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0039  Light rock song,
0043  ID 'Please send your reception reports to... & e-mail, then a rock ballad,
0049  Brief ID then 'Do It Again' by Steely Dan,
0110  S5 at re-check

S8 and clear of noise, West Chester OH SDR

Other / Unid 6930 kHz AM 1230 UTC 30 OCT 2016
« on: October 30, 2016, 1254 UTC »
Relaying 14-20 WKCW

1230  Everyday People
1234  Don't Cry Out Loud
1238  Beat It
1242  ID jingle, Dancing Queen
1246  Only Love Is Real
1249 '14-20 WKCW' ID, song by Al Green

Solid S9 on a SDR in Virginia.  Someone testing for Halloween ?

OK 1309 UTC and it's not audible anywhere else.  I think it's a local AM product on 6930 being picked up by the SDR, or it's a product of the SDR itself.

Scratch one log !

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