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Hearing it about S-9 here in central KY with techno music. Digital noise at 2318, what mode are they using? My ham SSTV program didn't recognize it. "Time" by Pink Floyd at 2333. Sudden off at 2340 UTC.

Please QSL jjohnstn@gmail.com

At 1418 UTC Music "Tangerine" then"Space Ghost Coast to Coast" by Glass Animals, recorded ID at 1422 by woman over music "The Black Swan Radio Network of ??? music. Good morning." repeated three times. This recorded ID played every 10 minutes or so, but no other announcements heard. Strong signal into central KY.
Please QSL  jjohnstn@gmail.com :)

Just created a thread with this station. Club music, ID by woman several times over music at 1422 "Black Swan Radio Network". Again at 1426.

Club music, ID by woman several times over music at 1422 "Black Swan Radio Network".

Utility / Re: Have the EAM's gone MIA?
« on: October 12, 2022, 0404 UTC »
Interesting, came here to post something similar. I monitor 4724 KHz in the evenings, nothing heard on 8992 or 11175 during the day but my monitoring is spotty. Had thought they might have moved freqs - or decreased tempo ahead of.....?

2350 John Cougar Mellencamp songs, ID's, 59+20db here in Kentucky!
2358 DJ ID, talking about playing Bob Seger next.
Please QSL jjohnstn@gmail.com

Utility / Multiple EAM's from "Bad Alibi" 4724
« on: January 25, 2022, 0406 UTC »
Hearing multiple EAM's from USAF GHFS military station "Bad Alibi" on 4724 KHz USB around 0400 UTC tonight.

S-9 into central Kentucky tonight. Very strong signal at 0202 GMT, 4185 KHz USB. ID at 0205, mentioned a noisy mixer from a previous beer spill. Goodd show, great music.

please QSL to jjohnstn@gmail.com

Cartoon dog "Pee Wee Studio" SSTV at 0302

S-7 here in KY with typical summertime QRN, music keeps cutting in and out.

Song mixing with the CW was "Three-Header Lobster Boy" by The Deviants:


Sounds like transmission mode was switched to USB just before 0130.

Nothing heard @ 1300 in KY - already signed off?

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