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Good audio, as usual, when it fades in.
Noisy tonight.
0307 ID Wolverine Radio

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTF Radio 4100 0218z 22 Nov 20
« on: November 22, 2020, 0246 UTC »
Right at the noise level here in Virginia

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: 9670 AM 01:55 22 Nov 2020
« on: November 22, 2020, 0203 UTC »
SDRDX on a wire
S7 with good audio, locked in well
Ghost riders in the sky 0200 utc
Then loud bells
Fading now
0213 highway to hell - AC/DC
0220 black dog - Led Zeppelin
0228 old and in the way - white dove
0230 love me darlin’ - Stevie Ray Vaughn
0233 ID radio Channel 292
S7-9 again
0235 ghost song - the doors
0253 freedom - Hendrix

Nothing here

Not a good signal, in the noise at s8.
It’s barely there.

Billie Holiday sounds good here in Virginia also.
The Doors at 0100 utc.
ID at 0103 utc
Out at 0127 with SSTV signal
6935 USB . S9+ with a Little bit of fading
SDRplay on a wire

Barely listenable here, a lot of noise. 333.
SSTV signal

0307 utc- nothing discernible here.
S5-S6 noise level
I can just tell there is something going on.

Clever Name Radio at 0134
6925 am
Hot for teacher VH
Lost at 0143,  but loud again 0211
Sabbath 0216
ID 0218 and gone

Loud here s7 - s9, nice audio

Steeley Dan at 0106
Consistently at an s5 peaking at s7.
Noise levels high. Signal fading in and out.
“Needs more cowbell.”
Xlr8 radio id
Kinks at 0128
Tears for Fears 0153
Bob Marley 0233
The noise is making it difficult here

Missed the SSTV signal - in the noise
Clip of fortunate son, stones tune, hush.
In the noise at first, then S5-S7 on peaks in  Virginia Beach va.
Not a bad signal. Listenable.
Off 2204
Thanks for the transmission.

I hear it. Not bad here in Virginia Beach. S9
2147 6925am
White Christmas
Channel Z " last channel you'll ever need"

I can here it here, but it's just above the noise.

Steady s9 here in Virginia Beach
Black Sabbath
Just started to fade

Right at the noise level here, occasional bumps. S5

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