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1212 UTC Disco Dream The Mean Machine
1216 UTC We Want To Rock Crash Crew
1219 UTC Let's dance West Street Mob
1221 UTC Apache The Sugarhill Gang
1228 UTC Super Rappin Grandmaster Flash

S8+ Here in Ma. on RSPdx Direct

2230 UTC The PayBack Part 1 James Brown
2238 UTC Funk President ( People It's Bad ) James Brown
2242 UTC Escape-Ism ( Part 1 & 2 ) James Brown
2246 UTC Funky Drummer ( Part 1 & 2 ) James Brown
2252 UTC Make It Funky ( Part 1 ) James Brown
2256 UTC I Got You ( I Feel Good ) James Brown

Some One Loves The Godfather of Soul

S6 Plus Lots Of Static Crashes Here In MA. on RSPdx Direct

2315 UTC Light My Fire
2322 UTC Mustang Sally
2325 UTC Green Eyed Lady

S6 plus lots of noise in MA. On RSPdx Direct

2302 UTC MatchBox Beatles
2303 UTC This Is Oldies Night
2303 UTC Any Time At All Beatles
2313 UTC Mother Natures Son

S9+ Here in MA. On RSPdx Direct

1335 UTC Radio Forty Eight repeated many times.
1336 UTC Send Reception Reports to Rado Forty Eight
1338 UTC Lots of Music donít recognize
S9  Plus in MA.

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