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Decent copy here - signal around S7 with slight fading; SINFO 45343

Peaking around S8 here (over an S6 noise level) with good copy (SINFO 45354).

"Audio check" then music. Solid S8 signal with decent audio and relatively little fading.

Utility / Re: 9600 USB HAARP December 27 20:45
« on: December 30, 2022, 1414 UTC »
I'm the one who observed what appears to be an identical signal, and reported it as unidentified in the post at https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,107329.0

I observed that it occupied approximately 30 Hz of bandwidth centered at 5358.62 kHz. I did not make an audio or IQ recording. Definitely HAARP?

HF Mystery Signals / Re: PSK? narrowband signal at 5358.62 kHz
« on: December 30, 2022, 0352 UTC »
Wish I had a batputer - would probably need a batcave to put it in, though. Still, I have to question the result - my preliminary research (i.e., googling) suggests this is a mode used for satellite communications - wouldn't expect to see it in the amateur 60 meter band!

HF Mystery Signals / PSK? narrowband signal at 5358.62 kHz
« on: December 26, 2022, 0323 UTC »
Unidentified approximately 30 Hz bandwidth signal (markers are 50 Hz apart); unchanging nature suggests idle marker. Falls in 60 meter amateur band, but doubt it's amateur-related. Can't find a close match at sigidwiki. Any ideas? Thanks!

I just confirmed that this is in fact Ballsmacker Radio by going to his website & verifying that his livestream matches this broadcast.

Signal peaking around S9+12 with a fair bit of fading (down to S9+8) above an S7 noise level (SINFO 55344). Any chance this is Ballsmacker Radio in disguise? That's the only pirate I've ever logged previously on this frequency.

Heard well above the noise with signal peaking around S8 and very little fading - a bit of occasional interference from a utility station. SINFO 44454

Reasonable copy - nominally S8 signal with slight fading; heard well above the noise - SINFO 45444. Neither Shazam nor SoundHound is helping me identify the (techno? ambient?) dance music I'm hearing.

Also S7 in Binghamton area (also considered western NY, though some 3 hours SE of the Niagara region) - SINFO 45343.

Decent signal with little fading (S7 - S9), but intelligibility is compromised by high noise level, 3 kHz bandwidth, and possibly audio quality out from transmitter (maybe frequency is a tiny bit low? Hard to tell sometimes with SSB.) Definitely sounds like Zappa, but don't recognize the particular tune off-hand. SINFO 45343.

I must've posted at the same time (https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,104070.0.html) - combine posts?

Solid signal here (SINFO 55555) at slightly above S9+20.

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