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Utility / South and Central America MWARA Voice Comms
« on: July 05, 2017, 1049 UTC »
Does anyone know which frequencies are in use for voice comms for South and Central America? I haven't comprehensively tried the standard listings, but haven't got any traffic on 10024 for a year or so, and haven't heard anything on 10096. From here in NZ I should be able to pick up something at least around 0400 - 0630 (dusk) if not into the night, as Santa Maria / Shanwick / Gander are all relatively easy to get. Jon.

Planned for Saturday 24 June 0430utc - 0800utc at a highly secret location on New Zealand's East Coast. I plan to keep an ear on 6.850 - 7.000 MHz and any other frequencies folk would care to suggest. If the weather forecast looks atrocious on the 23rd I may need to post a postponement email (although it was somewhat rugged last time and only the bamboo props at each end of the dipole fell over...)  UPDATE: postponed to Sat 1 July (any further modifications will be posted...)

I hope to be out on the East Coast of New Zealand trying out an Elad Duo-R receiver on Saturday 1 April. This is just a few hours before our daylight saving time ends, and sunset is around 0628 utc. I hope to be in action from 0530 to around 0700.

Uidentified txn 6930kHz 0709-0839utc 19 November; always ar nearly always a male speaker, lang unid, consistent speech speed, no music, logged at 0709; 0721; 0730; 0742; 0839. At 0721, 0730 and 0742 there were snatches of music as well (different txn and possibly a cross-modulation). There was also a possible 2 way txn conversation going on at 0709 with (but wait, there's more!) data bursts intermittently as well.
Here are the possibilities: (1) another cross modulation (2) fishermen, but the voice was consistent in speed and didn't seem to change (3) other.
Anyone with an sdr recording able to confirm (or negate) any of these?
Heard on South Island coast, New Zealand.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Elad FDM-Duo R
« on: October 23, 2016, 0901 UTC »
Would anyone who owns one of these care to comment on its pros and cons? Looks interesting...

Spy Numbers / UNID NUMBERS 9064kHz 0605utc 1 Oct
« on: October 01, 2016, 1141 UTC »
UNID NUMBERS 9064kHz 0605utc 1 Oct coming in very strongly in English, no detectable accent (if computer generated voices have accents!) Any info gratefully received...

Other / UNID, 5645 kHz, 0951-0956utc, 24 Sept
« on: September 24, 2016, 1153 UTC »
Alternating male announcer and singers/music, just above detectability threshold. Was interrupted twice by a utility at about 0954. Received on E coast NZ on 46m dipole. Would be interested to hear from anyone with SDR recordings at this time. Also dropped in on the 6850 - 7000 band from 0629 - 0644. Weak carrier on 6975 but apart from data txn's all quiet here.

Over the years I've had (and still am  having) quite a bit of fun with the Lowe. So far, I haven't found anything better than a simple dipole with speaker cable to feed it, for SW reception.  Except, perhaps, a dipole with cutouts to match it for a particular frequency of interest. One challenge so far has been MW reception - which seems poor.  I'm wondering if there are any Lowe users (there must be thousands of them out there :-)  ) who have found an antenna that works well for it on MW.

WREC Radio Free East Coast 6935kHz usb on 13 August 2016 with station id at 0529; also tuned in at 0544-0550; 0612-0617 and 0627-0633 (end of txn). A few individual speech phrases were identifiable. Received New Zealand, South Island's East Coast, using Lowe HF-150 and dipole cut for 6.925kHz.

Channel Z Radio received 13 August 0533-0542utc (using double sideband on my set for best quality) ; 0600-0607 (using usb from memory); and 0634-0635 (back on double sideband; end txn). Some individual short phrases of speech were identifiable. Reception from South Island New Zealand, East Coast, using Lowe HF-150 and dipole cut for 6.925kHz.

I'm intrigued by this receiver - one which if I had more cash, and one was actually available, would be a hot contender for my next receiver... Does anyone know if SLC is still in existence? There seems to have been none available on their website for about a year or more. And if anyone who owns one would care to comment on its performance I'd be interested to hear.

I plan to be back out on the coast keeping watch on the 6.9 MHz area on Saturday 13 August, 0430utc-ish till 0630utc-ish. If time permits I will also keep an eye on the 6.2 MHz area.  It will be great to see who is "out there" this weekend!

Hello, I will be on the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, listening out on 6850 to 7000kHz between a little before 0500 up to 0600 utc approx. (tomorrow, Saturday 16 July utc). It's my plan to have both delta and dipole cut for this band in operation. In the past Channel Z has been received, and am hoping to hear others also tomorrow. Any others around the Pacific welcome to join in listening - you never know what signals there might be!

A very intermittent watch was kept on 6250-6500 and 6850-7000kHz between about 0440 utc and 0850 utc approx, on 18 June, and a more regular lookout was kept for Channel Z, which was heard on 6925 first at 0428 utc up to 0524 utc approx - end of transmission (except for times between spent trawling other frequencies). Reception was poor - able to detect that the announcer was male, and snatches of detail of music tracks, but no individual words were able to be heard this time.
At 0432 utc - ish I was receiving two signals on 6954, one possibly in English and I wondered if it might be a cross-modulation from NZ perhaps. Something was also present on 6954 at 0440, and approx 0448, but had gone by 0504.
Nothing else of note was noted. (A few carrier waves but they seem to pop up everywhere...)
I was using a simple dipole cut for 6.925 and a flattened delta (horizontal 3.1X vertical height approx) cut for same frequency, with terminator, balun and preamp; and Lowe HF-150, from a coastal site 200m plus from the nearest power lines.
If anyone knows of a transmission on 6954 I'd be interested to hear - my readout is in 1kHz intervals but it's a full 1 or 2 turns of the tuning dial per 1kHz depending on whether I'm on usb or double sideband, so think the 6924 will be fairly accurate.

I will be keeping a listening ear from the East Coast of New Zealand where Channel Z has been heard in recent months. Frequencies I will be periodically trawling are 6200-6450 and 6850-7000kHz from 0430utc to around 0900utc. I appreciate these aren't primetime transmitting times but that's late afternoon to mid evening here (4.30pm till 9pm local time). I will endeavour to contact any stations received with a reception report, and may attempt recording via cellphone, though mine is a basic model and exporting recordings may be a challenge.

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