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Logged here in NJ beginning at 2320 UTC on 6928.9 USB. ID as "Evergreen Radio coming to you," then mentioned he is running at 50 mW. Johnny Cash heard at 2323 UTC, then male announcer said "Engineer John here tonight," followed by another Johnny Cash selection. Very nice guitar heard at 2329 UTC, followed at 2324 by mention that his dog had puppies who were nipping his ankles. More music continued, all very enjoyable, thank you Engineer John! No address heard for reports.

Good signal into north NJ tonight, despite noise level. SINPO=45344 on my Eton e1 attached to a PAR End-Fed Z EF-SWL in my back yard.

Please QSL.

Thank you for the great music and program tonight.


Edward Insinger

Tuned in at 2327 UTC to Bon Jovi music and songs of his continued. 6919.90 USB best here, SIO=353.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6925
« on: February 03, 2018, 2350 UTC »
Tuned in this evening on 6925AM at 2327 UTC. Music by male with electric guitar and piano mixed in. Tough copy due to an S5 noise floor. Possible ID heard at 2337. Lost signal thereafter. SIO=353/2.

Also heard here in northern NJ with presumed unsteady modulation.

2325 UTC- piano music
2329 UTC- "Spooky" by the Classics Four heard
2332 UTC- male ID but not readable and seemed to leave the air.

SIO=352 on the R8B + Eavesdropper. Please QSL.


Edward Insinger

0239 tune-in as musical selection in progress. 6924.9 USB amidst noise and flutter fading.

0247 UTC male spoke in German with music of a rock nature

0248 UTC- ID and e-mail address given by male announcer, both were unclear. Recognized musical selection that followed: "Land Down Under."

0252 UTC- OM said "are you organizing a Christmas party this year," and mentioned a product, no copy here

0255 UTC- OM announcer said "...on shortwave..." nothing else copied.

SINPO=35333 at best. S-meter dancing between S4 and S6 on the PALSTAR R30A + Eavesdropper here in northern New Jersey.

Thanks for the show tonight!

Edward Insinger

Tuned in at 2245 UTC to music; high noise, fading and possibly some unsteady modulation or next door QRM. Signal punching through despite all this here in northern New Jersey. Peaking at S9 dB on the FRG-7 with PAR End Fed Z EF-SWL.

Electric guitar coming through at 2250 UTC. No ID's heard as of yet.

Edward Insinger

Tuned in at 2335 UTC on 6940 USB to a male announcer saying: "I need your arms around me and I need your touch." Music followed.

Second selection of my listening time frame occurred at 2337 UTC, guitar opening into male vocals..."I'm not feeling all right today..." Sorry, don't recognize names of artists or selections.

ID clear at 2339 UTC: Welcome to Clever Name Radio" mentioned two times. Next musical selection followed.

Very nice S7 signal into northern New Jersey on the R8A + PAR EF-Z.

Sorry for the late post. Please QSL. Thank you for the program last night...I'm a day late and a dollar short...  :)


Edward Insinger

Tuned in at 0145 UTC to the music of Elton John - "Rocket Man," followed by ID at 0146 as "Radio Free Mars" by Male announcer.

0149 UTC- Elton John singing "Benny & The Jets," followed at 0150 by news of a Target Store employee on his day off, so he was searching the high seas for treasure." Also a mocking bird in Houston, Texas setting off car alarms, including a Beemer.

0154 UTC- station ID "Radio Free Mars...and lovin' it." Another ID at 0159 UTC- "Radio Free Mars with yours truly Mr. Martian."

0201 UTC- mention of "Anniversary Weekend -- Mr. Martian." More music by Elton John and David Bowie followed.

Good signal into New Jersey on the R8A + PAR EndFed Z EF-SWL.

Thanks for the show -- and please QSL!


Edward Insinger

Tuned in at 0140 UTC to guitar music.

0143 UTC- electric guitar opening into male vocals, may be "Get Over You"

0146 UTC- guitar solo, slow pace, which picked up tempo at 0148 UTC; may have been "Your Dark Side"

0149 UTC- brief bit of Steve Miller Band "Space Cowboy," pause in programming.

Additional music unannounced until 0159 UTC -- off the air.

Punching through a high noise floor here in northern New Jersey. Eton e1 + PAR End-Fed Z EF-SWL.

Please QSL and thank you for the program.


Edward Insinger

Tuned in at 0223 UTC last evening on 6300 UTC 25 February 2017 to a male announcer saying "listen to tonight's program." Difficult to copy, but continued listening. Here's what I heard fading in and out:

0226 UTC- musical selection like a circus tune, no words
0229 UTC- next selection, similar to above, with male vocals
0232 UTC- another unannounced musical selection, no vocals, with accordeon
0233 UTC- male announcer said: "on the radio...ladies and gentlemen..."
0234 UTC- musical selection with female vocals heard and sax accompaniment
0235 UTC- male announcer said "wherever you are..." and "Radio ???"
0236 UTC- male announcer mentioned 1971 and second generation
0238 UTC- male vocals with electric guitar accompaniment
0239 UTC- sign off after male announcer said "Good night, my friends."
0240 UTC- carrier off the air

Please QSL and thanks for the program tonight.

Eton e1 with PAR EF-Z EF-SWL

Edward Insinger

Late Post: Wolverine Radio coming in nicely, an S9+ signal tonight into northern New Jersey. Tuned in at 0137 UTC to pick up a clear "Wolverine Radio" ID, followed by The Doors singing "Summers Almost Gone." Ahh, the memories...Melbourne gold into our hair, at night we swam the laughing sea, where will we be, when summers gone...we had some good times but they're gone...

0140 UTC- Crosby, Stills & Nash "Long Time Before The Dawn"

Nice program of music continued until 0212 UTC ID as "Wolverine Radio," then SSTV and sign off.

Thanks for the program, Wolverine. SIO=454. Eton e1 + PAR EF-Z.

Edward Insinger

Late Post:
Voice of Pearl Harbor Radio on 17 June 2016 from  0032 to 0048 hours UTC on 6925 kHz in the USB mode.

After tuning in tonight, I heard a speech being read followed by a Big Band musical selection at 0034 UTC. Then at 0036 UTC, a male station ID was heard: "The Voice of Pearl Harbor Memorial Show," followed by Communique #1: "Eisenhower announces forces have landed south of France." He continued: "We shall fight on the seas and oceans...we shall never surrender...carrying on the struggle in God's good time..."

At 0040 UTC, i heard a musical selection with male vocals, followed by more of the speech: "When our Army and Navy overtake the enemy..." followed by station ID: "KVPH - The Voice of Pearl Harbor" by a male announcer. Then a male announcer said: "I ask you to join me in prayer, for the enemy is strong but we know by Thy grace our sons shall persevere...they fight to liberate."

At 0046 UTC, a male announcer continued: "United crusade with Thy blessing...Let all men live in freedom..."

At 0048 UTC, mention was made of a shortwave listening station with German radio reports: "Allied High Command has given instructions to the people of Europe..."

Reception conditions here in New Jersey were fair but readable. SINPO=34333 using an Eton e1 attached to an external PAR EF-Z EF-SWL

Thanks for the show tonight. Please QSL>

Edward Insinger

Late Post:
17 June 2016 from 0000 to 0017 UTC on 6977 kHz in the AM mode, receiving a great program from the Jackie Gleason era of TV!

After tuning in tonight, I heard a male announcer say "I happen to be a fan of Jackie Gleason"

At 0002 UTC, I heard an orchestra playing, with a lead saxophone solo. Trumpets entered around 0006 UTC, with band accompaniment, perhaps the Jackie Gleason Orchestra.

At 0009 UTC, a male announcer introduced Jackie Gleason and The Honeymooners. At 0009 UTC, the year 1985 and Art Carney were mentioned by a female announcer.

At 0011 UTC, a male announcer said: "Jackie Gleason dead at 71." A trumpet solo was heard at 0013 UTC.

Station ID was picked up at 0015 UTC as follows by a female announcer: "Howsweetitisradio@gmail.com," "Thank you for listening," followed by Jackie saying his famous lines "How Sweet It Is" and "I Got A Big Mouth."

0017 UTC - sign-off occurred. Good signal into northern New Jersey tonight! Thanks for the memories and show! Please QSL.

SINPO=45444 using Eton e1 + PAR EF-Z EF-SWL

Edward Insinger

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID on 6925 AM
« on: June 13, 2016, 0231 UTC »
Tuned in at 0127 UTC, 13 June 2016 and heard the opening chord of John Lennon's "Imagine," repeated over until the song began at 0128.

0132 UTC- The Door singing "Break On Through," with a modified interlude that was really spectacular as the genius of Ray Manzarek could really be appreciated (and enjoyed) as only he did on the electric piano with the Doors.

0140 UTC- modified version of the popular "Eye in the Sky"

0144 UTC- modified version of the Moody Blues "Nights In White Satin" heard here

0148 UTC- original TV version of the theme song "I Am Mr. Ed." Wow, it's been a long time since I heard this!

0149 UTC- Pop hit "You Take A Part Of Me" (Every Time You Go...)

0153 UTC- Billy Joel singing "It's Still Rock & Roll To Me"

More interesting modified musical interludes heard, perhaps even "Bette Davis Eyes" at 0206 UTC, which ended the program at 0210 UTC.

No announcements or station ID's throughout this segment; wondering if anyone else heard this???

SINPO=45334, S9 + 10 signal into northern New Jersey.

Please QSL and thank you for the most enjoyable program tonight. Nice way for me to close out the evening!


Edward Insinger

Eton e1 + PAR EF-Z

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6929.2 AM 1548 UTC 4/21/16
« on: April 21, 2016, 1553 UTC »
Something is being heard on 6929.2 kHz AM mode here at 1548 UTC. Distorted music barely audible. Gone now at 1552 UTC.

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