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SINPO 45233 in Sioux Falls SD

Listening on Realistic DX 150A with indoor MLA 30+ mag loop

See video of my reception here https://youtu.be/jTrCLlsc6e0

0152 - WTF radio ID into Pilot-Magic
0155 - let's active - every word means no
0157 - the posies - I guess you're right
0201 - the sneetches - wish you would
0204 - WTF radio worldwide id into cotton mather - my before and after
0207 - Brendan Benson - gold into straw
0211 - OM "a couple more songs" into the minders - Pauline
0213 - bread - down on my knees
0216 - OM "this is your wakeup call" WTF radio ID "from the East coast of North America" into pezband - when I'm down
0218 - Alan hull - numbers (traveling band)
0221 - Sloan - the good in everyone
0224 - the move - do ya
0227 - Jason Falkner - I live
0231 - Peter Gabriel - lead a normal life
0234 - off the air

Great show tonight. Lots of stuff I've never heard before. Hope to catch you again

SINPO 52253 in Sioux Falls SD

0106 - music playing. Getting lots of QRM from 6875 that's bleeding over to this broadcast. Not sure if that's local noise or what.
0110 - off the air

Coming in 555 to Sioux Falls, SD

0036 playing Anvil by Lorn
0039 YL says "whatever" not sure if that's part of the song or an ID https://youtu.be/koayHl5Wojg
0041 off the air in the middle of a song.
0044 they're back but my reception is not nearly as good as earlier. Lots of crackle and very quiet music.
0049 off the air again

SINPO 45454 in Sioux Falls SD

031 - rock song with a bunch of bells in the background
056 - more rock music playing. My phone can't id the songs and I don't know them
058 - "thank you for calling the office of Nancy Pelosi" and then someone leaving a message about someone leaving a big crap outside the house
059 - Joe Biden talking about radio
0100 - "vote uncle Bob 2024"
0101 - digital mode
0103 - country/folk song false start over top of the digital mode, then restart when the digital mode was done

Coming in strong to Sioux Falls SD. About S6


SINPO 44243 in Sioux Falls, SD


Tuned in on my realistic dx 150a with a crystal calibrator. Thanks for the show tonight. A little too much noise for me to copy the ID

Just above the noise floor here in South Dakota


Good copy in Sioux Falls, SD SIO 555

2350z https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dwPYYx3740

0003z https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2OwjgKYxXA

0100z sign off with Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner

Great show tonight. I've loved all the music and the host is entertaining. Hope to catch him again.

I spent like 20 minutes trying to tune into this on my Realistic DX-150a (I'm still getting used to the controls, I've only had digital radios before) and by the time I got everything dialed in I heard the sign off music haha.


video of my reception in Sioux Falls, SD. Never could make out the ID myself. Glad you guys could :)


0036 - Bitter taste by Billy Idol
0040 - ID with woman's voice but I'm down in the mud here and couldn't hear it.
0048 - sound clip on making cigarettes
0050 - skrillex first of the year (equinox)
0053 - outer limits opening "do not attempt to adjust the picture"
0055 - rush todays tom sawyer
0057 - outhouse radio id
0059 - warren zevon my shits fucked up
0114 - digital signal, possible SSTV?
0115 - "Outhouse radio QRP"
0115 - Rocky Mountain Way cover
0125 - "Outhouse radio, my dog's gotta pee" Dogs barking in the background


I forgot to check the time but I heard them playing an orchestral version of "Korobeiniki" (the tetris song) a little before 0118

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