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Equipment / FM kits
« on: June 20, 2019, 0742 UTC »
Check out the following pages:




Professional Dutch made FM kits, outstanding audio quality and no spurs!

Also, the famous RDVV builder has made a new version: model 2019.
His latest version comes with an SWR/POWER bridge up to 1KW.

PM me if you're interessted

FM Free Radio / Pirating in the Netherlands
« on: June 19, 2019, 0939 UTC »
Hi guys.

I've noticed that FM pirating in the Netherlands ( and UK ) is totally different than anywhere else in the world.
Therefore i thought it might be interresting to give you guys a inside view of how things work over here.

So here we go:

We have 3 sorts of pirates:

- Persons that transmit from their homes. Typically with 1 ~2 dipoles, 10 - 30 meters high antennamast, 10W - 2Kw transmitter
- Groups of people that all put money in the piggybank. They buy an old towercrane 60 - 120 meters high, 4 ~8 Dipoles , 5 - 10 -15 -20Kw transmitter and an PC with 3G dongle and prepaid card as STL
- Person / group of people that put their transmitter on a high Building, Cell site or High Voltage pylon. Typically with 1 ~2 dipoles, 150W - 2Kw transmitter and a PC with 3G dongle

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