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Had a nice surprise today (Nov 19) by receiving the following reply to my report sent to Sae Nala Bangsong (New Country Broadcasting)
at social@sonsndaughters.co .

"Dear Mr. Ron Howard,

It is such a pleasant surprise to receive your encouraging and thoughtful e-mail. We have only just begun this media venture and are greatly
encouraged by your email.

May I ask how it is that you came across our program, our contact information, and if you are able to understand the Korean language?

To briefly share a little bit more about the broadcast program, Sae Nala Bangsong is a radio broadcast produced by Sons & Daughters Co.
in hopes to touch the lives of North Koreans and offer hope.

We are a small media startup made up of young adults. We have big dreams and visions to create impactful media content for our generation.
Among other things we are currently putting in our time and effort into producing these radio program and creating YouTube content regarding
North Korea. You may also find out more about us via our YouTube channel where you can find our company introduction video which is in
English. < https://youtu.be/13kzzSo4Ojg >.

We are in the pre-production stages of more content related to North Korea and if you feel led to share our program and our company with easy
to share links I have provided links below for your convenience. You may also be interested in our short film that was made for the promotion of
our radio program. We have created this film in hopes to raise support for our media projects regarding North Korea.

I want to thank you again for taking your time to listen to our program and reaching out to us with such encouraging news. We greatly appreciate
your interest and well wishes.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach us through this email address.

Sons & Daughters Co.

Hear Me in The Wind | Short Film

새나라방송 | Sae Nala Bangsong Sample programs
Monday program | http://gladdesert.sonsndaughters.co/monday
Wednesday program | http://gladdesert.sonsndaughters.co/wednesday
Friday program | http://gladdesert.sonsndaughters.co/friday "

? Does this now mean they are on the air on Mon-Wed-Fri and no longer Tue-Thu-Sun? Ron


Recently Echo of Hope - VOH had not been heard on their regular alternating weekly frequencies of 9095-9100-9105. But
today (Nov 19) for the first time I was instead hearing the programming of the Voice of the People on 9100 kHz. (ex: 3480),
at 1002 UT, with a good signal (no N. Korea jamming).  VOP: 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600 // 9100 kHz. So they are
back to their full six frequencies.

VOP - Bodo (News) - 1002-1019 UT - My audio is at http://bit.ly/3x4DNGf .
Gohyang-e on pyeonji (A letter from home) - 1019 UT - My audio is at http://bit.ly/3FBzaql .

Whereas, Echo of Hope - VOH, was heard on 3990 // 4885 // 6000 (back on the air today) // 6250 // 6355 kHz., at 1030 UT.
Is there a sixth frequency hiding someplace?

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 100 ft. long wire

Clandestine Stations / Korea
« on: November 18, 2021, 0310 UTC »
KOREA SOUTH. Monday (Nov 15) observations:

Echo of Hope - VOH, this week again with two frequencies silent (alternate 5990-5995-6000 & 9095-9100-9105); while 3990 // 4885 (killing Brazil
reception) // 6250 // 6355 were all on the air and not jammed on their new alternate frequencies today at 0920 UT, but the next day (Nov 16) all were
jammed by N. Korea; so Brazil (4885), was doubly killed!

Voice of the People, this week the same three frequencies were silent today - 3930, 3480 & 4450; while 3910 // 6520 // 6600 all active today, at 0925 UT.
Interesting to note Nov 16, that 3930 & 4450, were briefly heard again for a short time about 1043, but didn't stay on for long.

Voice of Freedom (6045). Am happy to report that the N. Korean pulsating jamming (formerly 0700-1100 UT) is now totally silent, leaving very good
reception here; Nov 14, at 0900 UT - time tone; station jingle "jinsil-e soli, huimang-e soli, jayu-e soli bangsong!" (Voice of truth, Voice of hope, Voice
of Freedom Broadcast), "Jayu-e solibangsong-eseo ohu 6 (yeoseos) sileul allyeodeulibnida" ("Voice of Freedom announces 6pm"), "Bodo gwangjang"
(News Plaza); after 0923, QRM from OTH radar.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 100 ft. long wire

Thanks to a timely tip from Amano (Japan), I found at 1010 UT, on Nov 8, that N. Korea's super white noise jamming is now
on 4885, totally blocking Brazil.
Probably only a temporary situation, as Echo of Hope - VOH is on 4890 for this week and the
jamming should eventually move up to that frequency. Time will tell as to what develops here.

It was on back on Sept 27, that I noted N. Korea had stopped broadcasting their super white noise jamming in the 49m band
(weekly alternating from 5990-5995-6000, as well as 6015 and also 6045). Had to wonder what was happening? Why the
sudden change and what were they going to do in the future? Now we know they plan to jam Echo of Hope - VOH, as they
alternate weekly between 4880-4885-4890. During the years that I have monitored VOH, had never heard 4880-4885-4890
jammed before by NK; yes, blocked at times by OTH radar QRM, but not jammed.

Nov 8 (Monday), Echo of Hope - VOH frequencies for this week: 3985 (CNR2 QRM) // 4890 (clear of the 4885 jamming,
but probably only a matter of time before the jamming moves up to 4890) // 5995 // 6255 // 6350 // 9105, at 0946 UT, with
pop song (Chicago - "Hard To Say I'm Sorry").

VOP, at 0950 UT on 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600; while 3480 remains silent.

Voice of Freedom, at 0956, on 6045; almost fair with moderate NK pulsating jamming (not super white noise jamming).

KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, at 0955, on 6015; fair with weak NK pulsating jamming (not super white noise jamming) underneath.

Shortwave Broadcast / WRNO 7505 AM 1253 UTC 7 Nov 2021
« on: November 07, 2021, 1425 UTC »

WRNO (7505) 1253 UT, Nov 7; Chinese language program ("Praise for Today"); 1300, Chinese WRNO ID and program ID;
1305, WRNO ID in English; brief preaching in English; into religious songs. Continuing with their new extended schedule.

Clandestine Stations / Korea - November 3, 2021
« on: November 03, 2021, 1103 UTC »
> KOREA SOUTH. 6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, from 0714+ UT, Sept 27. Normally this station would be totally
> blocked by strong NK white noise jamming, but not today; a very rare situation here; "K-B-S Radio" SA; pop songs;
> 0800, frequencies given; time pips; radio drama. My audio posted at http://bit.ly/3ugiyzF .
> KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on 6015, continues to be free of the usual strong white noise jamming from NK; at 1220 UT,
> on Sept 28, in progress with the audio feed from the TV KBS news at 9 (1200 UT = 9:00 PM KST), after each news item
> SA given - "K-B-S News"; program is posted daily to YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjJZpGKr2eA ). Wonderful
> to hear this without the normally, always strong white noise jamming! There is some QRM from a much weaker station, which
> I think is probably PBS Xinjiang. Ron (California)

Since Sept 27, the 49m band has been free of the three N. Korea super white noise jamming frequencies: against Echo of Hope - VOH
(weekly alternating between 5990-5995-6000); KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 (6015); and on 6045. Has been great to now hear VOH, KBS
and VOF (now on 6045 [ex 5920]) without the usually strong white noise jamming.

Nov 3 - KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on 6015, at 0744, with the station's singing "K-B-S" jingle; as usual now clear of white noise jamming.

Nov 3 - Echo of Hope - VOH new frequencies for this week; 3980 // 4885 // 5990 // 6250 // 6348 // 9100, at 0727. Pleased to find they have
returned to their regular weekday language lesson, instead of the recent non-stop music played during this time period; start of the audio
feed from a TV program called "Wang cho bo yeong-eo" (Beginner's English); intro & exit theme song is the "Party Will Come Alive" by
Wizardz Of Oz (with Ruben Martinez); the usual intro with announcer saying "English trainer" and gives his name ("Mayu"), then the woman
announcer says her name ("Mini"), then they both say in English, "Good morning everybody"; "Is this your first visit?", "No, I have been here
before," "What are your symptoms?", "I have a fever and I have a chill as well," etc. This program will be repeated again today at 1127 and
1527 UT.

Nov 3 - Voice of Freedom now on 6045 (ex: 5920), at 0635 UT, first noted the VOF open carrier; audio started at 0753 UT, with details
corresponding to those reported by Amano (Japan) on Nov 1 (VOF's first day on 6045) - starting music at 0753, gong rung three times,
VOF ID, Republic of Korea national anthem, VOF FM frequency announcement, VOF station's singing jingle, 0500 PM KST announcement,
time pips and at 0800, the start of the program "Hamkke tteonaneun eum-ag-yeohaeng" (Let's go music together). My unedited ten minute
audio is at http://bit.ly/3mGCWb8 . Thanks very much to Amano for his ongoing assistance with these Korean stations!

Unfortunately VOF's ex 5920 continued today to be jammed by NK with a pulsating noise jamming (not the white noise jamming). Suspect
it is only a matter of time before it moves up to 6045 and will probably continue to be on from about 0700 to ending sometime after 1100
(cut off time varies a lot!).

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 100 ft. long wire


Info found online and with the excellent assistance of pasar malam (via "Now On The Radio" Website):

Sae Nala Bangsong (New Country Broadcasting), is a religious radio station presented by Sons and Daughters Company,
of South Korea. The CEO and founder is Matthew Bahng. The company creates and delivers hopeful messages packed with
new sounds to attract all demographics of North Koreans. They know for a fact that their programs are already making
an impact in people's lives in North Korea and this is one project that will continue and will not stop until they
become one as a nation. Sons & Daughters Company aims to arouse the interest of North Koreans and people around the
world by delivering messages through creative and modern content. Little by little, they are seeing results. They are
confident that this project will have a positive impact on youth in North Korea and around the world. Intro video in
English - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13kzzSo4Ojg . Sons and Daughters Company homepage in Korean -
https://www.sonsanddaughtersco.com/ . Thanks very much to pasar malam for his wonderful help!

My Oct 19 (Tuesday) observations - Sae Nala Bangsong (New Country Broadcasting) via RRTM Telecom Tashkent (per Ivo),
on 9585, from *1600 to 1630* UT; in Korean; fair-good reception; first time I have checked on this religious station broadcasting
to N. Korea; intro frequency (S-W, gu - oh - pal - oh [SW 9585]); sounded like preaching and religious song; at 1626,
a clear "Amen." My 1600-1615 UT audio is posted at http://bit.ly/3jimMm8 . Station is only on Tue/Thu/Sun.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 30m long wire

Clandestine Stations / Korea - VOH and VOP anomalies
« on: October 18, 2021, 1233 UTC »

Echo of Hope - VOH, on Sat., Oct 16, noted the normal weekend only reading of a Harry Potter story, on 3985 // 5995 // 6350, at 0723 UT.

Observed on Monday, Oct 18

VOH, on new frequencies of 3990 // 6000 // 6355; checking for the usual 0723-0752, EBS TV audio feed for the English language lesson
("Wang cho bo yeong-eo" - Beginner's English), which is always aired on weekdays, but today surprised to find instead only non-stop EZL
pop songs (Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You," Carpenters - "Close To You," Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On,"  Bee Gees -
"How Deep Is Your Love," etc.). This is the first time I have heard this format. Perhaps the TV audio feed was not available today, so they
played filler music? Later at 0846, I heard the usual EBS news headlines in English.

Echo of Hope - VOH: this week's frequencies: 3990 // 4890 (no change!) // 6000 (this week no longer QRMing Mali) // 6250 // 6355 // 9100, at 0903 UT.

Voice of the People: only three frequencies heard at 0910 UT, not the usual six: 3910 // 4450 // 6520; no trace of 3480 (recently has been off the air!),
3930, nor 6600.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 100 ft. long wire

Clandestine Stations / Korea - Oct 11 update
« on: October 13, 2021, 0055 UTC »
KOREA. Observed on Monday, Oct 11:

Echo of Unification, 3945 // 5905, at 1205 UT; both fair.

Voice of Freedom, 5920, at 1230 UT, with strong signal; no NK jamming.

The frequencies for this week for VOP and VOH:

Voice of the People: no changes; 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600, at 1200 UT; continuing to be off the air is 3480, which is unfortunate,
as it was formerly the best heard frequency.

Echo of Hope - VOH: 3985 // 4890 // 5995 (yes, will again cause QRM for Mali when they are on the air) // 6255 // 6350 // 9105, at 1150 UT.
On Oct 12, was able to hear VOH at 0540, on 5995, in the clear before the start of Mali; after Mali came on, VOH was unusable.


ETHIOPIA. 7110, Radio Ethiopia (Home Service), 1430-1500* UT, Oct 10. Very respectable reception via long path; my local sunrise was
at 1410 UT and Addis Ababa sunset was at 1510 UT; usual program during this time period with chatting on the phone; also some HOA
music; 1455, non-stop music till IDs, nice IS and audio cut off after gong rung only two times (not the usual three times). My audio, ending
with IDs, IS and gongs, at http://bit.ly/3iMyCES .


Clandestine Stations / Taiwan - Sound of Hope ID
« on: October 04, 2021, 1851 UTC »
TAIWAN. 6214.92, Sound of Hope, 1200 UT, Oct 4. Clear IDs in Chinese; "Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai"
(Sound of Hope international broadcast station), given twice (once by OM and once by YL); into the news; // 6230
// 6280. Never any time pips at top-of-the-hour. My audio at http://bit.ly/3FjvTwv .

Clandestine Stations / Korea - Oct 4 (Monday)
« on: October 04, 2021, 1327 UTC »

KOREA SOUTH. Monday (Oct 4) observations at 0725 UT:

Echo of Hope - VOH, start of the weekday audio feed from a TV program called "Wang cho bo yeong-eo" (translated into
English - Beginner's English); intro & exit theme song is the "Party Will Come Alive" by Wizardz Of Oz (with Ruben Martinez);
the usual intro with announcer saying "English trainer" and gives his name ("Mayu"), then the woman announcer says her name
("Mini"), then they both say in English, "Good morning everybody." Program will be repeated again at 1125 & 1525 UT.

The new VOH frequencies for this week: 3980 // 4885 (strong Brazil QRM) // 5990 (leaving Mali on 5995 in the clear!) // 6250
// 6348 // 9100 kHz.

Voice of the People - Oct 4 (Monday), at 1205 UT; no change of frequency for this week: 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600 kHz.

VOP on 3480 continues to be off the air! Have they moved to a new frequency?

Voice of Freedom, on 5920, at 0725, heard North Korea pulsating jamming and VOF open carrier before their *0753 UT sign on.

There is ongoing news of better relations: "North and South Korea restore cross-border hotline" (Oct 4 -  http://bit.ly/2WBRaQk )

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 100 ft. long wire

CHINA. 6035, "Yunnan Radio International" (PBS Yunnan), Sept 30 with unusually good reception; tuned in at 1315 UT,
expecting to hear Chinese, but instead clearly with Vietnamese (1300-1330?), so assume a new language schedule; in
the past, 1000-1030 was their Vietnamese segment, followed by all Chinese; today 1315-1330 was in Vietnamese, then
nice clear IDs (one in English - "Yunnan Radio International"); then into programs in Chinese. Was very pleased to find
they are still giving IDs in English. My audio, starting with IDs - http://bit.ly/3kXPIBn .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 30m long wire

Clandestine Stations / Korea Sept 27 (Monday)
« on: September 27, 2021, 1243 UTC »

Echo of Hope - VOH, Sept 27 (Monday), change of frequencies; 0850, news headlines in English; only on three frequencies; for this
week on new 3985 // 5995 // 6350; rare to find them free of North Korea jamming; all fair-good.

Later 1000+ UT, all frequencies fair-good; no jamming; new frequencies this week; 3985 // 4880 // 5995 // 6245 // 6350 // 9095 kHz.

No super jamming from NK on 6045; clear frequency.

Voice of Freedom (5920) jammed; usual pulsating noise; not white noise jamming (0753+ till probably off about 1100 UT)

Voice of the People, jammed as usual (3480 [not heard?] // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600).


KOREA SOUTH. 9105 (same frequency as last week), Echo of Hope - VOH, Sept 20 (Monday), at 1535, the weekday TV audio feed
for the English language lesson ("Wang cho bo yeong-eo" - Beginner's English); in Korean and English; this conforms to their four hour
program loop; these programs can be heard at 0735 & 1135 & 1535 UT.

Earlier at 1430, VOH noted with interesting anomaly this week; instead of all frequencies changing on Monday as usual, this week only
three frequencies changed from last week (3990 [ex 3985] // 6000 [ex 5995] // 6355 [ex 6350]; while three remained the same as last
week (4890 // 6255 // 9105).

But then the next day (Sept 21 - Tuesday), at 1440, the three unchanged frequencies had changed (4885 [ex 4890] [Ralph, you did well
to catch them on their first day here!] // 6250 [ex 6255] // 9100 [ex 9105]). So VOH has divided up the changes between Monday and
something that has never happened before!

Voice of the People, as usual, remains the same for this week (3480 [still the best reception by far] // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600).

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