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iq file  (87.5-92.3mhz )recorded on Elad FDM S2


its very weak , you'll need to dial the bandwidth right down to 30-50khz

its the weak mumbling man i need to ID,
i'm really hoping its canada

I've ruled out the following stations:
RUV RAS2 (see 87.7 on the file)
BBC Radio 2
RTE Radio 1

i was beaming 290 degrees H POL

I almost posted this under sdr software but as this is probably in cloud cuckoo land I thought better of it.

You know how the signals from different radio telescopes are combined together to create the capabilities of a receiving array of huge dimensions. Well can we do this with our reception?

Obviously for run of the mill  tropo this would create a confusing pointless mess, but what about for extreme long haul dx maybe even EME on band 2 ?

I could imagine that being useful for transatlantic dx

How do radio observatories combine data streams? Do they use the normal internet to combine signals or some dedicated fibre optic cables with consistent latency they can work around?

Would we be better off recording IQ files and combining them offline?

Problems radio astronomers donít have that we do: lack of frequencies that are free in multiple locations. The further apart the receivers are the more of a problem this becomes until we end up limited to the bottom of the band.

That could change after The UK switches off analog, assuming weíre not the last country to switch off.

Could some of the sdr units capable of diversity reception be hacked into combining the required inputs?

PS: a Dutch radio amateur posted on a forum in 2016 that his next project would be band II EME.

I tried contacting him via qrz.com but the email bounced. His callsign is PE1BBI

no harm in dreaming right? ;-)

FM Free Radio / I/Q recordings of fm pirates
« on: April 09, 2019, 1713 UTC »
Does anyone want to trade I/Q recordings of FM pirates so I can tune them and imagine iím visiting your cities ? :D

Iíve got hours of i/Q Recordings of a short lived Romanian pirate on 87.5 from somewhere in England
And an Irish pirate from Cork heard during a lift on... you guessed it 87.5!

sadly I accidentally deleted my recordings of a local Polish pirate in which you could actually hear them blow out their amplifier stage!

I can make more recordings as stations pop up

My location allows reception of Pirates in the big cities of Liverpool and Birmingham

Rx is elad FDM-S2 ant is CLP 5130 Log period on rooftop rotator

Hi Guys,
for 2 months  i've recorded 87.75 with an SDR while beaming at North America (my qth is Northern England) looking for   transatlantic meteor scatter
this morning at 0543 utc i *MIGHT have had something on 87.74 (i'm trying not to get overexcited!)
so who is still on in analogue mode with decent power on A6- on the Eastern Seaboard of North America?

are all the "Frankenstein FMs" in the US on 87.75 zero offset or are some on 87.74?

thank in advance

yours  excitedly :D

Tim Bucknall, Congleton Cheshire, UK

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / part 15 distance records
« on: August 25, 2018, 1250 UTC »
is anyone keeping score?

AM & FM would both be interesting

General Radio Discussion / expanded FM band in Americas
« on: August 24, 2018, 1506 UTC »
Hi all,
Have any more stations in Brazil or the entire Americas moved to the 76-88 range or is the 84.7 station still the only one?

weak as heck, you'll need to crank the volume and dial the bandwidth down to about 40khz

87.6 possible hebrew occurs at 15:15:37-15:15:42 he says a word that sounds like brexit but probably isn't
87.7 unid lang same time (same meteor burst) as above

87.5 sounds Arabic to me 15:16:00-15:16:!2


rx was Elad FDM-s2 with 50-1300 mhz log periodic beaming 135 trying to get in on the Italy/Greece opening that people further south were getting

i'm now listening to the stream of kam 88 to try and hear the advert on the recording

Tim Bucknall. Congleton, Cheshire, England

any help with unids appreciated
 245.20 1306 NCG Radio Maria STL, via satcom mass (mono) STL for AM 1400khz ?
 249.40 1837 ? UNID WFM Indian? Mx, via satcom qrm from satcom trfc
 255.78 1827 PAK WFM BC STL, via satcom qrg: 255.7757 weak stereo carriers at +/- 19khz
 261.28 1744 ? UNID WFM BC, via satcom cut up by data bursts
 265.55 1334 ? UNID WFM BC, Latin America very poor (via satcom)

 268.45 1352 ? UNID WFM BC, Latin America v poor (via satcom)

 254.74 2207 IRN IRIB STL, via satcom (east) acapela yl song low mod
 257.10 2001 WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) v poor, rlg service?
 257.60 2116 ? WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) coldplay song: trouble
 260.63 2219 ? video buzz?, via satcom (east) xmod or cable tv leakage? 260.633mhz

267.10 1634 ? UNID WFM BC STL, via satcom (east) v poor
 269.65 2202 PHL UNID soft pops WFM STL, via satcom (east) not// DWKC stream

 265.45 1909 UNID WFM BC, via satcom (west) qrm from Brazil freebanders
 269.96 1913 NCG UNID SS RLG WFM BC, Nicaragua (via satcom) qrg: 269.957 Stereo! corkscrew drift pattern

 249.45 1606 UNID WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) satcom is rxing it off-freq
 253.75 1622 UNID WFM BC, Latin America (via satcom) severe qrm from freebanders
 254.07 1623 UNID WFM BC, Latin America (via satcom) v poor. qrg: 254.075
 261.60 0612 WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) severe qrm from mil comms
 265.55 0619 2nd WFM BC on frq, Latin America (via satcom) distorted om tlk xf mx
 268.35 1738 WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) ex poor
 269.95 1749 2nd WFM BC on frq, Latin America (via satcom) v poor

 243.63 1400 ? Vatican R WFM STL, Africa? ( via satcom S.E) stereo, qrg: 243.625
 252.63 2047 UNID WFM BC STL, poor qrg: 252.625mhz
 254.77 1829 COD UNID FF WFM BC STL, Congo? satcom is rxing side of 295.8 blocked by Brazil open mic from 1906
 254.78 1921 PRG Radio Uno, Asuncion (via satcom) football commentary qrg: 254.775 180km
 257.15 2037 UNID WFM BC STL, very poor,severe qrm
 269.85 1433 ? UNID WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) terrible qrm from US Navy

 249.57 1949 SS mono WFM STL, Latin America (via satcom) long SS monologue
 268.44 2029 PRU Radio La Beta, Cajamarca (via satcom) Mono WFM STL

 250.09 1034 UNID WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) obliterated by legit. trfc
 252.05 1027 UNID WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom)

 244.27 1813 ? UNID WFM BC STL, unknown (via satcom)
 249.40 1847 UNID Asian WFM BC,
 249.56 1544 ? WFM BC STL, Latin America (via satcom) qrg: 249.563
 265.25 1839 UNID WFM BC STL, unknown (via satcom) very distorted

 257.38 1103 UNID WFM BC STL,
 259.15 1705 ? UNID SS WFM BC STL, Rhumba mx (mono) strong when found then gradual decline
 267.05 1742 UNID WFM BC, Latin America (via satcom) v poor

more audio clips here

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