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Broadcast Announcements / Ghosts in the Air Glow - HAARP
« on: March 23, 2019, 1953 UTC »
interested parties are sure to enjoy this occasion.

HF Mystery Signals / an oddity centered at 4685Khz
« on: March 10, 2019, 0003 UTC »
not entirely sure what this is, its too random and non-uniform to be OTHR or some type of data.
its not the HFDL that i know is near the frequency.
to get the best idea, tune to 4685Khz using I/Q.
whatever this was stopped at 0011Z but it may come back at a later date and time.
the next time, i will grab a video and an I/Q recording (i should have done that)

S6 on the Victor, NY Kiwi
yes, the TX is working good - audio is good also, about 4Khz, low audio frequency is present at about 60Hz lowest i can see on the spectrum.
now on Chris' Kiwi with an S8.
S/off @ 1931

OM/OW Drama show, S4 on my Kiwi.

S3-4 average, peaking to S5 occasionally, long/short fades - received on my Kiwi.
S5-6 average on Uniontown Kiwi, peaking to S8 at times, long/short fades

S5-S7 on Jumonville, PA Kiwi SDR

thanks for the tunes - happy new year  8)
edit - i get it better on the Uniontown Kiwi MDK (which is why i left the Maine Kiwi) - happy new year to you MDK
unfortunately, the Uniontown Kiwi is not enabled for 20Khz BW (10Khz audio), so its limited to 12Khz BW (6Khz audio).
1722 - my current favorite song and i didnt even request it  8) - Lord Huron "when the night is over" - HF pirates are awesome

robot voice speaking numbers.
2028 - appears to have stopped - love the strange stuff on this Halloween day  ;D

S5-S7 with fades on Warrenton, VA SDR, playing "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder.
1642 - signed off
1739 - back on again with "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder using the Uniontown, PA SDR with about S5-S7 with fades.
1744 - faded up strong with OM saying "...looking for the relay station" - couldnt catch the first part, Uniontown SDR has alot of noise - back into "Superstition" again :D
1748 - its Yeah Man Radio ! playing Chris' favorite song (he doesnt appear to be around today) - thanks for the quick broadcast, yes, your test worked perfectly ! (off at 1749) - also heard on the Cleveland, Ohio SDR with same stats of S5-7 and fades

hearing what i presume to be Mix Radio this afternoon, howdy Mix !
insane audio response to 20Khz (40Khz BW), i didnt think music had much above 16Khz :D
if you are taking requests Mix, i'd like to hear "modest mouse - float on" (thanks for playing the request Mix !)
im sure Chris would love to hear anything Elvis or Stevie Wonder.
thanks for the tunes on this miserable rainy monday work day ;)
"Superstitious" i believe is Chris' favorite song.
1852 - off air
thanks for the monday tunes Mix, im looking forward to more in the future if you do any :)

I speak on behalf of many pirate radio operators and respectfully ask all members of hfunderground, new and senior, to please respect the privacy of all pirate radio operators and please do NOT post links to screen captures of the TDoA results or post the coordinates of the TDoA results from the Kiwi SDR in this forum.
I ask you to please keep this information to yourself.
Thank you.

General Radio Discussion / Happy Fathers Day ! 6/17/18
« on: June 17, 2018, 1950 UTC »
Happy Fathers Day to all respected OP's and Hobbyists !

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6900 AM 2010 UTC 6/2/18
« on: June 02, 2018, 2018 UTC »
started with a very wide tone sweep then into excellent sounding AM audio, lots of lower frequencies and upper audio frequencies, sounds great ! - looks like 15Khz wide audio - impressive - shaking my sub-woofer lol :D
enjoying the selection of music, thanks !
at the end of backstreet boys "larger than life", signed off @ 2132z

S5-6 on the Maryland SDR, "FM'ing" carrier and Jazz music, my money is on "Yeah Man" radio ;)
hints of a carrier on my own SDR :(

listening on the VA SDR, jazz music
off at 1823Z
edit1: sounded like "Yeah Man Radio"

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