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Longwave Loggings / MOG is back!
« on: April 09, 2020, 0432 UTC »
heard MOG 404 Khz Montague CA for the first time in the better part of a year. seems like the signal is stronger than before. And I thought it was gone forever

Longwave Loggings / Winter 2019 NDBs, Portland Oregon
« on: December 15, 2019, 1833 UTC »

NDB logs for 12/14 19 between 0500z and 0700z

200 UAB Anahim lake BC CAN
214 LU   Abbotsford BC CAN
221 QU  Grande Prarie AB CAN
223 YKA Kamloops BC CAN
236 YZA Ashcroft BC CAN
239 OJ   High Level AB CAN
242 ZT  Port Hardy BC CAN
251 YCD Nanaimo BC CAN
328 5J   Coronation AB CAN
332 VT  Buffalo Narrows SK CAN
338 ZU  Whitecourt AB CAN
341 DB  Burwash YT CAN
343 YZH Slave Lake AB CAN
344 XX  Abbotsford BC CAN
346 YXL Sioux Lookout AB CAN
350 NY  Enderby BC CAN
356 PND Portland OR USA
359 YAZ Tofino BC CAN
359 YQZ Quesnel BC CAN (this one usually beats with YAZ to the extent that they are both difficult to hear properly)
362 RPX Roundup MT USA
368 SX  Cranbrook BC CAN
368 ZP  Sandspit BC CAN (this one usually beats with SX to the extent that they are both difficult to hear properly)
374 EX Kelowna BC CAN
382 YE Fort Nelson BC CAN
395 YL Lynn Lake MB CAN
400 QQ Comox BC CAN

Received using a T antenna (in the attic of my apartment) and a WJ 8718. The antenna is matched with a 100 to 5 turn isolation transformer (100 on the antenna side)

Other / Racist ramblings on 80m
« on: July 29, 2019, 0456 UTC »
wow, I have heard a surprising amount of recordings/shouting sessions on 80 meters, (currently 3908 Kc, 0454 utc, 7-28-19)
lots of sexual, anti semetic, anti/pro trump, pro rape, anti/pro religious and other dirty content
featuring callsigns which may or may not actually belong to the hams involved.
I have heard these significantly more in the last year or so.

WEFAX and SSTV / frequencies
« on: July 28, 2019, 0532 UTC »
Is it just me? or is the Honolulu Hawaii radiofax transmitter on 11090 Kc running 100 cycles low?

I am listening to all with a 1 Kc bandpass and a BFO 1.9 Kc below center frequency.
No other sites seem to deviate from their posted TX frequencies.

General Radio Discussion / Custom ferrites
« on: December 18, 2018, 1716 UTC »
Sorry for the tease subject, but I think I may be on to something.

First, something about me. In my other life, I am a potter. I dig up mud from the ground, shape it, glaze it, and make tableware.
I have a serious interest in the design and use of industrial furnaces and kilns, vacuum firing, special materials ETC.
That being said, it would not be too long a road to tool up to make custom ferrite cores, and with luck I could be able to produce repeatable results on call within a year or two. 

So, what I am looking for is interest. Is there an interest in the radio and hobby electronics community for custom ferrites?
any shapes, sizes, frequency ranges that are difficult to get or heinously expensive?
Does anyone need anything that is not commercialy available?

if interest exists, I may seriously consider setting up to make custom shapes in small batches. if not feel free to tell me I am just letting my mind wander and that there is no point.
                         Thanks ---EC

Longwave Loggings / Northern California Winter NDB Logs
« on: December 03, 2018, 1649 UTC »

   Beacons heard between 0400z and 0630z on 12/2/2018 in Shasta Lake CA
TCY  203 Tracy CA  USA
HLE  220 Hailey ID  USA
LWG  225 Corvallis OR  USA
YZA  236 Ashcroft BC  CAN
ZT   242 Port Hardy BC  CAN
YCD  251 Nanaimo BC  CAN
ZSJ  258 Sandy Lake ON  CAN
SZT  264 Sandpoint ID  USA
VR   266 Vancouver BC  CAN
SLE  266 Salem OR  USA
XS   272 Prince George BC  CAN
YYF  290 Penticton BC  CAN
DC   326 Princeton BC  CAN
YLD  335 Chapleau BC  CAN
RYN  338 Tuscon AZ  USA
OIN  341 Oberlin KS  USA
XX   344 Abbotsford BC  CAN
YC   344 Calgary AB  CAN
MNC  348 Shelton WA  USA
NY   350 Enderby BC  CAN
RG   350 Oklaholma City OK  USA
LLD  353 Lanai HI  USA
MEF  356 Medford OR  USA
PND  356 Portland OR  USA
ON   356 Penticton BC  CAN
YQZ  359 Quesnel BC  CAN
YAZ  359 Tofino BC  CAN
RPX  362 Roundup MT  USA
YMW  366 Maniwaki QC  CAN
ZP   368 Sandspit BC  CAN
SX   368 Cranbrook BC  CAN
YK   371 Yakima WA  USA
OT   378 North Bend OR  USA
GC   380 Gillette WY  USA
YPL  382 Pickle Lake ON  CAN
PI   383 Pocatello ID  USA
CNP  383 Chappel NE  USA
JW   388 Jumping Pound Creek AB  CAN
YWB  389 Kelowna BC  CAN
DPP  391 Munoz Marin Intl. Airport PR  PTR
QQ   400 Comox BC  CAN

Really happy with puerto rico and cayman islands. didnt think I would hear these

Had to move my radio in to the bedroom because my shop is about 45 degrees F in the middle of the day and worse at night.(I know everyone not from California is laughing at that number).  I thought it might be time to work on the antenna too.
The radio is a WJ DMS-105a-2, antenna is an upside down V (top hat, not a dipole) fed against ground by a 50 ohm to 20,000 ohm balun . The top hat is about 20 feet higher than it used to be and significantly farther from metal objects, and the ground I am feeding the antenna against is better. seems to work well. lots of new beacons in this list for me.

This is one of the clearest explanations of optical resonance I have ever seen

General Radio Discussion / 160-190 Khz licenced users
« on: September 16, 2018, 1834 UTC »
I know anyone is allowed to transmit on this band given less than one watt final stage input power (excluding filament) and the antenna is not more than 15 meters in any dimension.
But does anyone even use this band, or are all the signals either unlicensed, or incedental.
I have not hear much on this and, save the odd QRSS carrier, or noise from digital devices, dimmers cars, etc.

Has anyone found out about any other regular users not in the domain of part 15?

Longwave Loggings / Early NDBs heard in northern CA
« on: September 12, 2018, 0542 UTC »
logs for 9/11/18 0230 to 0330 UTC
received on a 70's analog receiver, inverted L, Shasta Lake, CA
YYF 390Kc Penticton BC CAN
DC   326Kc Princeton BC CAN
RYN 338Kc Tuscon     AZ USA
XX    344Kc Abbotsford BC CAN
MEF 356Kc Medford   OR USA
YK    371Kc Yakima     WA USA
MF   372Kc  Mansfield OH USA  (longest distance yet with from my location)
OT   378Kc  North Bend OR USA
PI     383Kc  Pocatillo    ID USA
QQ  400Kc  Comox    BC CAN
MOG 404Kc Montague CA USA (this is my test signal, audible day and night, stable, and clean, i can pretty much always hear it)
MW 408Kc   Moses Lake WA USA

A little surprised to hear ohio nearly 2400 miles from me. but I certainly got a positive ID.
My inverted L feeds the 50 ohm input of my receiver through a 20,000 ohm to 50 ohm isolation transformer. it really brings a lot more signal in than the loop in my shack

General Radio Discussion / gotta catch em all
« on: May 05, 2018, 0455 UTC »
90's throwback, perhaps this has been said before.
Non Directional Beacons are the SWL's version of pokemon.

1.they just say their names over and over.
2. enthusiasts will go great lengths to "catch" new and unsusual ones, including travelling to remote locations.
3. somewhat special equipment is required to hear them. and people will even get competitive about building special antennas, converters, etc.
4. the more you find, the more you know, the better you get at finding new ones.

i'm sure there are more,  and I also don't know as much about pokemon as I could. Anyone find the resemblance striking?

General Radio Discussion / FCC licences
« on: November 17, 2017, 1900 UTC »
I work in the broadcast industry by day, and I found this search tool on the FCC website to be most useful, hopefully it hasn't been posted before, but I didnt find it.


if you click on "advanced search" you can search by discrete frequency or frequency ranges.  This may not be helpful for pirates, but plenty of unusual transmissions are actually legal.  Pretty much any united states licensed transmission should show up here.

P.S this search can return huge numbers of results, especially as frequency gets higher, so be as specific as possible

SDR - Software Defined Radio / SDR design and architecture
« on: May 29, 2017, 2014 UTC »
Maybe this is scary technical, but is anyone out there designing or building their own software defined radio?
 I think this is a project that is getting more attainable with the myriad of phenomenal parts from Analog devices, Maxim, TI and others. 
If anyone has any Ideas they have been thinking of lately, let me know, especially anyone who has ideas but feels like building an SDR is a big stumbling block.
            My hope if for this thread to be a source of input and feedback for people with ideas so those ideas can be further developed.

so far my main interests in sdr are;
   effecient undersampling to realize higher frequencies with a direct sampling front end
   use of homodyne and weaver architectures in the digital realm to reduce the dependence on processor power for demodulation

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