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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6931 usb 23:14 29 Dec 2019
« on: December 29, 2019, 2315 UTC »
UNID 6931 usb 23:14 29 Dec 2019

Playing mx by the New Seekers "I'll never find another you"
23:16  playing Mr. Tambourine Man
Good signal in Wyoming

23:20  Lovin Spoonful with "Daydream"

Talked about returning New Years Eve or New Year day...

never did hear an ID

Rock music with long drum solo.

Strong  signal 59 into wyoming tonight

0107. Music by Klaatu. Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

Underdog cartoon music

UNID signal with fair SIO 222 signal into Ohio with rock music
voice sounds like British accent

6935.3 AM Captain Morgan SW  00:53
SIO=333 in Ohio
Playing blues music

signal progressively getting better

signal off at 01:08

6950USB  SIO 333

01:41  Hearing old classic 40 s music
lots of static tonight, but no ID heard yet

ID at 01:47
back to more big band music

Just tuned in with great signal 555+  With a special Halloween show

Hey guys, you're amp is working well tonight!!  
I'm hear to listen to the Halloween show
20 over S9

Rock music with good AM signal into NE Ohio
02:12  someone doing a cover of "knocking on heavens door"
02:14 ID

signal was getting stronger, but now has gone into a deep fade.
signal never recovered
off at 02:24

Just signing on

Good signal tonight  S9+, despite poor band conditions with geomag. storm

Great audio as usual, talking about upgrading to Windows 10

AM signal with lots of QRM from Spanish stations.
Heard some talk and music, but too much co-channel QRM on 6925

Very strong signal with ID of Wild 100 -- will have to go back and review the recording of this one

"A vehicle of pure power... get your wild on.... (repeated several times) then said WILD100", and off

01:51  UNID so far
Music by the Who, "Who are You"
Heard a bit of the Who mixed with Twilight zone theme

Off after just a couple of minutes

01:59 back on the air
Music by Pink Floyd "just another brick in the wall"
good signal and audio

signal fading a bit by 02:24
Bachman Turner overdrive "Let it Ride" mixed with stevie wonder

02:43  Hotel California by the Eagles

00:23   Strong signal signal, good audio, with rock music
S9+  -- no ID yet,  song by the Cars.
00:28  into next song, Der Kommisar
00:33  ID  Crystal Ship Relay network

23:32  Old time radio shows again heard tonight.
Fair signal SIO 333

02:22  Abbott and Costello old radio show
Good AM signal into NE Ohio, but of static crashes tonight

Presumably Old time radio, no definite ID yet.
02:25 old time radio ad.  

02:05 Rock music with great audio
no ID yet
02:08  'everybody wants you' by billy squire
ID at 02:10 with reverb which was not intelligible  
02:10  "We're ready"  Boston
02:18  "Jessies Girl"  Rick Springfield

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