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General Radio Discussion / Station ID's? Bueller? Bueller?
« on: July 03, 2011, 2046 UTC »
Here's your shot at making you own Ad's for your station or podcasts!
If you would like to make ID's.....
1) This is ________ (your name) from__________ (station or podcast). and your are listing to 88.1 WDCV or you can use The Poptart Weekly instead of wdcv and the ID will be put in the Poptart weekly podcast...

Or something to that extent. And if you have cool editing skills use em(echo, reverb ECT) if not thats fine too!

You can send them to 88.1wdcv@gmail.com ...
If you do this you will receive WDCV SWAGG!
Thanks again.

General Radio Discussion / WDCV MEGA PARTY
« on: June 15, 2011, 0931 UTC »
Oh yea you already know!

General Radio Discussion / WDCV WITH Guest Dj Baker
« on: June 05, 2011, 0607 UTC »
now streaming at  tinychat.com/881wdcv will be on all night long

put your Id name at the bottom of login window then you will be directed to the show

General Radio Discussion / The Poptart Weekly
« on: May 31, 2011, 2242 UTC »
Check it out..
Includes a form and podcast page for you monkeys who can't read i put it in a Audio file..  I ask everyone to become a "site member"..
Thanks and have a good one
RD- It's not copying you!

here's a tid bit from the FRN:
Its true. Commander Bunny is now the most popular and powerful Pirate Radio operator that ever lived. Don't believe us? Just check out the numerous websites, that warn of his control of the FRN, Obama and the Freemasons. http://whisperinyourfear.blogspot.com/
Read the blogs that credit Commander Bunny with controlling virtually every person in and behind Pirate Radio. http://tcsshortwave.blogspot.com/
And the wannabe-pretender-pirate-boards that can't go a day without acknowledging Commander Bunny's overpowering presence in Pirate Radio. http://www.hfunderground.com/board/

Is it yet another hoax perpetrated on the slack-jawed, lip-droolers, by Commander Bunny?

Is Commander Bunny actually Guise Faux?
If you believe anything on the Radio Paranoia website, HE IS! Guise even admits it! Is Guise lying about this? Or about everything?

Is Commander Bunny controlling everything that Poet says and does? If you believe what Poet (who may actually be Commander Bunny) says, Commander Bunny controls everything and everyone in Pirate Radio.

Is Commander Bunny behind the sock-puppets who infest HF Underpants? (roughly 1/2 of the posters)

Is it any wonder, with all this attention to his every move, his every action, that Commander Bunny is the most popular Pirate Radio Operator the world has ever seen? Can all these blogs, websites and boards be wrong?

He got NRS so spooked, he writes to new posters on HF Underpants, warning them of all the evils that are Commander Bunny using a phony name of "chloe". The guy can't get enough of the "Bunny". He obsesses over him, he has photo's of him in his trailer, he pretends, he is Commander Bunny to occupy his time as he has no friends. Poor sad monkey.

Or is it yet another ruse to fool the ape-humans? He's done it before!

And if you believe anything these websites and blogs have to say about Commander Bunny, HE IS BEHIND EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON 24/7! Is it any wonder he is running for President? He runs Pirate Radio, he runs the FRN, he makes Guise piss his pants with the flick of his tail, he conspires with the Freemasons to get your social security numbers.

Face it, these websites confirm it, Commander Bunny is the most powerful, popular and feared Pirate Radio Operator of all time.

But more importantly, why has he operated for 40+ years and never been busted? How could a Pirate Operator of such high profile, with a website, ebay and more broadcasts than any other single pirate around, get away with it for so many decades?

Does Commander Bunny control the Federal Government along with the FRN, Radio Paranoia, TCS, Chevron Oil and Fox News?

The proof is everywhere. No other pirate radio Operator gets as much attention, has so many websites about him, has his every move rumored and gossiped about, than Commander Bunny.

The issue is so simple, even the slack-jawed, lip-drooling, knuckle-draggers who read the FRN, HFU, TCS and Radio Paranoia know, you vote for anyone else but Commander Bunny for President, at your own risk.

The truth is out there! Now you finally know it. Commander Bunny is behind it all!

Just imagine (if you have an imagination) how boring Pirate Radio would have been the past 20-years, without Commander Bunny jerking your chains! Looks like he's done it yet again monkey-boys!

Hope yah have a good night
Dj Poptart
PS This isn't from me it's from the FRN...

General Radio Discussion / FRN SITE DOWN Info from WBNY
« on: May 23, 2011, 2004 UTC »
I got this email from Commander Bunny:

I've studied the maps of the path of the Joplin Tornado and the path goes right across where John Cruzan, the founder of the FRN lives.  It is also where the server for the FRN is located.  Its near Wisconsin & East 20th Street in Joplin.  The path goes within a block of that location.

I have tried to call John but no phones are working. 

I have emailed him telling him that everyone is worried about him and to let me know if he is OK!

Please keep John Cruzan and his family in your prayers.  All of our petty differences mean nothing when the life of someone who has played such an important role in Pirate Radio is hanging.

I will let you know when I hear something. 

Commander Bunny

Hope there okay... Whos got a Ham radio? go check on him and give us a report! lol we'll all be listening
Just an FYi for all yall out there...
Dj Poptart

Equipment / Changing Freq of Xmitter?
« on: May 23, 2011, 0019 UTC »
 So here's what my question is... :o
 Got an old BAse radio(motorola) it was used for Tow truck company..
My problem is it's at  40MHz anyway to change this to say....  ??? 88.5 Mhz? ???

General Radio Discussion / WDCV DONE WITH FRN!
« on: May 22, 2011, 2333 UTC »
So here i am! Im done with the FRN! ;D
So i will start using this instead of the FRN.Still keeping the account but not useing it as much...
Just thought i'd say hello to all yah monkey Heads out there....
Dah best DJ
 :o Pirate Poptart! :o
 P.S Is there anyway to add signatures like on the FRN? ???
email here is 88.1wdcv@gmail.com

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