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weak music

1507 UTC, Justin Hayward & Jon Lodge - You

Fair singal with light fading

1449 UTC, ID Radio Lowland
1451 UTC, MFSB - Let`s clean up the Ghetto

Signal is strong (-66 dBm) but conditions are not the best

1052 UTC, Danny Lukassen - Zomer in Amsterdam
1055 UTC, Lenny Kuhr - Visite

1221 UTC, signing on with music
1222 UTC, Rainbow - Over the rainbow
1227 UTC, Peter Maffay - Du
1232 UTC, Willeke Alberti - Ciao Venezia
1258 UTC, OM with ID , but not clear enough for ID

0649 UTC, Johnny Nash - I can see clearly now
0650 UTC, Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the middle
0706 UTC, OM with ID Radio Europa (UA)

0603 UTC, weak music
0627 UTC, Melon Diesel - Por ti
0629 UTC, Los Ronaldos  - Senti Ilamar

Original topic: UNID 6298.85 AM 1610 UTC 05 Jan 2023

1610 UTC, Foster the people - pumped up kicks
1612 UTC, distorted audio, signal drifting badly

edit by Shortwave_Listener: It is best to use the approximate frequency followed by a v to indicated variable when a station is drifting. It is also advised to use a rounded frequency in topics and give the exact frequency in your post.

1555 UTC, Albert Hammond - It never rains in California
1614 UTC, s/off - no ID

1149 UTC, signing on
1150 UTC, audio on and off
1155 UTC, Gerry & the Peacemakers - I like it (audio now stable)
1159 UTC, s/off without ID

Massive signal S9+30

1014 UTC, carrier
1015 UTC, Tina Turner - Steamy Window
1021 UTC, OM talking - not clear enough to ID
1022 UTC, s/off

Overall a nice Signal with S9+13 with some noise / fading

0955 UTC, t.A.T.u. - All the things she said
0957 UTC, ID into Falco - Der Kommissar

0557UTC, weak music (15dBm over noise floor)
0627UTC, Mojinos Escozios - Follo me on the Eskay

SDR - Software Defined Radio / New Perseus 22 announced
« on: June 24, 2022, 1040 UTC »

Perseus22 is a 4 channels, direct sampling receiver with a continuous frequency coverage from 10 KHz to 225 MHz and a typical image rejection larger than 70 dB.
All channels are synchronously sampled by an high SNR, 14 bits A/D converter and processed by a software defined digital down converter, implemented on an FPGA, which outputs are routed to the host PC by a USB 3.0 controller, allowing wide-bandwidth IF applications.
The frequency coverage is split-up in 2 groups of channels (two for VLF-HF frequency range, the others for VHF), each one capable of diversity, which can reduce noise in order of tens dB. All channels includes an analog RF frontend equipped with attenuators, preselection filters and amplifiers.
The receiver enclosure is machined from solid aluminium and finished with a fine, non reflecting, black surface treatment.

SIO 554 - strong signal with light fading

1256 UTC, Gino Soccio - Dance to dance
1300 UTC, OM talking about previous played song in EN with British accent

1312 UTC s/off
1314 UTC, back on
1320 UTC, ID UDJ (United  DJs) , relay of an old show

SIO 454, medium fading & static

2051 UTC, Freddy Mercury - Living on my own
2054 UTC, instrumental song
2101 UTC, OM with ID Technical Man / Technische Man"

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