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Good signal on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Playing pop tunes...no ID so far.

Strong station on the west coast playing continuous music with no ID heard. No commercial broadcasters scheduled on that frequency at this time. Possible pirate? QSY to 6960 kHz at 2000 UTC.

I've been listening to this station on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada for the past half hour with fair to good signals using a Drake R8B receiver and a G5RV antenna. It's starting to fade now. Currently talking but they have been playing some pretty nice music.

0131Z Weak on the west coast playing music. Occasional qrm from utes...mostly in the clear.
0137Z Continuing with rock music. Signal improving..still no ID
0138Z Seems to have gone off the air.

Coming into the west coast with a fair signal and good audio playing Christmas songs. As of 0110 UTC , Silent Night sung by female singer.
CoolAM Radio relay by KCPR via IRC Chat
0120Z Little Red Rooster...blues song
0121Z CoolAM ID and other talking.

Broadcast Announcements / Amelia Earhart SOS
« on: December 13, 2016, 1835 UTC »

Could be possible to hear these signals for those on the west coast as skip is still pretty long to the west at that time and at this time of year. Depends on how much power they will run and propagation, of course. I know I will be listening from my west coast qth.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6945 USB 0022 UTC 21 Nov 2016
« on: November 21, 2016, 0023 UTC »
0022Z Playing old Beatles tunes at the moment...no ID so far. Fair strength on the west coast.
0032Z Seems to have gone off the air. Never did get any ID

Some kind of repetitive music on 6935u...maybe an interval signal. Weak on the west coast.
0005Z Still audible with music..missed an ID a few minutes ago..hope to catch it next time.
0014Z caught the ID this time...Moonlight Radio

Radio True North on 6925 AM testing new antenna with good signal and audio on the west coast of B.C.
2017Z Still on the air playing a variety of old pop tunes and dance music. Up to S3 on peaks, excellent audio. Condx suck lately!!
2221Z Still coming in good...peaks to S5 now!!

2330Z Tuned in to strong AM signal on 6940 AM playing pop tunes. I have it on good authority that this is Radio True North.
2345Z Station ID and shoutout to me and others. Still good S9 signal here in spite of M Class long duration flare in progress.
0017Z Still booming in here, S9+15db on peaks...playing an assortment of 80's and disco sounding music.
0150Z approx, switched to 4070 kHz.
0158Z signal peaking to S7m good audio at my west coast location
0208Z RTN playing my request..."Great Big Johnson" :-)
0217Z Band going long and RTN dropping into my noise level. Thanks for the show, RTN.

Hearing music on 6957 usb out here on the west coast with weak to fair signal. Playing mellow music at 0047Z
0053Z CW ID, Peewe
0055Z Ghost Chickens In The Sky
0058Z SSTV but not set up to receive it

Hearing music on 6952.56u. Song, We All Live In America at 0136Z...lead singer sounds like he has a German accent
0143Z WWV spoof spot into bluesy music
0147Z Went off the air suddenly...no ID's given that I heard...

Weak on the west coast...playing music at the moment...sounds like an announcement at 0138 but didn't get it...back into music now.

Signed off at 0142 UTC with voice ID. I thought he said Boombox Radio but some people on the chat said it was Moonlight Radio.

RTN theme music coming in to my west coast location S9+10db, good audio!! Nice to hear you, RTN. :-)
0119Z The Monster Mash....looks like it's a Halooween show  :D

0320Z: Came up on the air with ID's. Not too strong at the moment..about S3 to S5 here on the west coast.

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