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Spy Numbers / HM 01 - 2021 March 10 - 11,635kHz - 1802 UTC
« on: March 11, 2021, 2230 UTC »
I'm not super active in shortwave listening. I like to play around from time to time, and love it when I come across gems like this. I used Priyom to identify the station.  SINPO was 45334, if that's even something people use anymore. I'm still, after about 20 years of playing with shortwave, unsure how to make that objective.

10 March 2021, 1802 - "I got bored" UTC, 11,635kHz. Numbers in Spanish, female voice, with digital signals in between (as explained on Priyom). Number blocks were as follows: 75723 42345 38221 75481 05163 22342. I may have not copied these entirely correctly as I have to translate Spanish numbers in my head.

I'm not sure if anyone is attempting to do anything with the numbers here. I just thought I would share.

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