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On the air  now for one last time till next year!

Bart Sambo

reception reports to: XEROXduplicado@gmail.com

Broadcast Announcements / XEROX-Radio Duplicado Returns!
« on: March 30, 2016, 2326 UTC »
Howdy, it's Bart Sambo of XEROX!  We will be back to celebrate the April Fool's Holiday with a replay. Sorry, same old crappy show as always, lol.
But we will [I promise] design a new eQSL for correct reception reports to XEROX-duplicado@gmail.com.

Bart Sambo of XEROX-Radio Duplicado  "The Sam Barto Memorial Station"

Hello All,
Bart Sambo here, if you missed our annual April Fool's Day transmissions last year, you'll be able to try again,
this year, starting any time after 0000 UTC on 4-1-14.
QSL reports to xeroxduplicado@gmail.com

Some of you might be wondering, why XEROX, why is Sam Barto's picture on the QSL?  Who is Sam Barto? Anyway, here's the story.

Sam Barto is the long time editor of the QSL Column in NASWA, The North American SW Association.
Well, way back when, someone tried to see if they could play an April Fool's joke on old Sam by submitting a QSL report for a fictitious station. The station was from Mexico [XE prefix], XEROX,
Radio Duplicado. Anyway, Sam didn't pick up that it was a joke so it made it in his April
column.  Just in case you wanted to know the background...

Thanks for all your reports, everyone should have received their QSLs.

- Bart Sambo.

Just a reminder that we will be on the air, most likely anytime starting Friday evening through Monday. This is the first time since 1998 XEROX will air.  Usual freqs  6925, 6950, etc.
XEROX is the Sam Barto memorial station and we will issue QSLs, but they will be XEROX copies of course!   xeroxduplicado@gmail.com
April Fool's Day Weekend  is 3-29/31-13, plus Monday 4-1

Equipment / FT-243 Xtals
« on: March 13, 2013, 1622 UTC »
Checking to see who is still making these. I see Jan does, for $45.00 + $10.00 S/H
Anyone else?  Looking for 6930, 6940..... Leads?? Thanks! Bart S.

Equipment / Looking To Buy - 30-60 watt AM transmitter
« on: March 11, 2013, 1432 UTC »
Hi All, Bart here.... anyone have an idea where we could find an am transmitter, with good audio for music, that puts out somewhere in the 30-60 watt range? If you can lead us in the right direction, email to XEROXduplicado@gmail.com.  Gracias.

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