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SDR - Software Defined Radio / KiwiSDR question DRM extension
« on: July 29, 2022, 0151 UTC »
Greetings all!

I was trying to use the DRM extension to ID a station and for a great deal of the Kiwis in Europe, I was getting a message stating the extension was unavailable account of the Kiwi had more than 3 people using the SDR.  Looking at the user lists, it was usually just me and several WSPR-autorun stations.  My question is this, is the DRM extension restriction new?  (Unavailable if there's more than 3 people on the SDR)  And do they take in account these WSPR stations?  I'm ass-suming they're bots and in Europe at least almost every station I visited had at least 2 if not more logged on.

Thanks in advance!

Other / Maritime mobile net? 8152U
« on: December 22, 2021, 2210 UTC »
Hearing a maritime mobile net on 8152 USB.  Initially thought it was peskies, but it sounds like a legit boater's net.  Reminded me of Herb Hilgenberg's South Bound II wx net back in the day.  Good signal on Chris's skyloop SDR.  (2130 - 2215Z ish)

DGPS / DGPS Long Island, NY
« on: October 24, 2021, 0501 UTC »
Was farting around with a new W6LVP loop and realized there's stations still out there.  What I could grab in a casual session with Multipsk and no rotator.  When time permits I hope to get ADGPS and dig out the ones I couldn't decode.  73, Jim

Listening Location: Home, FN30dp (4037'30"N   07340'00"W)
Report Created On Oct 24, 2021 at 04:43 UTC
Receiver(s): TS-590, SDR-RSP1/2/1A, Airspy HF+
Antenna(s): 80m dipole, PA0RDT and AMRAD whips
Software: WWSU6.4, Multipsk
Report Sorted by Date in Ascending order, Frequency Range 0.00 - 525.00 kHz
DD UTC   kHz      Call       mi   Cmt  New Location


24 04:30 288      #942       862           Cape Ray, NL, CAN
24 04:19 295      #939       499           Partridge Island, NB, CAN
24 04:11 296      #929       325           St Jean Sur Richelieu, QC, CAN
24 04:17 298      #937       586        Y  Hartlen Point, NS, CAN
24 04:18 300      #926       532           Riviere Du Loup, QC, CAN
24 04:11 309      #927       445           Lauzon, QC, CAN
24 04:16 312      #935       515           Western Head, NS, CAN
24 04:14 319      #936       626        Y  Point Escuminac, NB, CAN

Session Comments:   
 1 - Using W6VLOP loop and SDRUno

Output Generated By WWSU (2013, Alex Wiecek - VA3VOR, http://www.ve3gop.com)

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