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Shortwave Pirate / Radio 48 6930 USB 2352 UTC 31 Oct 2020
« on: October 31, 2020, 2352 UTC »
Hearing music just above the noise floor. Fading in and out. SIO 333 to 444. Not sure if this is the same station from a few hours ago.

23:55 - Sound effects and ID - Radio 48
00:00 - Hearing rap/hip hop over the noise.
00:04 - Sound effects and ID

General Radio Discussion / Fast food drive through frequencies
« on: September 26, 2020, 0020 UTC »
I remember many years ago they were in the 150 mhz region. A ham friend with a modified 2 meter radio enjoyed pranking both the drive through and the headsets of the employees indoors. Are they still around 150 mhz, or have they moved?

Asking for a friend...

ID and Translation Requests / UNID 6248 khz LSB Nov 17 2019 0135 UTC
« on: November 17, 2019, 0254 UTC »
Spanish speaking in real time, a series of phonetics followed by "preparacion", another series of characters and the anouncement "segundo grupo" and continues in this manner. The only reference I found is from a Twitter account claiming it is the Venezuelan Navy. I couldn't find anything on Priyom, as I thought it was a numbers/military/government station. Overheard on an IC7300, W6LVP loop from Richardson, TX.

Link to video:


Hearing a rebroadcast of Jacksonville, Florida NOAA weather Radio on 9330 AM at 2219 utc here in Dallas, TX. Heavy fading, with occasional peaks of intelligible audio.

It sounds too weak to be WBCQ, and I haven't yet heard an ID

HF Mystery Signals / 8956khz Aug 4 02:37utc
« on: August 04, 2019, 0240 UTC »
I've been hearing this for the last 20 minutes as of now. It sounds like a CW signal while someone spins the knob back and forth. http://

Spy Numbers / Downloadable version of the Priyom.org schedule?
« on: May 29, 2019, 2328 UTC »
The numbers schedule on the front page of priyom.org is the best I've seen. Is there a schedule one can download for personal use? There's an option to copy the priyom sched into Google Calendar but that is fairly useless for me. I've been gathering frequency and station descriptions with the hopes of coming up with a memory bank for SDRUno, but given the complexity of station schedules it might not be that helpful to anyone.

HF Beacons / 6940.6 KHZ
« on: July 18, 2018, 0054 UTC »
0045 UTC hearing a very faint, irregular "dit" in CW mode around 6940.6. I'm not really familiar with pirate beacons, but I know there is a fair amount of pirate SSB activity in this area.

HF Beacons / V Beacon
« on: August 11, 2017, 0151 UTC »
0149 utc Aug 10 2017 5620 khz heard on the University of Twente SDR. Beacon repeating the letter V in cw. Strong signal, at S9

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HF Beacons / L beacon 5157khz
« on: July 08, 2017, 0453 UTC »
Listening to the University of Twente SDR online, at 0450 utc. Came in at about s2, just a bit above the noise, repeated the letter "L".

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Utility / 4XZ
« on: May 15, 2017, 1943 UTC »
19:40 utc, 6607.00 "V V V DE 4XZ 4XZ BT   BT" then a string of letters too fast for me to copy.

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Equipment / Limited space antennas
« on: April 27, 2017, 1321 UTC »
I am curious with those of you who live in apartments or HOA restricted communities do for antennas. I am currently in such a position and while I do not have a station setup yet I am looking into my options for equipment. I was considering a magnetic loop antenna, or getting a multi band dipole in the attic. Since my station would be used for transmitting in the ham bands I would like something that could do double duty. Although I am not opposed to having a separate antenna just for listening.

I also have an old VLF receiver at a relatives house I am hoping to get my hands back on soon. Are there any decent antenna options other than a random length of wire?

General Radio Discussion / New user, great forum
« on: April 25, 2017, 2344 UTC »
Having seen a few references to this site I finally decided to check it out. I tend to like things that are obscure, or unusual, and there appears to be much of that still in the shortwave spectrum.

I got involved in SW listening as a kid, then got a ham licence. It lapsed many years ago, but I've been bitten by the radio bug again. Hoping to get a station set up soon, as I sold my old Kenwood HF rig and my 2m rig was stolen in high school . My family is holding on to some vintage gear for me I hope to get back in my hands. I remember being fascinated by numbers stations, seemingly indecipherable digital signals, and the Russian woodpeckers. (I was amused when a band I'm a fan of used a numbers station sample in a song. I knew immediately what it was when I heard it, while everyone else scratched their heads.) I've been doing some reading on HF beacons and am really curious. I had thought the shortwave spectrum was pretty much dead, with the big broadcasters going off the air. Hopefully I was wrong.

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