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Shortwave Broadcast / CRI Stepping on RRI 0100 UTC 28 Dec
« on: December 28, 2021, 0106 UTC »
CRI in English obliterating Radio Romania Intl. at 0100 UTC on 5.990 MHz. CRI Englishbto Central America origibally scheduled for an hour earlier. Hope this isnt permanent, as 5.990 is the best RRI freq at this hour to eastern NA.

Shortwave Broadcast / HCJB 6050 kHZ 0130 UTC 27 Dec
« on: December 27, 2021, 0152 UTC »
HCJB in presumed Quechua 0115-0145  UTC 27 Dec. Andean music, children singing, Christmas carol. OM talking. SINPO 35232 Signal improving in noisy conditions, moderate fading. Nice to hear the Andean flute music again as HCJB was a staple in my SWLing youth.

Shortwave Broadcast / BBC Armenia 5875 MHz
« on: December 23, 2021, 0110 UTC »
BBC WS in English 5.875 MHz from Armenia 0000-0100 23 Dec UTC.  The Documentary on CARE relief organization. SIO 322. Heavy fading, static bit listenable with AM synch. 5980 out of Oman barely discernable. not listenable.

Shortwave Broadcast / WBCQ Web Stream
« on: November 15, 2015, 2226 UTC »
 >:( Sun., 15 Nov stream on ID loop at 2200 UTC. Have to try to pick up Marion's Attic now on static prone 7490.

Shortwave Broadcast / SWL Logs
« on: March 03, 2013, 2223 UTC »
Some logs from Friday night (local):

2 March 2013 (UTC)

*0314 UTC           Radio Djibouti    4.780 MHz           OM conversational talk and news in presumed Afar, stringed Horn of Africa music    SINPO 45333      Good-fair reception with some strong peaks and occasional bubble QRM

*0330 UTC           Voice of the Tigray Revolution (Ethiopia)               5.950 MHz           Rapid OM talk, Arabic-sounding music with drums, percussion instruments, talk interspersed with short musical clips             In presumed Tigriyna     SINPO 33322                Good signal with moderate fading, some QRM at 0344

*0345 UTC           Radio Hargeisa, Somaliland          7.120 MHz           OM talk, presumably conversational and news, Horn of Africa music        SINPO 22232      Fair-poor signal with consistent ham QRM, not really armchair copy

Note: * denotes broadcast logged in progress

Front Royal, VA

Grundig Satellit 800, Hallicrafters S-38, Eton S350 DL, Sangean ATS 818-CS, Sony ICF-7601, Grundig Yachtboy 400

120' Randomwire antenna

Shortwave Broadcast / SWL Logs
« on: February 11, 2013, 0023 UTC »
SWL Logs for the week of 4 Feb 2013 (* denotes tuned in broadcast in progress)

7 Feb

*0100 – 0200-?  11.780 MHz         Brazil     Radio Nacional da Amazonia       Portuguese        OM, YL taking turns with conversation and what sounds like news, pop/Brazilian music                    SINPO 55444 Really strong, booming signal – best Brazilian recently – armchair copy!

*0100-?                11.765 MHz         Brazil     Super Radio Deus e Amor            Portuguese        OM talking, sounds like preaching                SINPO 34333      Listenable, moderate signal with some fading.  Fairly consistent signal strength.

9 Feb

*2350-0000         6.925 MHz USB                  Pirate – Channel Z           English  Typical rock music (Rush, etc.), strange rants                SINPO 45333  Decent, steady signal

0000-?                   6.930 MHz AM                   Pirate – Lady GaGa Radio             English                  Music, rants       SINPO 44444 Strong signal

10 Feb

*0250-?                4.885 MHz           Brazil     Radio Clube do Para        Portuguese        Latin/Brazilian music, pop music remixes (Madonna), echoey station IDs SINPO 45233 Pretty good signal, very listenable but suffered from “swiper” QRM (maybe QRM internal to home, not sure)

*0319-?                9.665 MHz           Brazil     Radio Voz Missionaria    Portuguese        Excited OM talk, preaching perhaps, religious/gospel music, Latin-like vocals SINPO 24222  OK signal but suffered from hampering fading on occasion but had some very strong signal strength peaks

*0340-?                4.950 MHz           Angola  Radio Nacional de Angola             Portuguese        Canal A  program – adult contemporary music, smooth vocals       SINPO 15222  Tough listening due to weak signal strength and static crashes but able to make out the music

*0404-?                9.420 MHz           Greece                 Voice of Greece               Greek                   YL announcer, great ethnic/Greek music    SINPO 44333 Found this VOG frequency while looking for DW broadcast from Rwanda.  Great signal quality – way better than VOG on the 41 meter band.  Very enjoyable music to listen to.

*2211-?                7.495 MHz           Algeria                  Radio Algerienne             Arabic                   Holy Quran Service, Arabic chants/music     SINPO 32322 Decent signal but suffered from QRM from WBCQ on 7.490 – had to use AM Synch USB to improve signal quality.

*2215-?                7.345 MHz           Tunisia                  Radio Tunissienne           Arabic                   OM talk, conversation, Arabic music                                SINPO 34333 Best signal found recently for Tunisia but fading worsened as time went on.

Shortwave Broadcast / Recent SWL Loggings
« on: February 07, 2013, 0023 UTC »
3 Feb 2013

Voice of Korea 1500 UTC 11.710 MHz English to NA Martial music, YL news and propaganda with fixation on the US. SINPO 32222 Moderate fading and ham QRM

Radio Australia Tune in at 1450 UTC 11.945 MHz //11.660. English to Oceania. News program. SINPO 33333 Best daytime freq for Radio Australia I've found so far.

Bible Voice Tune in at 1400 - 1500 UTC 15.470 MHz English religious programming and music SINPO 33333 via Germany

Bible Voice 1500 UTC 13.740 MHz English religious programming, evangelical music SINPO 33333

VOA 1500 UTC 13.570 MHz English to Middle East //11.840 News programming. Barely above noise level SINPO 22222

Radio Libya Tune in at 1815 UTC 11.600 MHz Arabic. OM announcer, often seemed very excited, Arabic music. Surprisingly good signal. SINPO 44333

Radio Algerienne Tune in at 1836 UTC 11.955 MHz Arabic. Music and OM announcer. Via France. Fair steady signal. SINPO 33333

Radio Japan 1800-1830 UTC 15.720 MHz English to Africa. Usual NHK programming - sing Japanese, news, etc. Via Madagascar. Good signal. SINPO 44444

BBC Tune in at 1815 UTC 17.640 MHz English to East Africa. News programming. Steady, decent signal via South Africa. SINPO 33333

5 Feb 2013

Vatican Radio 0300-0320 UTC 11.625 English to Africa. Catholic news, religious programming. Nice signal SINPO 43333

Channel Africa 0300-0400 UTC 6.155 MHz English to Africa. African news ("Africa Rise and Shine"). Signal in and out, mostly readable. SINPO 23322

BBC Tune in at 0300 UTC 7.435 MHz English to Africa //6.140 6.190 7.255 9.460 12.035 Good, strong signal on 7.435, other readable in various strengths BBC World Service news programming SINPO 43444

VOA Tune in at 0300 UTC 4.930 MHz English to Africa //6.080 9.885 News, African commentary. Best signal via Botswana on 4.930. SINPO 33233

Radio Algerienne 0400-0500 UTC 5.865 MHz Arabic to Algeria via France. Strange music, OM chanting, probable news. Very booming signal! SINPO 54444

Spy Numbers / Cuban HM01 5.855 MHz 0500 1/13
« on: January 13, 2013, 1559 UTC »
Cuban hybrid HM01 noted with strong reception starting around 0500 UTC 1/13 on 5.833 MHZ.  Broadcast seemed to go on forever and was still going past 0545.

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