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22 Meter Band Beacons / Re: 22m Beacons 04 May 2020
« on: May 06, 2020, 1451 UTC »
Glad to hear someone heard MN. It has been a little while. The current orientation of the antenna favors the Carolinas and Georgia. That seems to be where most reports come from.

I do wonder how effective it real is though. If you watch the video I posted I commended on how the signal was right on top of the link 11 signal. There didn't appear to be any attempt to switch the link 11 to another frequency due to interference. So while it has been appearing on those frequencies I haven't seen any effort to avoid the jamming which may indicate it is not effective. Then again...do you purposefully not move when someone is trying to jam to to make it look like it has no effect and thus you make them give up trying because they see you didn't flinch? Who knows. Not us.

Lol, I also put up a new video on this one last night. Gave you credit for finding it of course and put a link to your initial video in the description.


I'm case anyone is curious I found out the reason for the multiple layers of fencing around the buildings in the photo I posted. The site is part of the Korofskiy Nuclear Storage Facility aka Khabarovsk-47. Not a place you want people casually walking into. These buildings were far away from the main buildings and likely contain some pretty nasty materials. Unrelated to the signal being discussed but interesting.

I ran TDoA on the signal last night and agree that it is coming from the Khabarovsk area. The Russian Navy transmitter site RAB99 is within the heat map of the signal and seems the most likely transmitter site to me.

Since my best heat map showed more of a bullseye on the Bolshekhekhtsirsky Reserve though just to the East though I decided to check it out on Google maps just to see if there was an obvious transmitter site I was missing.

There is a standard microwave radio tower in the middle of the park (likely on a high spot) and something else caught my eye (unrelated to the signal). There are two sites with similar buildings and fencing. They seem excessively heavily guarded. Each site has a series of four closely spaces gated fences and then a fifth perimeter fence around that. This seems excessive for a simple mining operation. My first assumption was an ICBM site but it does not appear to be listed as one online in this area. I wondered if they could just be underground mine entrances but then I would expect large tailings piles.  Any thoughts?

I'm starting to suspect they have a tap on my computer and purposefully don't transmit on days that I am available to listen. I should be sure to post my listening plans here to save you all the trouble of knowing which days to not bother trying.  :)

Okay I take it back. I am listening and signal is on now.

Shoot. I must have missed it. I checked into the Khabarovsk SDR, probably around 3:10 UTC and it wasn't there. Must have come on just after I logged off.

I tuned into the Khabarovsk SDR last night as I had to be up late doing some work. I checked in numerous times over the course of several hours starting around 0220 UTC but there did not appear to be any sign of the signal.

Thanks for your thoughts and for finding this signal.

So looking at all the posts it looks like you heard it Monday-Thursday April 6-8
(was it on Friday too and you weren't looking for it or was it actually absent?)
Time appeared to be approx. 0220-0600 each day.

I will be watching/listening tonight!

That's some great information Token and good deductive reasoning. The big questions that remain in my mind are of course, why these odd transmissions and why this particular mode?

Are there any advantages to a DSB signal other than not taking as much power as AM?

I didn't have much exposure to SW when I was a kid. My dad was on AM radio though so I would listen to him. I also had the Radio Shack Sky Talker walkie talkies which I thought was pretty cool. I also remember driving around with my dad as he tried to DX our local AM radio station (the same one he was on) from thousands of mile away after dark while we were on vacation. It was a clear channel station and he was trying to pick up the local football game from back home. We were able to make it work.

I didn't really get into the hobby until I stumbled upon online SDRs. From there I wanted to know what I could hear from my QTH. My first radio was a Realistic DX-305 and then a Kenwood R-1000.

Neither get any use today as I got my ticket and now just listen on my TS-570D transceiver.

22 Meter Band Beacons / Re: JUN smashes the 2000 miles distance !!
« on: April 11, 2020, 0039 UTC »
Congratulations, that's a good distance.

Long Dasher now active on 6484, 8999, 11980, 12499, 16199
15:59:46 UTC
Saturday, April 4, 2020

It is just a two second carrier and then 27 seconds of silence. The TDoA sample is 30 seconds long. So basically you will only have two seconds of data to work with each time you try. I don't think you you'd get any meaningful results.

11950 is the frequency I find the most puzzling. Why right in the middle of the 25m broadcast band like that? It would seem that dropping down to 11550 or so would be a far better area and avoid QRM to an experiment if that is what it is.

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