldwA0jG

Part 3 (the last part of the album):

First quick shot of an old album I got from someone second hand. Looks pretty. Lots from local old radio groups and alike. Enjoy.

For me, it all started After my granny gave me an old handheld world receiver with shortwave on it. I had no clue as to what it was, and listened to it for hours a day, started when I was 9 years old. Then later when I was at a local flea market, I stumbled across an old pile of books that were mostly covered in dust and almost unable to read due to moisture damage. One of those books I was looking at, had weird text on the cover. Leading to the reason of picking up that single book to inspect out of curiosity. I opened the book and some kind of what I think it was a reading card to mark the last page of the book the previous owner was reading to, fell out of it. As soon as I picked it up off the ground, and the guys who were selling the books were not noticing, I simply took just that little piece of paper and put it in my pocket before I put the book back on the pile it was laying. Later that day when I went back home, I decided to take a look at the weird language that was not only on the book but also on that little piece of paper that fell out of it. (I didnít know it was Russian language, especially not when I was just a little kid.) I typed in some words on the web and I found out it was linked to a radio broadcast located in Russia. And that it was transmitting 24/7 on the shortwave band. And thatís how my journey began.

Now at the age of 23, Iíve been following this station for about 10 years. And my interest has grown up to the point of collecting Russian radios dating back to world war 2 and the USSR.

The inspiration to all this work on collecting nice pieces of old shortwave related stuff all linked back to that single day at the flea market.

But even before that I was already interested in the shortwave band. As I heard low quality amateurs voices through that simple world receiver. I became hooked to it. I had no idea what I was listening to. As a kid, I was always wondering what it could be, and my mind was like ď is this the police? Are those people military agents? Is this the phone in the living room Iím listening to? And the list of thoughts goes on and on.Ē

I remember me always sitting alone in the dark attic while my other sons were playing video games or watching tv. All I needed at that time was my little world receiver that has been a real gift to me especially as I was still a child who always was busy with discovering things. And like now, 10 years later, I never changed my habits. I canít sit still doing some pointless stuff like watching propaganda tv or news that was always about negative things. Iím still the same as I was back then. When I just listen to shortwave, it makes me feel young again. A lot of memories pop up every time at night when the tubes are glowing and keeping me warm at night.

When I was at the age of 6 or so, I always started building things from simple disassembled components. I had a simple science kit based on electricity that I played with a lot. And I also used radio transmissions to drive a wireless car on the local road. So I can understand now when I look over my past life, I have been dealing a lot into radio even without really thinking about it. Like driving a radio controlled car. I enjoyed that for many many years. And often modifying electronic stuff also bought me to the collection part I am into since a few years. Repairing computers was the first successful project I have been diving into. And now to this day, I want to do more than just building and repairing computers only. So radio comes into my next hobby to have fun with.

I feel really really uneducated when it comes to radios, as it is completely new and different than what I already did with pcís. So I am just entering a whole new field of opportunities and fun to spend years of time into. Especially now as all the pcís I once bought from the dumb are recovered and working fine. I need something new to work on and learn from.

I hope that I will be able to repair all kinds of old radios especially in the future. Just like I did with those old vintage pcís. But itís still a lot of hocus spocus to me. New stuff like the life of tubes, SWR meters, and antenna designs are really confusing at the moment as I never heard about those topics. But I have enough spare time so I will be diving into those things little by little.

Overall, me as a 23 year old guy, am extremely interested and hooked to shortwave and all about radios. Especially the older ones. My experience with new stuf is that it is easy to fail over time. So now I need to see if that applies to old tube radios (which I doubt, due to their long history and the fact that they still work like new).

So thatís my short overview of how I got into radio at the very early age of 10.

If you made it to this end, I hope you enjoyed my little writing about my early experiences and how it evolved into what I am now. :)

Kind regards,

@ str - I only get signal through it when I only connect the center conductor without connecting the shielding. If I connect the shielding by screwing the coaxial cable to the plug of my SDR, all signals are completely gone and the waterfall is empty. So I assume that the SDR is just in a bad condition.

@ Josh - I am thinking about buying a better SDR anyway, so I appreciate the tip. As Iíve seen many different kinds of SDRís on the web, I am at the moment just wondering which one is the best one to get. I first was thinking about buying the Kiwi-SDR, but the SDRPlay also looks promising to me. So I need to make sure that I donít waste my money on buying a SDR that doesnít seem to fit my needs. I just want to listen to shortwave mostly. Besides that a little on the fm side (77 - 108 MHz).

The SDRís I am looking at are the following:

Win radio pci card
RTL-SDR v2 or v3

Just wondering which one is the most fair one to get. I just need good performance just like my analog radio does.

Kind regards,

SDR - Software Defined Radio / RTL-SDR maintenance help needed
« on: April 28, 2019, 0902 UTC »
Hey there, I have a RTL SDR dongle that needs some maintenance. I measured the two coaxial plugs on the dongle which both seem to have short circuit in them. I tried to disassemble the dongle but I canít even slide the side panels off after removing the screws. So Iím wondering if itís worth the time to try and get it disassembled and get new coaxial connectors. Or just buying a better one? Itís not a high end dongle so I just need some advice on what to do with it. I bought it for quite a bit (Ä58,-)

Any tips and info is appreciated.

Kind regards,

Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: April 28, 2019, 0841 UTC »
Yes they surely sound better than my SDR, high end Roland music gear, and Some expensive transistor radioís i bought when I was still a kid. The R-250M is the most clear in sound even with the BFO wheel I can listen to my favorite nostalgia on 4625KHz at night without interference issues. I have only one little thing that I still need to figure out how to operate it. While listening to the 80 meter band especially. The BFO has a high pitch noise that I canít get rid of. While turning the wheel to either the left or right end, thereís a second noise always to be heard right through the amateurs speaking.. which makes it almost impossible for me to listen clearly to them. I think it links to a lot of RF-interference as I always see on my SDR radio spectrum in the 80 meter band. So maybe the focused lines on the spectrum, spreaded on the waterfall like a fence, is the cause for the second tone on the BFO mode. On 4625KHz there arenít that many of those lines to be seen so it makes sense that that might be the issue.

By the way, the next thing I would love to add to my shack is a surplus LW/AM radio only. As the R-250M doesnít cover those bands. I just bought a active mini whip yesterday and itís mounted outside in my garden to the main tower (3 meter pole) which greatly improved my reception on the R-250M. Almost no fading of signals is a nice thing I discovered right after turning it on. The height isnít that good but Iím planning to get this little thing up a few meters more. Amazing how such a little antenna can provide me excellent reception that I usually needed a 50 meter long wire for to receive similar results. :)

Yesterday I was listening to some kind of radio orchestra trough the R-250M in AM mode. (I think it came from radio Romania international) the sound was very beautiful and pleasant to listen to. No noise or interference. Just crystal clear like back in the early days :)

Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: April 15, 2019, 1657 UTC »
@ Josh - Radios that cause body harm? As in high voltage risk or something else? You make me curious!

Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: April 15, 2019, 1424 UTC »
Yeah I bought those sovjet radios because they link to my first shortwave listening experience since my childhood. Right after that night I became addicted to radio hobby and alike. My interest in radio all started when I discovered a mysterious station on the shortwave band. The Buzzer (UVB-76) which I wasnít able to get out of my head after the very first day. Following it for 10 years since the first time Iíve heard it on my little handheld world radio I got as a child back in 2009 :)

On my midland Iíve discovered a lot already in 2 locations. One here at my main house and one in a big apartment with a balcony and a large roof where I mounted a long wire all the way from the window to the end of the roof (about 50 meters long) and discovered 7 CBíers in 3 hours evening time. (From 7pm to 9pm) 

Here at my shack I discovered 4 CBíers so far. With a Gipsy dipole attached to the Midland Alan gave me great success. Even on my SDR I can catch CBíers with a long wire antenna :) so I expect to see a lot more in the summer season when the band is more clear. All I need to get is an SWR meter to test the current installed setup. If it all fits within the limits I am ready to DX when the summer arrives :)

The next thing I want to do is getting a active antenna for my SDR (probably gonna be the PA0RDT miniwhip antenna) and building a stable tower to mount it on. My current tower is only 3 meters in length. My goal is to get it up a little higher to about 5 meters so it sticks above the walls around my little garden. Allowing more free space to radiate. I bought 10 meters of RG58 Coax cable to mount on the new antenna I want to buy soon.

Out of all my radios I have the best one to me seems the R-250M which has a very good noise filter to get almost any signal in clearly without disturbances. Using the TLG function with the tone adjustment wheel. The radio has only one downside which is, after listening to something for a while the tone isnít always on the position where I set it to. Maybe itís something that I need to fix inside the radio. It gets a little off frequency after an hour or so without turning the dial. I got the manual for it but due to my lack of knowledge I wonít open the radio yet. I think I easy mess things up inside the circuit so I am first going to read the manual (itís German, a language I also need to learn) and search info about every single part I canít figure out what it means. The last thing I learned about circuitry was how to read color codes on different components. That kinda describes how much knowledge I currently have. Almost nothing  :-[

Equipment / Re: Need help with dynamotor
« on: April 15, 2019, 1355 UTC »
Its a old BC-348 receiver from Russia. Iíve unplugged the whole thing and itís now in the corner of my shack till I find out when to repeat it. I probably bring it back to the guy I bought it from as he makes and collects old surplus radios since the end of the war. So I hand it over to him as he has all the knowledge of it. Once Iíve seen how he dismantled the radio then I can save it in my memory and do it by myself next time. The dynamotor needs to be cleaned with fresh grease after about 1000 hours of use. This thing has been silent for ages. Anyway itís a nice lesson for me to learn about old radios. I hope I can do the work all on my own in the future when I am full of knowledge about circuitry and beyond. But for now I just need some practical viewing to see how itís done. :)

Equipment / Re: Need help with dynamotor
« on: April 05, 2019, 2300 UTC »
The images donít really show any kind of usefulness. The thing is when I my the radio on itís left the motor starts running again. Then slowly turning it back to its main position the motor starts to stop slowly. Now itís running with a lot of spark noise in the rf spectrum. Kinda like the same sound of putting 2 wires to each other ( - and + ) to create sparks which sound the same as the entire motor sounds at the moment for nearly two hours of operation. Maybe this old radio has seen its last days. Probably ending in the trash.

Equipment / Need help with dynamotor
« on: April 05, 2019, 2104 UTC »
Hello, I have a dynamotor thats isnít running smooth like it used to be. I donít know how to remove it from the cabinet. Iíve tried every screw on the outside of the panel but something is keeping it unable to pull out of the radio. If someone knows how to remove it or tips for repairing it let me know.

Hereís an overview below:


Kind regards, Telegrapher

Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: March 31, 2019, 1708 UTC »
Hereís the link to my equipment:


Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: March 31, 2019, 1703 UTC »
Yes I really want to get into TX this summer as soon as possible. I currently have a CB radio from Midland I got in a local store (it wast the last CB transceiver they had in stock so I kinda feel lucky about that) Iíll send a Imgur link with images of my stuff after this message.

Further I am also experimenting with a raspberry Pi 3 on FM TX which is also very fun to do. Here where I live I know a few other pirates that do the same thing. But they use like 25 - 30 watt transmitters in their backyard. I hope to get my hands on something like they have too. As I spoke a local pirate and asked about the troubles that might be possible to face. He told me that he is doing this hobby for over 6 years and had a few visits from the local police. But they didnít take him down as he was and still is transmitting on a empty frequency which is not causing disturbing results. So here in the Netherlands itís accepted as long as thereís no interference. I always dreamed about having my own radio station and teaming up with others. Thatís kinda the direction I want to grow to beside having a license for ham radio. I still need to get into my radio exam later. First I want to get some practical experience and a little fm transmitter with 5 watts is good for the long run. And the CB for contacting like a ham does.

My antenna is indeed a vertical (can handle more than 100 watts ) currently mounted on a metal fence. Itís not placed in a ideal location but at least itís now outdoors instead of sitting indoors on a empty computer case ;)

I canít get my hands on a SWR meter yet as I asked a few local stores if they had one. None of them had any kind of radio equipment. I wish the days were still there when stores like RadioShack and alike did exist in town. Now everything needs to be bought from the web these days which I donít really like.

Hereís a list of pictures of my most frequently used radios. Including the CB from Midland and a few USSR radios / others.

Thanks for the responses once again.

Kind regards,

Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: March 27, 2019, 0925 UTC »
Yes I live in the Netherlands (Noord Brabant) Europe.

On channel 7 indeed I heard local traffic from farmers who just were talking about equipment and other things usually amateurs and hobbyists talk about. I heard stuff like TX amplifiers and boosting signal over 200 watts so I assume they are talking with each other from their base station. They are always heard on the same channel so itís a local talk group I think. On channel 10 I heard also once talk about dx CBíers and they did send results to each other about the AM and FM results. So I guess thereís a little amateur activity on CB here. Thatís why I kinda want to give it my first shot for TX experience. Planning to do dx with my base station when everything is in place. On the listening side, Iím still working on the antenna. Beside my dipole I want a full band antenna like PA0RDTís mini-whip or something better. And maybe the best SDR dongle on the market. I currently have an RTL-SDR dongle with two antenna outputs and a black cover. Itís not found on their web shop so I think itís either an old dongle or maybe from a different manufacturer. But it works fine to me. I catch a lot of amateurs already and also few number stations Iíve seen on it last year. The English one starting with ď000Ē is the most common received here with my little setup.

Besides my digital equipment I wanna do the real work on my analog radios to get the real feeling like almost every SWL has been through in the past with their nice tube radios.

My radios on the analog side are the USSR-types. (P-250M sometimes called R-250M, and the BC-224)

Equipment / Re: Questions CB and TX base station project
« on: March 25, 2019, 1730 UTC »
Yeah I noticed a few truckers from like Poland that drive all the way down to deliver goods. I discovered a local community here as I hear every evening especially when sunset a lot of talk on band 7. Right now I heard a few conversations. Little noisy but some are close range and came in clearly.

I still havenít got my hands on a SWR meter so I donít TX that much at the moment. Only a few test calls a week to see if someone responds back.

Itís kinda fun to have my first TX device now and I think I can learn a lot from it and take that experience with me to the radio exam for HAM radio. Funny the people locally heard me when I was using my little dipole in the garden as TX antenna once. Operating at the standard 4Watt output. Iím also thinking about buying a amplifier to boost the power up to 250 watt later.

Nice stories tho. I appreciate all the tips and info I have already got from this forum :)

This sounds to me like they now allow anyone to broadcast on the shortwave spectrum (music, spying, bootlegging, smuggling and a lot more)

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