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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 0345 Dec 5 2013
« on: December 05, 2013, 0346 UTC »
Tuning up, voices for a bit, now music...0345

Fades in and out, mostly SIO 232

0350 unk song, sounds kind of like surfer music?
0353 op speaking and ID, but didnt make it out
0354 unk song
0356 op speaking
0357 unk song, sort of REM or Dylan sounding
0402 unk song w/ harmonica, fiddle and banjo
0407 sound of phones dialing and fax machine or modem, op chat
0408 unk song
0412 a bit of parody it seems, talk abt neighbors across street and war on terror, then into music
0415 unk song, fading up to SIO 333 briefly...don't know the song dangit
0425 fading out now...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925.20 lsb UNID, 01:10z
« on: September 09, 2011, 0111 UTC »
Real weak, SNO 222...comedy commercial about pocket karaoke, and other short comedy skits, gags, and loops...best sig at 6925.20 lsb.

May be the source of the 'meow' loop heard earlier.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 'Meow' UNID 6925 usb
« on: September 09, 2011, 0051 UTC »

"meow meow meow meow...shut the f*&# up would ya"

heard on loop for a few minutes 00:43-00:45z at 6926 usb, SNO 444 here.

North American Shortwave Pirate / WLDJ 6924.9 LSB @2356-0052z
« on: October 23, 2010, 2359 UTC »
Started 2352z...ID WLDJ confirmed

M op said "this is WLDJ....we taking requests tonight..."

2356z - Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
0000z - Got to get you into my life
0003z - 50 ways to leave your lover
0008z M op spoke...'we need some names for tonight?"
0009z - ZZ Top - Sharp dressed man
0014z ID WLDJ..."taking requests for Led Zeppelin"
0016z - unk song
0019z - BOC- Burnin' for you

0024z M op soliciting requests..."WLDJ taking requests, anything, Black Sabbath, Steely Dan...whatever"

0026z - Black Sabbath
0032z - op tells the Mexican joke of the day (punchline: Manuel Labor), soliciting song requests again
0034z - reggae cover of Baby I love your way
0038z - M op soliciting requests, dog barking in background, chatting for a few minutes
0040z - John Fogerty - Bad moon rising
0042z - op says he is about to close up shop and play a last Tom Petty song....then someone last minute requested a Joan Jett song... after some chatting by the op and searching the 'engineer' finds I Love Rock and Roll and plays it
0047z - op says now closing up, this is the last broadcast of the night, tells another Mexican joke (punchline: they're already here)
0048z - Tom Petty
0052z offair

Good sig here generally, SNO 333-444

  pls eQSL

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6926.6 u
« on: October 21, 2010, 0023 UTC »
Just tuned in about 0016z...drifting a bit but heard good signal voice at 6926.6u...odd and unknown music so far.  SNO 232 but varies.

went offair suddenly mid-song @ 0025z

North American Shortwave Pirate / WEAK Radio 6925u @0334z
« on: August 23, 2010, 0336 UTC »
Big sig here...SNO 444

0332z unk Rattle Snake Mama song & SSTV

WEAK ID @ 0334z

jangley & bluesy 50's type music, but don't recognize any of them

WEAK ID @ 0338z
WEAK ID @ 0346z
WEAK ID @ 0357z
INXS 0400z
REM - Radio Free Europe @ 0404z
WEAK ID @0408
FIXX - Red Skies at Night 0413z
WEAK ID 0417z
Diesel and Dust - The Dead Heart
0422z WEAK ID
0422z Depeche Mode - Everything Counts in Large Amounts
0426z Der Kommissar (extended version) - After the Fire (not original Falco)
0438z X?- Never Say Never
0447z WEAK ID
0451z Simple Minds - Homosapien
0455z (SIGNAL BOOMING, sounds like AM, exc. bass and treble)
0500z & 0503z WEAK ID
0505z Signal died or went off-air?

/pls eQSL

UNID so far...SNO 232-333

Been listening awhile, freq a bit drifty...+/- 10 kHz
Not able to follow the story too well.......other than it would not be appropriate for little Timmy or Tina... similar to previous shows of Mistress Evilena.  Lots of squeal noise in there.

Abruptly went off-air @ 0128z
No ID..

North American Shortwave Pirate / OHR 6925.4am @0153z
« on: April 22, 2010, 0154 UTC »
very weak SNO 242, sounded like old timey music, then male voice...
@ 0156z sorta like some 1960's rock music?  Lots of zep-sounding squealing guitar & bass...

possible ID @ 0205z & 0210z but couldn't make it out... but I suspect it could be OHR op identified by his distinctive laugh.

off air or signal lost @ 0219z

didn't get a clear ID here...but will give the claim to Terry in the desolate neverlands of Newfoundland and Labrador...

Postscript: email from OHR op confirms it is was an original OHR show.

0303z Hey Nineteen
0306z Peg
0310z Black Friday
0314z Josie
0318z Any Major Dude
0321z Kid Charlemagne
0330z Wolverine Radio ID & SSTV's (scottie 1) of a frosty beer and then of a wolverine on a snowy hunt

Probably still Wolverine Radio (signature of the signal is identical):

0335z Cowboy Junkies songs...ha...I'll defer to Lex below to ID these songs, never got into this group.
0418z SSTV...poor rx but looks like a baby drinking from a green bottle

Nice clean & consistent signal, SNO 333-343 overall

Old timey music, jazz/dixieland, big band, quite good stuff...@0150z, UNID so far
0210z more jazzmatazz...ragtime piano
0212z female vocal, unk song
0215z female vocal, unk song
0239z SSTV Wolverine Radio
0240z off air

Good signal, SNO 333-444...except horrendous interference from approx. 6931.4u pushing into the frequency at times.

...Holy Week 2010

Started around 0240z w/ music
0241z We are Family (song) and intro, Family Friendly Radio ID
0245z chit chat and music
0248z Sinatra song?
0254 Soundgarden
0258 music continues

SNO 333 here...but some nasty interference constantly in there

0218z...the entertaining 'catch-phrase' show returns, sound effects, echos as before...

"I want to go to Hawaii...yeah"
"woooh man"
"how dare you"
"are you on crack"
"this can't be real"
"I've told you a thousand times"

Signal much poorer today, not able to hear as many phrases, SNO 242...signal improving to 343 @0245z.

No ID, still on @ 0405z

0241z many variations of laughs in synth voice..yuck yucks, etc.
sometimes long pause b/t lines, echos and sound effects.

mostly short phrases...a "redneck" theme and accent, some sound like 'The Simpson's" voices....Barney, Krusty, Grandpa Simpson...and some Napoleon Dynamite, 3 Stooges and Pee Wee Herman thrown in for good measure.

"aint got no gas in it"
"ahhh crap"
"you like the way I talk"
"I warned ya, didn't I warn ya"
"how 'bout them sody crackers"
"the bible says two men will not lay together"
"gimme gimme gimme"
"ahhh this is gonna be sweet"
"I like it"
"uh huh"
"I like french fried pertaters"
"I know you are but what am I"
"I am not a robot"
"I'm havin a party and you're invited"
"y'all come back now"
"hope you're not contagious"
"I wanna be baptized"
"I don't feel very good"
"will you bring me my chapstick"
"ever take it off that sweet jump"
"you got the wrong number"

Good signal, SNO 343-444...best on LSB w/ 4.0 filter.  No ID heard, still on @ 0335z but sharp drop in signal to SNO 242...offair about 0345z?

Weird synthesized voices repeating various phrases...some are recordings,   a long lag time between strings at times, so you have to listen awhile to hear it and tune in properly...no rhyme or reason to any of it so far...
'Get ready'
'I'm bad'
'Any day now'
'What is he doing?'
'you can't be serious'
'ha ha'
'What going on?'
"What the f$*&@"
"What's happenin"
"What the f%^&* is your problem?"
"Peek-a-boo you f&%$ you"
"I just laugh like a crazy clown"
"stay out of the ladies bathroom you f-ing pervert"
"you are making me so angry"
"you're not talking to me are you?"

[now in a young girls voice]
"I need a bottle of tequila"
"I got nothing to do"
"I've been arrested before"

SNO 333-343...best quality in LSB w/ 2.3 or 4.0 filter

No ID's heard, but seems very similar to "Radio MoFo" posted by Fansome on March 11, 2010...ie same freq and looped clips.

 ...still on @ 0500z

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925u @0150z Outhouse Radio
« on: March 05, 2010, 0155 UTC »
Fairly good signal to start ...SNO 333

0150z Metallica?
0154 OHR ID & AC/DC Hells Bells
0159 metal song
0204 OHR ID and some op chat...
0205 nother metal song & signal getting muddy to SNO 232
0212 OHR ID & AC/DC Have a Drink on Me
0218 They're coming to take me away...ha ha
0220 You're No Good...Van Halen style
0228 King of the Road
0233...signal dead here, or off air

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