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Hello shortwave listeners! I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a special broadcast of VORW Radio International on Saturday the 18th of July and Sunday the 19th of July. This is purely being done for the fun of it and no other reason.

The show will feature music from the 1960s to Present, listener music requests, comments and responses to listener emails. Really I just hope for it to be something enjoyable to listen to!

There will be a 1 Hour show on Saturday and a 2 Hour show on Sunday. The broadcasts will be transmitted live for listeners in Europe from Moosbrunn, Austria and repeated for listeners in North America from WRMI in Florida.

Here is the broadcast schedule in UTC Time:

(LIVE) Saturday 1700 UTC – 6070 kHz – Moosbrunn 300 kW – Europe, The Middle East & Africa

Saturday 2200 UTC – 9395 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – North America

(LIVE) Sunday 1300 UTC – 1500 UTC – 6070 kHz – Moosbrunn 100 kW – Europe

Sunday 2100 UTC – 7780 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – Eastern North America

Monday 0200 UTC – 5850 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – North America

A QSL will be given to any and all listeners who submit reception reports. Feedback is most welcome at vorwinfo@gmail.com

I hope you can tune in!

Is this Supreme Master TV? They're a really odd group. Their website is: https://suprememastertv.com/en1/

They do block out some fairly large chunks of time on WRMI

They are an odd group, I've heard their broadcasts before on WRMI and usually they seem to be more about the Environment and Veganism than end times stuff, though who knows - maybe the current events going on struck a nerve.

Also listening on 12160 kHz in Southern New York on my Tecsun PL-660 with just the whip antenna.

Excellent signal SIO 555

Enjoyable old music!

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WWCR VORW 9350 khz 2100 UTC 25 Dec 2018
« on: December 25, 2018, 2239 UTC »
I hope you guys enjoyed my show! I'll be working on some E-QSL's tonight, thank you for listening and a Merry Christmas!

Hello shortwave listeners! I never like doing any self-promotion but nobody would know about this otherwise. Coming up this Tuesday the 25th of December (Christmas) I will have a special 1 hour program broadcast to North America on 9350 kHz via WWCR (100 kW) at the time of 2100 UTC, 3 PM Central or 4 PM Eastern. The show will feature some lively talk and mixed music - some Christmas tunes and some alternative/indie/classic rock music as well. I just hope for it to be a fun show on Christmas afternoon for whoever listens. Spread the word to any DX groups that might be interested. Feedback is most welcome at vorwinfo@gmail.com and I've even designed a special QSL just for this program.

Hope you can listen in,

John J. (VORW Radio Int.)

Armchair copy this evening of the 2300 UTC transmission on 9690 kHz here in Florida. I was using my Tecsun PL-660 with just the telescopic antenna indoors, excellent signal and interesting programming - so happy that they're back on the air! I started shortwave listening in 2013 and came across their English Service only a few weeks before they initially discontinued SW.

Thank you for the tip! Armchair copy right now on 9860 kHz here in Florida, almost like a direct English Service for us Night Owls!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: YHWH 7470 AM 0307 UTC 26 MAY 2018
« on: May 26, 2018, 0426 UTC »
Weak signal into Florida, "Days of Hard Life" at 0426 UTC weak, lightning crashes.

Shortwave Pirate / Relay Station 5010 AM 1630 UTC 01 Feb 2018
« on: February 01, 2018, 1633 UTC »
Picking up the Relay Station on the NE Pennsylvania WebSDR, 5010 kHz signal S7 - S9 with fading, mixed music comprised mostly of oldies.

I can't pick the signal up on my Tecsun PL-660 here in Florida but I'm enjoying the show on the WebSDR!

Edit at 1848 UTC - Thank you so much for relaying my radio show "VORW Radio Int." I appreciate it very much!

5850 kHz is a good frequency at this hour, I had my show "VORW Radio Int." on that freq. last night and it does a great job propagating when 9395 or 7490 don't get out well due to these winter propagation conditions.

As funny as this is, I think it was likely a EuroPirate as others have said. 6400 kHz is located within their frequency range and it was probably a coincidence (or a Pirate with a sense of humor!) but I have my doubts that someone accessed the Radio Pyongyang transmitter and played "The Final Countdown".

Fair to good signal on the K3FEF WebSDR in northeast Pennsylvania.

S7 signal, peaking at S9 on 5200 kHz.

Mix of 80s music.

Good to hear The Relay Station again!

Excellent signal in Florida as well, coming in strong and clear just on a Tecsun PL-660 with the whip, sitting on a table indoors.

I don't follow racing at all but I am enjoying the broadcast, the announcers are very thorough!

S9 signal in Florida, enjoying the "This Day in History" program as usual!

Shortwave Broadcast / VORW Radio Int 7490 kHz 0023 UTC April 21st
« on: April 21, 2017, 0024 UTC »
S9 signal with fading, music and commentary by male announcer.

Listening with a Tecsun PL-660 receiver, telescopic antenna.

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