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Moved from 6980 because of peskies.
1559 "Dr Beat"
1601 "Tainted Love"
SIO 444 SW England

Music, no DJ or ID so far. 1545 "Summertime".
1618 Still no ID. Song "Gimmee some lovin'"
Fair signal on NW Ireland SDR
1630 "Whiskey in the Jar" Thin Lizzy
1634 Finally an ID "Soul of England"
1709 starting to fade out
1718 OFF. No contact info heard

0955 ID "You're tuned into the Soul of England. Non stop music". No contact info.
Soul music "heaven must have sent you"
Signal fair on Essex SDR
1055 OFF. No email info heard.

1305 Song "You make me dizzy miss Lizzy"
SIO 344 Weston SDR, SW England

1735 ID
1735 Slade "Cause I love you"
1740 "Roadrunner" The Modern Lovers
SIO 444 SW England
1800 End of song "Under my thumb", ID and off

1755 Music: John Otway & Wild Willy Barret "Really Free"

1416 on AM: "Flowers in the rain"
SIO 344 in SW England
Audio sounds a little "thin"
1422 Song "It's so funny". Audio sounds much better at 4 khz bandwidth

1700 Rock and roll song, unknown
1702 Song "The dark end of the street"
Fair signal on Weston SDR

edit by Ray :
from UNID to Radio Jennifer (ID tnx to ukdxer)

1230 Adam and the Ants "Stand and deliver"
SIO 344 SW England

0849 UTC "(This is?) The Soul Of England. Non stop music"
0900 OFF. No contact info heard

1244 UTC "Ever Fallen In Love" The Buzzcocks
1246 UTC "Kung Fu Fighting"
SIO 434 SW England

1123 UTC: "You're listening to the Soul of England. Non-stop music".
SIO 343 SW England
1138 UTC "Baby I need your loving"

1640 Peaking just over S9 on G4DYA SDR
MC5 "Let it Rock"

No ID for past fifteen minutes, various music, blues tune now

1605 "Ball and Biscuit" by the White Stripes
1631 CD. No ID heard.

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