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@OZNRH: How sensitive are the MOS-FETs used in the kits described at http://www.qrpproject.de/UK/qrppa2008.html and http://www.rfsource.gr/pm62fdc-am-pallet.html?
Which impedance has the output of the spitfire AM transmitter?
Can I realize the impedance matching well with standard inductvities ( I mean that inductivities, which look in size and design normal resistors) or should better coils be used manufactured by oneself?

Would the circuit shown on http://www.qsl.net/df3lp/projects/lftx/tx50.gif at http://www.qsl.net/df3lp/projects/lftx/ would work? Ifnot, which modifications are required?

Do there exist computer programmes, with which I can use my sound card as signal generator AND make music? If yes, which programmes with which requirements exist and how much do they cost? Are there also freeware programmes available for this purpose?

Which computer programmes, if possible freely available, exist for simulating radio circuits ( including oscillators) and other electronical equipment? Are for these programs also libraries available with the data sheet of transistors, ICs and valves? Which are the system requirements for these programs? Can these programs also handle quartz crystals?

Hallo! I want to build an AM-transmitter with a power output of approximately 10 watt for the frequency range between 100 kHz and 2000 kHz. The transmitter should be a solid-state type with an operating voltage of 12 volts and it should, if possible only use parts available in electronic stores and not too many coils to be manufactured by my own.

I want to use a linear amplifier as I want to use as oscillator and modulator a "Spitfire AM transmitter" ( http://www.vcomp.co.uk/spitfire/spitfire.htm ), as this device can be easily tuned digitally to the desired frequency and has a very excellent AM modulator, but just an output of 100 mW.

Has someone switching diagrams of a radio frequency power amplifier, which would fullfill my ideas? If yes, please post them or show my links to them. If MOSFETs and other types of FETS are required, how sensitive are these types to statics? Is it still so, that the danger of destroying a FET by soldering is so big, as one can read in most books from the 1980ies, or are there protection devices reducing the risk at modern FETs?
Can I build the desired amplifier using integrated circuits for power audio frequency amplification in a modified way? If yes, with which ICs it would work?

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