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     Giving credit where credit is due, the work of RW observer and his number stations observation using the Twente WebSDR Receiver motivated me to go tinker with this site again. Presently there are over 60 receiver sites available at WebSDR.org.

     Of particular interest is the Twente general coverage Receiver of from 0-29.6 kHZ Not only do you get a high performance receiver, the chat box feature also enhances the experience (so far).

     At about 00:30 utc the BBC was observed on 12096.68 kHZ with a strong echo. This echo stimulated considerable speculation and comment given the propagation conditions which were poor for DX at the time. At about 01:00 BBC Signature Interval Signal was observed co-channel with male presenter. Promptly at sign off, interference Echo and interval signal vanished and the typical broadcast continued. Apparently some sort of BBC scheduling difficulty? I was a Deutsche Welle Technical Monitor back in the day and don't recall DW ever causing interference to itself? This may be a first, at least it is for me. It should be noted that my times are for illustration purposes as my comments scrolled off the Chat box feature and I am working from memory

     In addition, it should be noted that there are several interesting novelty receivers at this site such as K6FRC's 10 meter beacon Receiver and the receiver in Dresden designed to observe Cube SAT's as the tumble around in low orbit. I did not have any such luck picking up a Cube Sat (Shoe boxes in space program) but I had fun anyway.
     I really like the waterfall displays a lot more than analog or digital. Have fun with that.

MW Loggings / 1539 kHz AM Asian possibly Japanese or Korean
« on: October 20, 2012, 1812 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have:

Asian Language Broadcast, possibly Korean or Japanese heard mornings up to about 9:00 am, untill it becomes buried in noise.

My Radio Shack DX-396 has switch for 9 kHz or 10 kHz, transmission appears to be using 9 kHz.
In addition, bar antenna when oriented towards Asia (roughly) improves signal strength.

Male and female presenters.

Weak signal through noise and whistle in the mornings, unuseable by about 9:00 am PST local time.

There are Asian Language Stations up and down the West Coast of USA; however, I'm curious about this one. I'll keep monotoring from time to time. Asian Stations listed useing 1539 kHz seem to weak to reach here.


Spy Numbers / V2a observation and propagation
« on: March 09, 2012, 2059 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have:

V2a  5417 Khz  in progress  02:03 - 02:41 UTC (at Dusk) Friday 03-09-2012 (World Day)

Compact portable Receiver: Poor to Fair through noise

I'm using the Enigma Chart and finding it very useful. For UTC Friday I did not observe the two transmissions listed at 01:00 (6768 & 4028 Khz). It was still daylight here for both.
Although; I need to refresh my memory and pay closer attention to propogation variables, Grey Line Enhancement may have been a factor for the 02:00 5417 Khz reception, assuming an intended target considerably to the east of this location.

TNX VY 73 ..

Shortwave Broadcast / 31m Band Conditions pretty good last night
« on: August 28, 2011, 1943 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have;

Voice of Turkey English service 9515 kHz 03:19 UTC Aug. 28 2011 good signal strength audio quality muddy "DX-Corner" in progress and Music
" BBC to stop Short Wave Service all together by 2014"

Radio Romania English service 9645 kHz 03:45 UTC  good signal strength audio quality muddy "DX-Mail Bag"

Deutsche Welle in German 9885 kHz 04:04 UTC  poor to fair through noise "News"

Deutsche Welle in German 9480 kHz good readable signal "News" followed by current affairs Most likely a relay transmission

I was a Deutshe Welle Technical Monitor 10-15 years ago. For those who have a lot of time can be educational. I'm not sure how much volunteer Technical Monitoring is available these days.

Looking forward Fall DX.

Spy Numbers / Cuban Number Stations
« on: June 06, 2011, 1812 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have:

V2  5115kHz  June 6, 2011  04:06 - 04:43 UTC  (PST 9:06 - 9:43 Sunday Evening) Poor to Fair through noise and static crashes

M8a  5900 kHz  04:59 - 05:33 UTC  good through noise and ocassional static crashes  Recipients: AGTNN  AADTA  NDTUN

M8a  5800 kHz  05:59 - 06:33  REPEAT Transmission  NDTUN  AGTNN  AADTA  Good Signal through noise

V2  5880 kHZ in progress  07:03 - 07:41  Good signal  Recipient #2  86761  Recipient #3  71702

V2  5900 kHZ  08:00 - 08:41 UTC  Solid through slight noise:  ATTENCION 73431  86761  71702 repeated 10 times...
73431  repeated 5 times followed by message body, I assume 150 5 Number Goups...Pause  86761 repeated 5 times, then 150 group message body...Pause 71702 repeated 5 times, then message body...08:41 " Final Final Final"

Sk01 (?)  7680 kHz  09:18 - 09:46 UTC  Short Digital Transmissions at 4 - 5 Minute intervals.  Audible through noise and turbulence.
Best of my knowledge is SK01

For good measure: V24  South Korean  in Progress  13:01 - 13:05 UTC  Solid  3:2/2:3 format

All Frequencies are aproximate, I have stepped incremental tuning.

I found it interesting to do an anecdotal comparison/contrast of V2 and M8a. Formats appear to be somewhat similar. V2 transmitts about 41 minutes and typical M8a is about 33 minutes. My Spanish is about as good as my Morse Code. I had to copy behind both modes in order to keep up at all. Cheers.

MW Loggings / AM 530 kHz Morse Beacon RWE
« on: May 22, 2011, 2252 UTC »
I guess this goes here, I have:

San Luis Obispo, California  Sunday May 22 11:30 am pst, 530 khz AM  Morse Code Beacon  RWE  observed weak but useable
I don't know much about this; however, the listed frequency is 526 kHz and the location is evidently Camp Roberts, California
near Paso Robles. Power level unknown. Listed as non-directional. Purpose unknown. Activated irregularily.

Up half the night using M8a for Morse Copying Practice. Just submitted an article to eham.net regarding using M8a for copying practice.
Won't hold my breath on that ever getting published. Cheers.

P.S. Just found little more about this Morse Beacon "RWE" operates 25 watts from a T antenna strung between two 30 foot wooden
poles about 100 feet apart, barely visible from hwy 101. Camp Roberts is National Guard Base.

It's now Monday morning here, I can not receive this Beacon. I am in a valley with many obstructions; the Beacon could also be turned off. I hope it's not classified or anything?...I expect it does not perform much of a useful function...People around here watch the grass grow and wall paint dry for entertainment. I gather this is a dipole antenna oriented North-South.

Utility / Casual Observations
« on: December 28, 2010, 1945 UTC »
Here in San Luis Obispo, California I have:

Chinese Fire Drake   in progress 17:40-18:05 UTC   9,905 Khz   Mon Dec.27
SINPO 55555 rivaled Local AM BCB with occasional fade. Fairly confident about this ID continuous Chinese Music.

Fax Machine  probably Coastal Station Weather Fax  11,090 Khz   in progress 10:09  UTC   Solid Signal through slight noise and fade

RTTY I assume SITOR   11,690 KHZ   on 25m BCB Segment   in progress
18:15 UTC   Solid with some co-channel from Spanish Broadcaster

Gene Scott (from the Grave)   11,775 Khz   18:17 UTC Discussing MOSES
SINPO   45354

Note: about SINPO   SINFO   SIO   as Noise and Fade are always present on HF some prefer SIO   I still prefer SINPO with a verbal discription because it gives a relative indication as to the intensity of all these factors. I start with O (Overall Signal Quality) First; then work back towards S (Strength).

Radio Marti   13,820 Khz   in Progress  10:26 UTC  SINPO   55445  Discussion
in Spanish of Pavarazi in New York

Radio Canada International   15,365 Khz   in Progress  18:47 UTC  55445 Solid
Signature Interval Signal and ID

EWTN Global Catholic Radio   15,610 Khz   19:22 UTC in Progress   45554
Good Signal with Echo present. If My memory serves me this is a strong station on the East Coast. Most likely, both the Long and Short Path received with slight delay.

FireDrake   9,905 Khz   by   19:26 UTC  Signal is unuseable: Noise and Turbulence

Just some general ShortWave Fun. Cheers

Spy Numbers / M94 S. Korean Morse Numbers Transmission on 6330 KHz
« on: October 10, 2010, 1820 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have: M94  1400 - 1406 UTC  OCT. 10 2010 very weak signal through noise, could only copy bits and pieces. My best guess is that this is the first transmission of two. Hopefully will be a repeat transmission tomorrow at 1400 UTC. Main Page of this site has excellent article M94 with typical format. Article lists 4500, 5115, 5715 KHz as the frequencies; maybe, 6330 KHz should be included? at least for now, could all change after first of the new year. Main page Articles concerning Number Stations and what not, gets better and better. Cheers.

Spy Numbers / V2 Cuban Voice Numbers Station
« on: July 02, 2010, 2114 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have:

V2  5425 kHz (approximate)  in progress 02:25 - 02:40 UTC July 2, 2010  (Local time: 7:25 -7:40 PST Thursday Evening)
Good Signal through moderare noise, static, and co-channel with KLB CW Marker (Near Seattle)
Spanish Female counting 5NG  ends 02:40 "Final" 3X  First time I've observed this on this frequency and time.

TNX VY 73 ..

Can anybody Identify this? +/- 35 wpm Morse Code too fast for me to copy under poor conditions.
Is this some Amateur Frequency in another ITU Region? or Coastal Maritime "Marker"?
Could only copy bits and pieces CQ ? BT K could not make out a call sign.
Co-channel with at least two other distorted Spanish Language Broadcasters. Through strong atmospheric and "buzzing" continuum
noise and turbulence. I've noticed this before on Saturdays (local) and wondered why CW was on this frequency?
Possibly Tone Modulated- it's not the Cubans, they can't send that fast- neither can I.

Geo-Mag Storm due to Coronal Hole  WWV @ 0218 UTC reported SFI: 75  A: 14  K: 3
When the event is caused by Coronal Hole, seems to be some lack of correlation between Indices and the severity of the storm; or
so it seems to me.

At any rate I'll go google ITU Regions. Cheers

Spy Numbers / High Frequency Global Communications System
« on: June 02, 2010, 2103 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have some HF-GCS observations. I don't know much about this; TNX AGN Token for ID'ing.

in progress  11,175 kHZ USB  23:19-23:21 UTC June 1 2010
phonetic letters; fair signal through heavy local broadband QRM

in progress  13,200 kHz USB 23:29-23:33 UTC June 1 2010
phonetic letters, occassional number, "I say again", "Stand-by"
distinctive final dual tone pips- good signal

in progress  13,200 kHz USB 23:49-00:03 UTC June 1-June 2 2010
noted final dual pips sent twice between small amount of traffic

complete transmission, simultaneously on:
13,200 kHz, 11,175 kHZ, 15,016 kHz ALL USB 00:15-00:18 UTC June 2 2010
Identifying final dual pips, good signals.

My impression is that these are un-recorded messages, read by operators who don't know the actual content. As this appears to be one-time encryption, usually reserved for the most sensitive traffic, I consider these Number Stations.  Unlike typical Numbers Stations that tend to transmit on the hour or the half on some fixed schedule these transmissions to the best of my limited knowledge have no fixed schedule.

Try: 4724 kHz, 6739 kHz, 8992 kHz, 11175 kHz, 13200 kHz and 15016 kHz ALL USB

I have had the best luck so far on 13200 kHz USB; sooner or later you will observe it.


Spy Numbers / Near 13205 kHz Phonetic Letters
« on: April 06, 2010, 1828 UTC »
Using Radio Shack DX-396 RCVR stepped, incramental tunining, no SSB

Here in San Luis Obispo, California, I have:

13205 kHZ in progress 2332-2337 UTC 4/4/10 Fair signal
phonetc letters groups of five

13205 kHz in progress  0004-0008 UTC 4/5/10 Good Signal
phonetic letters groups of five

Closer to 13200 kHZ  0000 UTC 4/6/10  Fair signal
Sounded like short, three phonetic letter call-up; no traffic.

Based upon Audio Files, did resemble E10;however, so far have not found
anything too persuasive in Data Bases.

Times are acurate; Give the frequencies plenty of wiggle room. Think
is SSB.

Worthy of note:

V24 6730 kHz 1430-1441 UTC 4/5/10 Unusually good Signal. Strong through
low noise floor. Near AM Broadcast Band Quality.

V24 6730 kHz 1430-1441 UTC 4/6/10 This is the repeat transmission, what a
difference a day makes. Fair to good signal through moderate noise.

Some sort of pre Solar Weather enhancement on 4/5/10 ?

I have been reading about this one in another group that I am in.

Credit goes to "original-token" and others for finding and analizing this

I have here San Luis Obispo, California:

RCVR: DX-396 Not SSB capable; but wide passband
About 1600 UTC commences with male voice counting numbers in what
is evidently Vietnamese. I have listened to audio files of this so I am
pretty confident of the I.D.

Solid signal. I have no expertise on this; wanted to list it so others can
monitor also.

Try:  10255 kHz USB About 1600 UTC

Spy Numbers / SK01 Digital and M8a MCW on 5810 Khz
« on: February 05, 2010, 1957 UTC »
Here San Luis Obispo, California I have:

SK01 transmissions on 5810 Khz in progress about 0615-0652 Feb. 5 UTC
Noted Morse character 'H' sent three times.

To get an idea of this, I suggest youtube videos. See:
Waterfall Images-sample 1   By: K2NCC All 45 of his videos are superb
for getting educated about software defined digital modes.

Last but certainly not least, see: "Atencion" Cuban numbers station-
with data!   By MattExzy

M8a came up on 5810 Khz  0700-0732
The three recipients were:
NWMUA (#25941)
NDTTA (#23001)
RGGUA (#68841)

A repeat M8a transmission commenced at about 0800 UTC on 5900 Khz.


M8a transmission observered here Central California Coast.

0605 - 0620 Dec. 19 UTC  Good Solid reception. On 5900 KHz

Five letter groups; Transmission abruptly ended on the letter "T".


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