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on 1431 kHz, Mike radio, pop rock oldies, some old Mi Amigo jingles, strong in central Belgium (and several other web sdr)

Longwave Loggings / 2023-07-04 : 216 kHz - Blank carrier
« on: July 04, 2023, 1555 UTC »
2023-07-04 - blank carrier on 216 kHz, suddendly off at 15:50 UTC
Signal was about S7-S8 Belgium/France area

on 4625 khz (The Buzzer) in USB mode, music :

0545 Patrick Hernandez Born to be alife
0549 Kirk Douglas - Every was Kung Fu fighting
0550 Ghost Buster

Signal S8, light fading...must be "local" (NL, D, UK ??)
No station ID, no other infos
Was already on air same time on 04 April, maybe same station

S9 solid and stable signal during day time (North West France-Belgian border area) , non stop music - mix of 60's 70' and 80's, ID as Augusta
Also some signal in north of Brussels but nothing in several Netherland sdr

1437 S7 Lounge Music - slow fading
ID as "Jazz radio" (France), maybe a (pirate ?) relay from the web radio, same music as the web radio "https://www.jazzradio.fr/radio/webradio/5/lounge"

1583 khz is one khz below the right channel 1584

Equipment / Elecraft KX3 MARS mods
« on: July 29, 2021, 1417 UTC »

does somebody know how to apply MARS mods on the Elecraft KX3 ?
I know there is a firmware upgrade/apply for opening MARS freq.
If someone has this upgrade, please tell me, thanks

on 6377 kHz - AM, Techno mix and jingle "radio Joeyyy, your radio"
Strong, local thundertorm but signal SINPO 45444

on 6760 USB
1430 PinkFloyd
1435 id Radio Nova jingle

edit by Ray : adding '(NL)' to the ID (most probable)

9069.70 khz
08:50 blank carrier , 09:00 Instrumental tune, 09:03 Rock, 09:30 ID Radio Pamela + email address
Signal stable S5-S6 R2

on 5835
12:15 : Billy Swann "I can help", jingle "you're listenning to radio 319 shortwave"
12:30 : Vinlyl Show , old recording from 192radio.nl
13:22 qsy 5840
14:28 off-air

on 5803
12:35 Peggy sue, then some rocks songs

Equipment / USB Pirate Station, audio bandwidth
« on: October 09, 2019, 1336 UTC »

I wonder what kind of TRX American USB pirate do use for broadcast ?
Is that (un)modified audio bandwidth HAM rig ? Or are they using standard rig with USB cut-off audio bandpass 2,4 or 2,7 k ?

For now, I'm only use AM but it will be funny to make some tests in SSB mode.
Some HAM rigs have very narrow bandwidth about 2,4k wich is too much narrow.
The idea would be to find a rig with 2,7k (or maybe 2,9k) not too expensive for testing. Or bypass the audio filter and limiting bandwidth with equalizer.

Thanks for info

General Radio Discussion / ShortWave : What are these signals
« on: January 08, 2017, 1203 UTC »

What are these signals ? DRM Radio, Fax ... ? They are plenty of these signals all around the band  :-[

Equipment / Inverted L antenna & Counterpoise
« on: December 15, 2016, 1825 UTC »

In an inverted L antenna system, must the counterpoise be below and // from the horizontal fed ? or can it be in the opposite direction (but still //) ?


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