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Software / Noob with DIGTRX
« on: September 28, 2020, 2257 UTC »
Hey everybody.  I could really use some help with DIGTRX.  I downloaded it and used that com port trick I found here to get the program to open.  The thing is that I have ZERO idea how to get anything to run.  I'm using Windows 10, SDRSharp, Airspy HF+ Discovery, and a Youloop.  I get the HM01 signals just fine actually (strangely, they are better during the day), I just can't get anything started on DIGTRX.  I don't get the waterfall display or anything.

TBH, I'm not the best with computers...I tried changing the soundcard input and a bunch of other seemingly random stuff, but nothing can ever get me going.

I use MULTIPSK and Sorcerer just fine and can hear a ton of stuff, you know?  It's just really frustrating to not be able to get this working.  ANY help is HELLA appreciated!!!

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