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12.35 UTC The Radiators - Devil's Dream (as Shazam told me)
12.38 UTC Dire Straits - Down To The Waterline
12.41 UTC Dire Straits - Water Of Love
12.47 UTC Dire Straits - Setting Me Up
12.51 UTC Dire Straits - Six Blade Knife
12.55 UTC Dire Straits - Southbound Again
12.58 UTC Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
13.03 UTC Dire Straits - Tunnel Of Love

fairly good on the K1RA, Warrenton, VA KiwiSDR. Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my addy below!

08.23 UTC The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius (remix?)
08.26 UTC Mash-up of Darude - Sandstorm
08.30 UTC female announcer with ID within the song
08.33 UTC female and male DJ gave station ID, music

weak to fair here

European MW Pirate Radio / Radio Driland 1646 AM 2340 UTC 03 FEB 2023
« on: February 03, 2023, 2346 UTC »
23.40 UTC Prince - When Doves Cry
23.44 UTC child gave ID as Radio Driland
23.44 UTC Real Life - Catch Me I'm Falling
23.49 UTC Robert Palmer - Looking For Clues

super audio and super signal at my QTH

Radio Pirana International was/is broadcasting from Europe and currently NOT from South America!

QSLs Received / BLUE MOON RADIO 2018 eQSL
« on: January 30, 2023, 2103 UTC »

Here is my eQSL of the station from 2018 because of the discussion in the Euro category

12.00 UTC AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie

very strong in NW Germany

13.40 UTC Neal Schon - O Come, O Come Emmanuel
13.46 UTC Steve Stevens - Do You Hear What I Hear
13.51 UTC new guitar solos - christmas style (Stuart Hamm - Sleigh Ride)
13.56 UTC Trevor Rabin - O Come All Ye Faithful
14.00 UTC new slowhand guitar sound
14.03 UTC John Sykes - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
14.12 UTC new guitar solo
14.17 UTC Ted Nugent - Deck The Halls
good on the AB1KW, Concord, NH KiwiSDR. Thanks for the guitar variations.
Please eQSL to my addy and thanks for that in advance!

QSLs Received / WBOG eQSL 24 NOV 2022
« on: November 24, 2022, 2054 UTC »
Thanks a lot for this very fast eQSL from you, Lemuel Kohne!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 USB 20.35 UTC 24 NOV 2022
« on: November 24, 2022, 2040 UTC »
20.35 UTC male Arabic prayer song, most likely Holy Quran?
20.40 UTC off

strong on the AB1KW in Concord, NH KiwiSDR

21.25 UTC Psychedelic sounds
21.29 UTC Station ID by OM: You're in tune with the Mushroom. Mushroom Head Radio International now having service on 43metres

Nice on AB1KW KiwiSDR in Concord, NH

20.21 UTC David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes (live)
20.25 UTC male announceer in EE, talk about David Bowies song
20.26 UTC mentioned "bye for now" Ashes To Ashes along....
20.26 UTC sudden s/off

Weak (SINPO 23222) in NW Germany. I made a short recording, if the operator should be interested.
The voice sound was distorted

15.45 UTC Finnish song and usual BSR jingle ID, some transmitter dropouts

weak in NW Germany

15.50 UTC Italian live rock music
15.58 UTC applause, into another live track

big signal in NW Germany

Enterprise Radio is celebrating its 8th birthday today. Congratulations, dear Cpt. Denny!

QSLs Received / Radio Eldorado eQSL 11 Dec 2019
« on: August 18, 2022, 1627 UTC »

Thanks a lot, Radio Eldorado for your great eQSL!

17.57 UTC Los Bravos - Black Is Black
17.59 UTC Riccardo Cocciante - Margarita
18.04 UTC Los 3 Sudamericanos - Cartagenera
18.07 UTC new song, panflute, male and female singer
18.10 UTC Station ID? (presumed), Formula V - A Hora Sť Que Me Quieres
18.15 UTC Angela Carrasco - Quererte A Ti
18.20 UTC Adamo - Cae La Nieve
18.23 UTC Paco de Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas
18.28 UTC Mari Trini - Cuando Me Acaricias
18.32 UTC too low audio and signal now, nothing more to be heard

weak in NW Germany (SINPO 22222), some STANAG interference also
Any idea of this station?

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