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"action --> reaction" by HUNNY at 0213. Nice signal down here on 4185, in fact much better for me than the 43m broadcast earlier. Thanks Dickweed!

"All the Way Up To Heaven" at 0132 UTC, very nice S9+ signal in the Boston burbs. All hail Al!

I have Ballsmacker playing "In the Year 2525" at 0127 UTC, then into an ID, then "50 Ways to Say Goodbye". Good S8-S9 signal.

"Effigy" by The Jins at 0124 UTC. Very nice S9 signal in the Boston burbs, back on the home receivers after being out in the mobile. The DJ Dickweed complains he lost internet after the song.

About S7-S8 here in the Boston burbs this morning.

S8-S9 in the Boston burbs despite terrible conditions today. September-November 1990 CIA memorandum being read.

General Radio Discussion / Re: HFU Discord Server
« on: April 23, 2023, 1226 UTC »
Also a reminder for anyone who has not yet joined, our HFU chat link is:


Hope to see you there.

S9+ in the Boston burbs at 1224. John Fogerty? Shazzam is striking out on it. Then into "Another Brick in the Wall".

Possibly a fairly convincing sounding computer voice reading a script about democracy? About S6-S7 in the Boston burbs. Pretty weird!

Heard the "Seventy Seven Lima Juliet Sierra" ID at sign off.

Female voice continually urging listeners to go to 1720 KHz at 0300z. Extremely strong in the Boston burbZzz

WDOG excellent in the Boston burbs! S9+.

Partial India Radio ID at 1402z. Good S8-S9 signal in the Boston burbs. Email address repeated over and over and then back into dubby music at 1404z.

Very nice S9 signal in the Boston burbs at 0051z.

I heard and recognized Mission of Burma (I'm an old Boston punk) but the audio otherwise is really not great. Low, and muddy.

Very good S9+ signal in the Boston burbs.

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