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I think everyone is in a state of denial . There is no secure e-mail .
If you want security radio is still your #1 option ,just a little unpredictable that's all.  ;)

Short , pre scheduled  , no names ,disposable  call signs , split frequency .

Lets pretend that it was an aircraft carrier the military industrial complex gave us  instead of the internet ( as really happened ). Do you think that they would have given us all the secrets along with it , not kept track of what we were doing with it and left live ammunition on the boat ? Hell no ! The interweb has been a phy-op from the get go people . The twisted wet dream of all the Nazi's that fled to the US with "paperclip"  and took it over 68 years ago . If you want to keep track of people computers are the tool for you as they well knew having used good ol American made IBM computers to herd up their prey for the ovens. Every person that went through the camps had an IP address tattooed on their arms.

Two choices ,don't use it , or be prepared for the consequences when you do !

General Radio Discussion / Re: HAARP Facility Shuts Down
« on: July 21, 2013, 0211 UTC »
Looks like the research and development stage is over . That just scares me more. All this means is they have perfected the science and technology and are now in proliferation and implementation  stage .

Don't know whats so classified about it . Every Canadian ham through the 60'-90's had worked "Alert". They always had hams on the team for "PR"  ;D duty . Here is a link to a film trailer about a deadly supply run to Alert starring Richard Chamberlain. I imagine that is the story behind the wing in the clip. I remember the movie as a made for TV film .


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6957 AM 0103utc
« on: March 09, 2013, 0140 UTC »
Signal starting to fade into longer skip . Not making much out now . Hopefully it comes back

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6957 AM 0103utc
« on: March 09, 2013, 0106 UTC »
Great signal  ! Peter Gabriel "big Time " on now ,

Mention of Waterford Radio ,could  be a relay ,I am not familiar with them . English accents heard 

Signal getting louder. 8)

Thanks for the show man

Great signal into the norrrrth  ! ;D 

Boogie on  8)

But I thought they only studied the Aurora  :-\. HMMMMMmmmmnnnn what else could they be doing there ?

What am I thinking ? Of coarse it's a harmless project . Giant plasma balls artificially produced 50km in the atmosphere with military purposes in mind is just a harmless little fun. I have no fear that they are going to by accident destroy the one thing that protects us from the sun. It is the United States God given right to play with the soul barrier of protection for 7 billion people on this planet. I think another experiment that would be fun to play is see what happens when you combine a plasma ball with a high altitude nuke  and a dog in a lead balloon . The dog would of coarse be breathing Antrax from a pressurized canister while the "stars and Stripes Forever "played  on a gramophone. Why  ? Who cares it's science for the sake of science right . Perhaps the dog would be cured of Antrax .

Paul Bernhardt you are the king of misinfo PR men . I bow to you spinelessness and soulless ways and hope that the money brings you comfort for all the lies you have told.

Aurora ...My Ass !

General Radio Discussion / Re: Andre Ampere
« on: January 24, 2013, 0305 UTC »
Andre promptly invented the time machine ,went to the future and saw how electricity would be used to enslave mankind and make  a very few ,very wealthy . Went back to 1775 told George Washington who wanted a piece of the pie and voila  ! But nobody ever prints the truth in the school books  ;D

Good signal  with comedy routine about x-mas gifts. Ain't it the truth !!!

Thanks for the show.

I was getting the echo too on my signal interesting condx . Usually don't hear that at this time of day here on American sigs.

General Radio Discussion / Re: HOCKEY!...
« on: January 11, 2013, 2352 UTC »
Revealed for what it truly is a distraction for the masses in the coliseum . But franchised . Maybe people will start paying attention to whats going on around them instead. .........Huh ...  Who the f#%K am I kidding ? 

In reference to the first chart.

As always during a presidents second term is when you truly start seeing the effects of the draconian laws put into effect during their first term. The madness in sued into the first term of the next President , but he manages to halt the monster a bit to make him look good and just as his second term starts it starts to rise again . Most Human Rights violation charts I would imagine look somewhat the same  any where in the world where free elections are held and leaders wish to take rights away in a manner that the plebs don't notice to much until it is too late . :o

Still hearing it at 2340 with  "Mississippi still got soul "

Fair signal at times . Parked right next to some teletype though

Thanks for the show.

Bands are weird tonight.

Pretty good signal with OP's "ducking " in and out with comments . Think they just said hello to Chris in North America , missed the iD though just now. .  Thick accents.

Taking a dive now. Hope they hold in there.

Some great blues tunes from the west coast to this part of the north

Thanks for the show . Sure had to turn back the RF gain knobby.

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