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Just Missed some SSTV

05:11- Electronic beat with British voice over
05:15- Hard left turn to a country song

S9 here in central New York, great signal!  hope to catch another SSTV now that my software is running.

Great conditions tonight, heard him s7-8 in upstate NY, from my truck on the drive home.

6.931 from 23:00-23:10z

Smooth music, I can dig it.

S3-5 in upstate NY

10:47z outhouse radio ID by OM, only at about S3
10:47z song I recognize but don't know the artist or title...
10:52z next song, about an s5
10:56z song changes, holding at s4
11:04z another ID from OM and then SSTV (didn't decode well for me)

HF Beacons / Re: The Desert Whooper
« on: October 09, 2021, 1043 UTC »
I can't believe how well this beacon gets out for only being one watt.

I can pretty reliably hear it's whoop's and ID from upstate NY, but it's far enough below the noise
for me that the telemetry is too hard to copy.  Around 10:00Z this morning I did catch the battery
voltage of 12.9 though.

Hopefully the noise will drop far enough this winter I can copy the telemetry.

Thanks for a fun beacon!!

HF Beacons / Re: Beacon at 7.092mhz HK3QQ
« on: October 05, 2021, 0451 UTC »
Yup, pays to read the description carefully...  Lesson learned...

HF Beacons / Beacon at 7.092mhz HK3QQ
« on: October 04, 2021, 0428 UTC »
At around 04:00Z I stumbled on a beacon I don't see referenced here.
It ID's as HK3QQ, in BogotÓ Colombia.  OM's a ham, his QRZ page lists the beacon at 7.070, but its  on 7.092.

The beacon sends a long string of apparently random letters with a lot of space, followed by "vvv de HK3QQ BogotÓ Colombia locator fj24xr 5W 73".

I have it at 339 here in upstate New York, but it takes some bad fades.
Rig here is an ic-7100 and a homebrew EFHW. 

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