We seek to understand and document all radio transmissions, legal and otherwise, as part of the radio listening hobby. We do not encourage any radio operations contrary to regulations. Always consult with the appropriate authorities if you have questions concerning what is permissable in your locale.

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SINPO 45444 In Utah
00:25 "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock
00:27 "I like to move it" by Reel 2 Real
00:30 ID, "Mama" by Burito
00:36 "В твоей голове" by Дима Билан
00:42 ID, "The tragic truth" by Five Finger Death Punch

6305 am , Nov 10 12:45 UTC SINPO 35343 in Weston
12:46 "Lady Marmalade" by All Saints
12:53 ID,
12:57 "Time to say goodbye" by Sarah Brightman
13:01 "Die Maschen der Mädchen" by Chris Roberts
13:03 ID, "We gotta get out of the place" by The Animals
13:08 "Walking on the broken glass" by Annie Lennox
13:12 "Boom shak-a-lak" by Apache Indian
13:16 ID, "Back home" by Golden Earring

SINPO 45444 on Bavarian Forest, Germany SDR
19:29 "Mexican radio" by Wall of Voodoo
19:32 "Sign your  name" by Terence Trent D'Arby

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