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2256:00-Southside Blues by Archie Fisher
2259:00-Silver Coin by Archie Fisher
2300:30-ID as "Chill Radio CHIL" - Song - Sky's the Limit by Fleetwod Mac
2304:00-Love is Dangerous by Fleetwod Mac
2308:00-In the Back of My Mind by Fleetwod Mac.

Heard in Walworth, NY with good signal on my RF Space SDR-IQ

Please send an eQSL to qslbill@philcobill.com
Bill Harms

Heard again tonight.
0030z ID Focus International
0031z UI song

Poor signal s3-5

Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland

Heard in Maryland USA with poor signal in between lightning crashes. Terrible readibility, but there nonetheless.

0137z "Rock the Casbah."
0140z Talk by DJ. Shortwave 48 Meter band. He listed some names.
0141z ID as "You are listening to Focus International."

Bill Harms
Elkridge, MD

QSL appreciated at philcobill@verizon.net

Heard again here on 6150.5 with Andy Walker with before they were famous songs

Bill Harms
Elkridge Maryland

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 0120z 15 April 2014
« on: April 15, 2014, 0128 UTC »
0020z a guy doing a stand up routine (comedy?)

Just above the noise floor

Measured freq at 6924.99 or maybe a little lower than that

Bill Harms
Elkridge MD


QSLs Received / Channel Z QSL received via postal mail 11 Apr 2014
« on: April 12, 2014, 0149 UTC »

North American Shortwave Pirate / TCS 6850.44 10 April 2014 0024z
« on: April 11, 2014, 0026 UTC »
0024:00-"Chewy Chewy" Ohio Express
0026:00-"Sugar Sugar" Archies
0028:00-ID as "Crystal Ship Bubblegum Express"
0028:30-"I'm a Believer" Monkees
0031:00-"Tracy" Cuff Links
0033:00-"My Baby Loves Lovin'" White Plains

Heard here in Maryland s9

Appreciate QSL at Bill Harms philcobill@verizon.net

2341z First known record of the Beatles.
Heard in Maryland

QSL appreciated at Bill Harms philcobill@verzion.net

Hear here in Maryland s9

0438z Man talked over music.  I heard him say laser and kilohertz

Played various obscure songs from rock era

at 0502z heard mentions of Manchester, livestream, 6950 kHz (old Frequency?), and of course ID

Obviously a recording

Bill Harms
QSL appreciated at philcobill@verizon.net

S9 +
0000z heard with ID into news

Bill Harms

European Pirates and Private Stations / Reply from Shortwave Gold
« on: April 05, 2014, 0143 UTC »
I got the following reply from Black Steven at Shortwave Gold in response to a reception report (emailed to shortwavegold@gmail.com):
Thank for writing.
At the moment we are NOT doing QSL Cards
Stay in touch with the ''tower of power'' and we will answer soon.
skype: shortwavegold
facebook shortwave gold
SWG team

Shortwave heard here with s8-9

Really difficult to pull out song titles.

2348z "I Can't Make You Love Me."
2352z ID "Shortwave Gold from the Tower of Power." Into song by Anya.
2355z ID again.  "Tonight I celebrate My Love" with Roberta Flack.
2359z Song by Madonna.  I thought I heard something about a "playground."
0004z ID and then Song "How about us."

Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland

QSL appreciated philcobill@verizon.net

Heard here in Maryland s9+10

0036 Pocket Size

Bill Harms

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